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The naked snowman

As I’ve said before, I love living in north-east Victoria, even though it’s pretty quiet up here at the moment and the ski fields are doing it real tough despite the excellent conditions they’ve had. It looks like skiing is a stuffed industry but, as far as I’m concerned, tell someone who cares. We do well enough down here in Bright over the other 9 months of the year so the greedy corporates up there at the over-developed mountain resorts are getting exactly what they deserve in my opinion – i.e. bankruptcy.

Anyway, I guess the near deserted state of the ski resorts might explain this guy’s Darwin Club attempt last night at nearby Falls Creek.

Well, that and some, err, substances perhaps:

‘Naked’ man found in snow unconscious

MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a reportedly naked man, suffering from hypothermia at Falls Creek.

Men heard the man groaning in the snow below a chalet about 4am and he was taken to the Falls Creek Medical Centre where he was attended by Dr Dominic Blanks.

Some reports stated he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but the doctor said that did not appear the case.

“I don’t even think he was wearing that, I think he was naked in the snow,” Dr Blanks said.

The man was believed to be semi-conscious when he was found and had lost consciousness when he arrived at the clinic.

“Initially he had a temperature of 24.5, normal would start about 36 and anything below 30 is quite severe hypothermia,” Dr Blanks said.

Police are investigating how the man came to spend the night in the freezing temperatures.

Look, I hope he recovers, but I think he should be named & shamed.

Better still let’s see a photo of him. Or a video … preferably clothed!

In the meantime, this video that I found on YouTube will have to do. It’s not him (or maybe it was) but he’s obviously not the first to try this little party trick.

What an idiot:




  1. The Other Iain says:

    No comment on the naked bloke. I assume he got hammered in one of the chalets/resorts and maybe wandered off for a bit of igloo sex or something.

    On the subject of skiing, I have always thought it is an elitist sport for rich private schoolkids and yuppy wankers. Same goes for water skiing behind big loud expensive speedboats.

    I took the family to Mt Buffalo last year (no, we didn’t secretly stay in your rooms Ray, I’m not HJ…) so they could see what snow is like. It takes a half hour to drive up there and it is BORING. One over priced cafe/tobaggon hire and nothing else. You frolick in the snow for 20 mins until you are wet and freezing, then there’s nothing else to do. I really don’t know what people see in it. Pretty overrated industry if you ask me.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Well I can never be sure if you stayed here or not. I’ve had someone else do that (not referring to HJ in this case) and in hindsight I find that person to be highly suspect and downright creepy. A bit of a sociopath if you ask me. He wrote under various pseudonyms and probably still does but, even though he knew who I was, he made no effort to reveal it until it was accidentally discovered about 6 months later. Remarkably, that guy is held in high regard by a lot of people but he’s really a scumbag.

    Agree with you that skiing and the snow is over-rated and overpriced. Nice to look at on a day trip but that’s about it. It’s all falling in a heap up there and later this month one of the big Falls Creek developers is having a no-reserve fire sale auction off 77 properties he probaby should never have built in the first place.

    As for the naked snowman, he was bloody lucky someone heard him when they did. He had about half an hour to live I believe.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    I’m with you about skiing being very overrated Ray I have been to the snow down your way once (one summer we went to the top of the big hill )and after walking up the mountain we did think that snow was very good for chilling a couple of beers and we used our raincoats to toboggan down the snow but that was done in pretty short order lovely scenery and we enjoyed the walk but go there for a holiday? Nah, that is for the Latte sippers and other types of inner city wankers.

  4. The Other Iain says:

    Nah, that is for the Latte sippers and other types of inner city wankers.

    Wrong Iain. The big market for snow skiing is in private schools and families of the same. Each year the big Melbourne private schools like Scotch, Xavier and Lauriston have skiing trips/excursions to the Ray Dixon Alps. We are talking safe Liberal seats there, not “latte sippers”. It’s your fellow conservatives who make up most of the snow bunny clientele.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Wrong, TOI & Iain. I can tell you that there are heaps of school kids coming through and stopping @ Bright on a Friday night on their way to the resorts (that’s about their main market now!) but believe it or not, they’re from right across the spectrum and there are plenty of bogans among them. It’s a real sight too. We love it. Subway & the charcoal chicken shop do well on Fridays. So does the Woolies liquor store.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    what part of “other types of inner city wankers” is not applicable to the demographic you cite?

  7. The Other Iain says:

    Sorry Iain, I wasn’t aware that the right-wing opposite of “latte sippers” is “inner city wankers”. But now that I know, I will use it more often in conversation 🙂

    Subway & the charcoal chicken shop do well on Fridays. So does the Woolies liquor store.

    You should branch out and open a McDonald’s franchise in your front yard Ray, you would make a killing!

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    The first person who does that, TOI (opens a Maccas on the GAR in Bright), will clean up big time. Apparently a few people have applied but McDonald’s keeps knocking them back because the permanent population isn’t high enough. They’re not looking at the strong tourist trade and passing traffic though. Then again, our tourism authority doesn’t bother collecting the tourist data to prove the viability of such ventures and to prove to the govt that we deserve more promotion & infrastructure funding. That’s another story.

