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My comments policy is very simple; this is my blog and I will decide, just what will be allowed entirely at my own discretion. Please keep to the topic and avoid personal attacks upon me or others If you don’t like it then get your own blog, they are free from either Google or WordPress, where you may say what ever you wish.

New commenters will have their comments moderated until I am satisfied with their bona fides. I expect that any email address that is provided with a comment should be a valid one. Failure to provide a real email address will mean that your comment will not appear on my blog.

Comments for each post will be automatically closed sixty days after the posting date

Civility and good manners

These virtues are important in the real world and I believe that in the bloggosphere that remains the case. I love an argument and robust debate but please play nice and we can all remain good friends.


Spelling Police Beware!!!The English language is a wonderful creature that all of us who write try very hard to master. Now I am the first to admit that my spelling is not always perfect. However I have grown rather tired of certain people who comment at my blogs making a great deal of the errors that slip through my best efforts to present clear and cogent prose.

If I make any errors in my posts and I notice them I have no reservations against correcting those errors, I will even be thankful to readers who, in a spirit of good will, let me know that I have erred, however I have lost all patience for agents of the “Spelling Police”; comments that I deem to be of that nature will be deleted and the commenter will be banned from making further comment here.
Have you made a mistake in your comment?

If someone makes an error in their comment I am happy to correct those errors after a polite request to do so. We are all human and when it comes to spelling errors made by others I know that it is a case of “there but for the Grace of God go I” but smart arses or trolls will be shown no mercy.

Banned words

In an effort to keep things civil and , well nice, I have added the following words to the moderation filter, commentators are of course free to use them but the consequence for doing so is that your comment will automatically be held in moderation until I let it out:


Other terms of abuse may be added to this list if I feel that it is necessary. However unlike some dishonest people I will never claim that comments are “randomly put into moderation by WordPress” If your comment is moderated it is because I have exercised my right as  site  owner to do so or because you have used a banned word (as above)

Comment Copyright

Anyone who comments  at the Sandpit under a pseudonym  does so on the clear understanding that  by doing so they are giving  any and all rights and ownership of those comments to the site-owner who may reproduce them in any form or at any other site or venue entirely at his own discretion.


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