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Everyone who writes a blog about politics and the world around them is opinionated and I am no exception. I have been playing this game for a few years now and I have yet to find any topic that I won’t tackle. in my very first blog post I said that “I love a good argument” and that is still the case.

I look at the individual issues and consider them on their merits. and craft a position on each in turn. As I am the member of no political party I am under no obligation to tick all of the boxes of any particular party   platform.

I care passionately about the environment but I think that Greens have taken up the Climate change  religion at the cost of their environmental credibility. I support free enterprise  but I don’t think that the mantra of exponential growth and a “greed is good” culture can be sustained.

I love the diversity of human cultures but I don’t think for a minute that any culture or religion should be beyond criticism for the sake of “cultural sensitivity”. Likewise I don’t believe in anything supernatural but I am fascinated by the topic in fiction and I love to argue with those who believe.
It is  a complex world that we live in and no one who is worth their salt should just accept that there is a simple way to define your ethical or political standpoint.

I am married with two children and we all live in rural Queensland. My interests include politics, ethics, art, religion, architecture, engineering and science. I am largely self-educated but I hold an Arts degree from the University of Queensland.

My Inner Bloke

The project that lets me keep in touch with my “inner bloke” is building a Clubman sports car inspired by Ron Champion’s book “Build your own Sports car for £250 and Race It”

The car is now finished and registered and the story of how I built it can be found at my car blog Iain’s Seven of course as is always the case with this sort of project there are always improvements to be made and new additions to it’s specification.

Powered by an  N16 Nissan engine the car makes 86 KW but with a total weight of just 630kg the performance is rather good.(click to enlarge)

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