  9. The Other Iain says:

    Yeah a friend of mine lives in a similar sized tourist town, regular population only 8,000 or so but they get swarms of people there on weekends and holidays, year round. There have been a couple of franchise applications but McD’s just knock them back on the basis of “insufficient regular population”. Not that I eat their sh*t food anyway, but it seems odd that they wouldn’t approve one there. You ‘lose small’ in the down-times and ‘win big’ on the holidays/weekends.
    The only concern with Bright is… where would you put it? Maybe a small one in that little precinct where the roundabout is, near the Alpine Hotel? You probably wouldn’t want it on the main entry into town.

  10. Ray Dixon says:

    There are two vacant, new shops fronting the GAR in Bright. They’re part of the Woolies complex and are right at the start of the CBD. Ideal McCafes if you ask me. Why wouldn’t we want it there? If we’re going to have one (and I think we should give the market what it wants) then we might as well put it where it stands the best chance of success.

  11. The Other Iain says:

    Would you want your business next to a McDonald’s? I wouldn’t.
    I really like the vista as you drive into Bright, it’s very pretty with the mountains in the background and the bush on the right. I think a McDonald’s would just spoil that. In the middle of town with the other shops would be a better option, from my perspective.
    But of course it’s got to actually be approved first.

  12. Angel says:

    I don’t get it Ray, you spruke your business but don’t want the custom. Take the money!
    As for Maccas, you already have Woolies and Subway so could stand a chance. Would be determined on the franchisee particulars for the HO to take them on. They have done it before, I know of one outlet that is in a touristy area and their do or die margin in offpeak times comes down to the amount of a single wage of just 1 junior. The royalties and high rents are the killer for the owner.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    Businesses (ie other shops) do not get to say who sets up next door, TOI. That’s called democracy. And the vista in Bright would not be spoilt by having a low-profile McCafe in the position I suggest. To start with McCafes operating out of shop fronts are not so in-your-face as a full blown, dedicated & drive-through McDonald’s store. They certainly wouldn’t be allowed to have a giant ‘Golden Arches’ out front or any garish signs, because they would need a permit for that.

    As for council approval though, they wouldn’t need a planning permit for the use, as takeaway & eat-in food is a permitted and as-of-right use in any commercial zone. They’d only need a health permit for the premises and that’s easy.

    But there’d be the same ‘Save Bright’ whack jobs who tried to stop Woolies from being built holding protest meetings and generally carrying on like the retrograde, simple-minded neanderthals that they are. And it’d be fun to see that … again!

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    Btw, my property is in a residential zone so I couldn’t put a Maccas there even if I wanted too. And I don’t. The shops I speak of are in the CBD, which is a relatively small & tight area anyway, so it’d be right at home there (as a McCafe only though).

  15. The Other Iain says:

    I think we are at cross purposes Ray. I would have thought a “McCafe” is what Bright needs. Just no ugly big “M” sign on the Alpine Road or a big drive through. I think that tends to cheapen nice looking places.

  16. Ray Dixon says:

    I agree with that, TOI. And there wouldn’t be a big Golden Arches – we have control over the signage and it just wouldn’t get through.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The man in question did not strip off first and then go cavorting in the snow. He became disoriented due to hypothermia and took off his clothes in what is a well known symptom of Hypothermia called “paradoxical undressing.” Check the Wikipedia article on Hypothermia or any comments from the paramedics. I was one of the group of three people who found him and administered first aid. While it seems alcohol may have been involved (still isn’t clear since the symptoms of hypothermia can be very much like those of drunkeness) his colleagues at the resort all say he was a good guy who did not normally drink. Either way he was indeed very lucky.

  18. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks very much for that explanation Anon @11.02 and I’m sure that he is grateful that he is was found Oh and a warm welcome to the Sandpit as well

  19. Ray Dixon says:

    Thanks for that info Anon (*) but I’m well aware of that possible scenario and explanation for the 22 y.o. South Korean being found butt naked in the snow. However, I believe the clothes he shed were pretty light on in the first place. I don’t like to draw parallels or stereotype people but was he perhaps trying to join the same Darwin Club that another countryman of his joined over the weekend when he tried to swim the Yarra in Melbourne while drunk on his birthday and drowned? Btw, I understand the naked snowman has made a full recovery.

    (* could you pick a name to use in future please?)

  20. The Other Iain says:

    I don’t like to draw parallels or stereotype people but was he perhaps trying to join the same Darwin Club that another countryman of his joined over the weekend when he tried to swim the Yarra in Melbourne while drunk on his birthday and drowned?

    Jeezus Ray, that’s a bit much. All races and cultures kill themselves by doing stupid things. An (Australian) falling out of a multi story building after “planking” on a balcony springs to mind.

  21. Ray Dixon says:

    The Kiwis are the best at it, TOI. They’ve got their own Darwin Club chapter.

  22. The Other Iain says:

    Interesting. I always thought the Americans were ahead in that caper.

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