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Others on Iain

I will add to this page as I notice the what people may say about my blogging 😎

I’ve looked at Mr Hall’s blogs, and while I disagree with many of the views he puts, I don’t find that he explains them offensively, nor that he is abusive or even particularly arrogant. This puts him outside many conservative commentators that I have read! I usually simply find that he is interested in putting forward challenging views. All of us need to be able to justify the views that we hold, and so I am always happy to have a solid, fact-based debate on issues that interest me. (Cherry Ripe)

You are the master at this game and I supplicate myself before your skill and majesty.

Comment by Bridgit Gread — January 27, 2007 #

You got a lot to offer any debate (Mikey capital)

Mikey_Capital said…Iain has as much right as anyone to state his opinions on whatever he deems fit. Any attempts to silence him or otherwise is fucked.


Jolly good, Mr Hall. I must say that I also enjoy your site as well – particularly the way that you stir up the commos.

Whoa, Iain. Another victory; another scalp! Are you king of the internet yet? You’re, like, the best.

Posted by The Editor to “Marley’s Ghost ” by Iain Hall at 8/20/2006 04:54:29 PM


  1. Sam Loy says:

    Hi Iain. Just had a look at an article at New Matilda, and the comments. It was enough to make me come here and check out your other thoughts. I must say, I don’t we’d agree on too much, but I did agree with your words regarding racism. More to the point, I think the way other commenters attacked you was ridiculous. It is yet another sign that my side of politics (I actually REALLY detest our tendency to pick a side, and this will be the last time you will see me identify as a “leftie”) is incapable of having intelligent, rational, and adult debates with others. It really bugs me, because I believe strongly in what I believe – as, no doubt, you do too – and a lot of the writers that represent my views are failing miserably. Not all though.

    I imagine you’re pretty used to these ad hominem responses. Just know that there’s at least one person who, while largely disagreeing with you, is still rolling their eyes and becoming quietly infuriated at the tactics of others who share my political leanings.

    Best wishes.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    G’day Sam, great intro to Iain’s blog. Much the same thoughts I have. I too came here because I noticed a lot of so-called “lefties” were trashing Iain all over the place in a sort-of gang mentality. And worse still, doing it from a position of anonymity. While I disagree with many of Iain’s views and his politics, I reckon the ad-hominen attacks are the marks of real arseholes, especially as it’s mostly anonymous and especially as so many of them go to great lengths to (a) cover their identity (b) use multiple aliases to beef up the attacks (c) cry foul and “stalker” if Iain or anyone else tries to return fire and/or expose them for the stalkers that they actually are. I hope you continue to comment here and join in – it’s gone quiter since ‘the wars’ that were ongoing here until recent times. Cheers.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to the Sandpit Sam and I’m glad to hear what you say regarding commentary at NM some people just want to stay in a cocoon where they never encounter a contrary opinion. That said i can hold my own even when they come at me mob handed, it helps that I never type angry because I have been called names 🙂

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    I’ve just joined New Matilda too, Iain, after reading what Sam wrote. Gee, you sure attract ’em over there … like flies! Check my bio (see article on the Carbon Tax and my comment – click through to the non-3rd person bio and see the link).

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Well you know that I love a good argument Ray 😉

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