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Supreme Court banishes Satan from Queensland classrooms

The Queensland Supreme Court has effectively refused to allow the Noosa Temple of Satan to provide religious instruction to children.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is an unincorporated association preaching Satanism in Queensland.

The applicant, Trevor Bell, is a member of the Noosa Temple of Satan.

In March 2021, Bell and Robin Bristow, a fellow member of the Temple, applied for approval to deliver Satanic religious instruction at four Queensland State schools. Their application was refused on the ground that the Temple “has no entitlement to provide religious instruction” because it “is not a religious denomination or society for the purposes of” s 76(1) of the Education Act.

Bell sought a statutory order of review in relation to that “decision” under Part 3 of the Judicial Review Act 1991 (Qld) and, further, orders setting the “decision” aside along with a declaration to the effect that the Noosa Temple of Satan is a religious denomination or society for the purposes of s 76 of the Education Act.

Read more: https://sterlinglawqld.com/supreme-court-banishes-satan-from-queensland-classrooms/

Rooting Rover and making truly vile selfies

He said the drug trafficking involved Driscoll allegedly dealing cannabis to a group of friends. Sgt Pearson said text messages revealed that on one occasion, Driscoll arranged for 4oz (113g) of cannabis to be sold for $1150. He said on another, she sold 3oz (85g) for $900. Police investigating the trafficking offence allegedly came across three videos on the woman’s phone that showed her having sex with a dog. Magistrate John Costello granted bail and ordered Driscoll to appear in court again in December.

He said the drug trafficking involved Driscoll allegedly dealing cannabis to a group of friends.
Sgt Pearson said text messages revealed that on one occasion, Driscoll arranged for 4oz (113g) of cannabis to be sold for $1150.
He said on another, she sold 3oz (85g) for $900.
Police investigating the trafficking offence allegedly came across three videos on the woman’s phone that showed her having sex with a dog.
Magistrate John Costello granted bail and ordered Driscoll to appear in court again in December.

This is a terribly sad story not so much because this not entirely unattractive young woman was sad and stupid enough to root Rover but because she was also dumb enough to record her shameful perversions on her mobile phone and then keep the recordings! How dumb is that? Heck I think even Socky would be uninterested in this skanky excuse for a woman now….

Jenna Louise Driscoll emerges from the Brisbane watchhouse after being charged with bestiality and drug trafficking. Pic: Annette Dew

Jenna Louise Driscoll emerges from the Brisbane watchhouse after being charged with bestiality and drug trafficking. Pic: Annette Dew click for source

“Anyone who buys one will never want a real girlfriend again”

 (by SockPuppet ~ owner and keeper of a real-life living doll whats called Laura*)

 For all you guys out there not getting nuthing in the sexual market place (SMP) your worries are over.

 If you can cough up about just $2000 grand and a bit you can now get a bit.

 Like forever:

Japan’s creepy sex doll industry ‘reaches next level’ in creation of perfect artificial £1,000 ‘Dutch Wife’ which comes with ‘realistic feeling skin’

  • Firm Oriental Industry claims the dolls are their most realistic to date
  • Come complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes
  • Sold under the name ‘Dutch Wives’ and cost just over £1,000 each
  • Company say early sales indicate the dolls are a big success

A Japanese company claims to have reached the next level in developing the most genuine looking sex doll which comes complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes.

Orient Industry say their new range of dolls, made from high quality silicon, are so realistic there is very little to distinguish them from a real girlfriend at first glance.

The dolls, which are non inflatable, are sold under the name ‘Dutch Wives’, a Japanese term for a sex doll, and adverts in the media boast that anyone who buys one will never want a real girlfriend again. 

The dolls are part of a high-tech industry in Japan, which is constantly looking at ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible.

Latest models of the dolls include movable joints so buyers can place them in any position they wish.

Cutting edge comment from me:

Of course this will not help Joe Hockeys “poor people” what cant even afford to buy petrol letalone a Japanese sex doll for $2000 grand and a bit.

These dolls are only for rich people (like Joe) who can get a whole harem and claim it on tax.

Dont worry “poor people” you just need to wait until the Chinese put out a cheaper copycat version.

Or ……..

Cutting edge comment #2 (and advertisment)

* My real life living doll Laura should not be mistaken for Cliff Richards ‘Living Doll’.

To start with mine is female.

And overage.

And I have a n interim offer for all you sex starved guys in Joes “poor people” class.

Why pay $2000 grand and a bit for a freakin’ silicon doll when you can have Laura f*cks  for just $10 bucks?


Okay shes no oil painting but at least she moves.

Site 33 BlueGums. Appointments not required. Just wait in the que.

Hell in the shadow of the high rise

Yesterday I visited the bowels of hell and it is actually a rather dull and dreary place that is far from being as glamorous as its public image would suggest.

