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2010’s Highlights

In 2010 there has been a fair bit of action here at the sandpit so I thought it might be a good idea to compile a page which links to the best of the Sandpit posts for the last year.

My criteria for choosing these posts is mostly the level of comment activity they have generated But a couple get a guernsey just because they attract continuing interest from search engines or because I am particularly fond of them.

The picture icons on the right designate the authorship of the posts and I have decided to leave a comments box open on this page should any reader wish to comment on any of the post that are now closed for comments. I have been very happy to welcome Leon Bertrand’s regular guest posts here over the last year  along with Socky he has become an invaluable contributor  and I also draw reader’s attention to the guest post by Craig Young.

Here at the Sandpit I welcome guest posts from any of my readers.(yes even  leftys  😉 ) Contributions can be sent to my email here

So without further adieu I give you the Best Sandpit posts from 2010:

The use of deadly force by a ship under attack from pirates

Gaia, the lady is not for turning

What would you do with these men PKD?

Its all about activating the guilt chip in the heads of the latte sippers

The elephant in the room consistently ignored by the Warministas

“These people are not in the same game as the West, they want to lift their standard of living, and they will not be assisting in carbon abatement.”

There is not even universal support within the Warministas for an ETS

Lara Bingle, tits out writs in

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