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Ah, the evil of Vegetarians with an agenda….

One of the things that I have often said here at the Sandpit is that Vegetarians  are evil and if the accusation revealed in the senate committee hearing  yesterday are factually correct then they are very evil indeed:

THE row over live cattle exports has reignited amid claims Indonesian peasant meat workers were bribed to mistreat animals for explosive television footage that sparked a four-week suspension of the industry.

Liberal senator Chris Back made the allegations before a Senate committee yesterday, raising the possibility that the damaging shutdown of the $320 million-a-year industry could have been based on a lie.

As the ABC television journalist who produced the program that aired the disturbing scenes described Senator Back’s claims as ludicrous, and Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig stood by his decision to suspend the live trade, Senator Back, a veterinarian, said he was not in a position to publicly release his evidence.

The animal welfare activist who helped produce the footage denied making any payments, saying that the claims were outrageous. She said that she did not reveal her identity to the meat workers and pretended she was a tourist when she visited the abattoir.

After all just what could possibly be more evil than to create a subterfuge to exaggerate the levels of cruelty in Indonesia so that the trade with them could be suspended?
Watching this one with some serious interest…
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