You see I had to go to Surfer’s Paradise   so that my daughter could spend some time with her friend from Tasmania who was on holiday with her family there. The drive there and back  was nice for the conversation with my daughter , terrible for my back ( I am likely to be bed bound all day today as a consequence of the journey) but as it has been many years since I have spent any time on the Gold-Coast  I spent some of my time there at looking at just what sort of place it has become in that interregnum.

The overwhelming impression  one gets is of squalor with a veneer of tat  and pretence.  The footpaths are an unending patchwork  of different surfaces and pose a great risk to anyone, like yours truly,  who walks with a cane.  Once you raise your eyes to the many people on the streets its hard to see much real joy among them.  It seemed to me that most were trying very hard to  “have fun” with a rather grim determination.

To give my daughter the most time with her friend I spent most of my day reading  ” Dexter is Delicious”  I finished the book as it happens and in many ways it was a most apt read for the day because the Miami setting Of Jeff Lindsey’s novels are so very similar to the place were I was reading his clever prose. I also could not help but wonder about the lives of those people who serve the tourists because I did not see even one person in the shops and Cafes who looked even vaguely happy or even marginally cheerful .

By my calculation it must be more than thirty years since I have been to Surfers Paradise  and if I manage to go another thirty years before I again visit I will consider that  to be too soon for this old codger.

Cheers Comrades

Now this is a proper holiday destination.

Now this is a proper holiday destination.


The cuteness factor trumps all else

I thought that it would be nice to share with the Sandpits readers  the good news that we we have a new resident here at Chez Hall, after much badgering from my daughter I have  got us a cute kitty cat which of course means that I am going to give our readers a long series of posts about this cute rascal as he bounces around our house and our hearts. I just hope that I can live up to the fine tradition of cat blogging as demonstrated by the likes of our learned friend.

meow Comrades

Isn't he a cute addition to Chez Hall?

Isn’t he a cute addition to Chez Hall?

PS did many eagle eyed readers notice that I got a tweet up onto the screen of QandA last night? its not easy to do so while maintaining your conservative street-cred. anyway this is the tweet:

Putting your ghost into the machine

slight of hand and illusion

slight of hand and illusion

I came across this today and it tickled my love of the bizarre way that technology tends to follow speculative fiction. In this case its all about the long held wish for a way to have a secular form of eternal life by downloading consciousness into a computer so that the essence of a person can go on long after their body has surrendered to death.

The service has been created out of MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program. When users sign up, they will link the service to their various digital streams, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, photos and geo-location history. Once data is being collected, Ursache says there are two main processes required – “making sense” of it and then using it to “emulate” the user.

“Of course, ‘making sense’ and ’emulating’ are still primitive today,” he acknowledges. “But by periodically interacting with this avatar, you will allow it to make more sense in the next 30-40 years that you still have to live. This way, it becomes more accurate and knows more about you in time.”

The ability of Eterni.me to “make sense” of the data it collects will be key, but is one of the most difficult challenges the company has to tackle. The service will analyze both textual and visual information to choose what information can be used to help an avatar better emulate the user. Direct interactions with the user will help to make the emulation more accurate.

Ursache explains that the end result should be a tool that people can use to find out more about their forbears, such as photos, family events, opinions and hobbies. He likens it to a research tool, such as a search engine or timeline, and is clear that the aim of such technology should be to help people.

“I think technology should make our lives easier, period,” he says. “If technology can help with leaving a legacy, or solving other problems for dead people’s relatives and friends – such as inheritance, access to information and so on – we should find a way to use it, of course without creating additional harms.”

A private beta of Eterni.me is expected in late 2015 with the public launch expected in 2016.

Source: Eterni.me

I don’t know if this is just an example of hubris or just a denial of mortality and I don’t know if it would really provide comfort or the creeps to those we leave behind when we cark it. What I do know is that there are likely to be people who will grab onto this technology in their grief at the loss of a loved one and that it may well even make them unable to move on with their lives. Further lets just imagine that the avatar becomes complex enough to be sentient rather than merely reflexive, will the simulacrum be the person it was derived from or will it be some new kind of monster?      I just don’t know if this is a good or a bad idea so I will just await the wisdom of the Sandpit’s readers on this one.

Cheers Comrades


The idea of a personalty downloaded into a machine avatar is central to the cult Anime “Ghost in the shell”


Meta-data, online privacy and the Global Caliphate

In some ways i think that Orwell was both right and wrong about universal surveillance of the people in his seminal novel 1984. He was certainly correct about the possibilities of modern technology, of View-screens that could watch as well as be watched ( does your device have a web cam?), but what most people miss in the novel is the simple fact that it was only those in the party who were subject to detailed scrutiny from Big Brother.  With this in mind I am rather bemused by all of the fuss and Hoo-Ha about the NSA collecting and analysing telephony meta-data especially by the way that various organs of the left like to characterise this sort of intelligence gathering as “phone tapping”  take this example from today’s Age:

click for source

click for source

Once you read the article you find not one mention of actual surveillance of the content of any telephone calls because surveillance at that level would be logistically impossible. None the less minions of the left like to think that they are each important enough to invoke the sort of scrutiny they fear.  Of course this ties in nicely with their misconceptions about just what is private in the age of the search engine. In my long years of blogging the number of people who think that they can put things up on the net that remain “private” never ceases to amuse me. You just have to assume that everything that you post on the internet is fully public and that even if you post it under a pseudonym it will eventually be associated with your real life. This simple truth should be the foundation stone of every computer literacy course in our schools because it is the best guarantor that our online past will not comeback to haunt us.  The same goes for any calls you make on the phone assume that it is entirely private at your own peril, especially if you are interacting with dodgy characters but take comfort that the sheer volume of telephonic communications makes tapping of your innocuous calls  unlikely unless you are a subscriber  to Jihad-R-Us.

Fundamentally there has to be a sound reason for any intelligence agency to take any interest in the lives of the average citizen and as Judge Pauley says:

But the ruling from Judge William Pauley, a Clinton appointee to the Southern District of New York, will provide important ammunition for those within the intelligence community urging Obama to maintain the programme.

Judge Pauley said privacy protections enshrined in the fourth amendment of the US constitution needed to be balanced against a government need to maintain a database of records to prevent future terrorist attacks. “The right to be free from searches is fundamental but not absolute,” he said. “Whether the fourth amendment protects bulk telephony metadata is ultimately a question of reasonableness.”

Pauley argued that al-Qaida’s “bold jujitsu” strategy to marry seventh century ideology with 21st century technology made it imperative that government authorities be allowed to push privacy boundaries.

“As the September 11 attacks demonstrate, the cost of missing such a threat can be horrific,” he wrote in the ruling. “Technology allowed al-Qaida to operate decentralised and plot international terrorist attacks remotely. The bulk telephony metadata collection programme represents the government’s counter-punch: connecting fragmented and fleeting communications to re-construct and eliminate al-Qaida’s terror network.”


The one thing that all of this seems to be ignoring is that there are other modalities  of communication that can circumvent any sort of surveillance and the one that occurs to me is  online gaming which allows players to talk to each other privately while they play. So the next time that you are playing GTAV and you hear other online players talking in Arabic will you , like me, wonder if they are just enjoying the game or if they are plotting for the establishment of the global caliphate?  Call me paranoid if you like but such thoughts are the reason that I think the monitoring of meta data has more virtue than vice in a world where religious totalitarians would have the entire planet praying in the same direction five times a day.

Cheers Comrades


First aid for canine cane toad poisoning

Don’t get me wrong I love our dog, Just as I have loved all of the previous canine companion animals that have been part of our family for, well forever. But I can’t help but think that this story is far from serious, in fact I reckon its just a bit of seasonal nonsense.

Tis the season to go cold turkey...

Tis the season to go cold turkey…

Way back in the dim dark past we had a little black dog called Sascha he was a lovely loyal and devoted toy poodle who we rescued from the pound. My wife was devoted to the little bloke and he loved her with the sort of devotion that we admire in a dog. He had only one flaw to his otherwise spotless character and that was his predilection to bothering cane toads. Believe me its not a pretty sight when a dog has caught a cane toad. They salivate madly and their cries are blood curdling to put it mildly, if they have had enough of the toxin they then go into convulsions with their heart in maximum overdrive eventually they expire in a most unpleasant manner.

silly people have  also risked death by dabbling in cane toad high's

silly people have also risked death by dabbling in cane toad highs

Its not irredeemable though if your dog has bothered a toad and you find them salivating like mad the best first aid is to get your hose and thoroughly wash out the dogs mouth with the hose paying particular attention to the mucus membranes inside the cheeks, the toxin is absorbed through the mouth rather than being ingested through the GI tract so the more that you can remove with the hose the lower the dose will be. They will of course hate this and may well resist but do persist if you want your little mate to survive. If symptoms persist then rush your dog to the vet who will probably give sedatives  to your pooch to stop his heart exploding…

To you they will give a big invoice  a few of those and you may be tempted to let your little mate take his chances with fate, of course you will dig deep an pay the bills.

We tried training the behaviour out of Sacha to no avail, maybe with a younger dog would have been more amenable to aversion therapy but Sacha wasn’t. In  the end we found a new home for him so we will never know if he ever learned his lesson …

Yep its fine to make jokes about cane toad -poisoning but when you have seen the results its nothing to joke about

Woof woof Comrades


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