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Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan deserve to be shot and then forgotten

Awaiting execution: Myuran Sukumaran, left, and Andrew Chan. Photo: AAP

Awaiting execution: Myuran Sukumaran, left, and Andrew Chan. Photo: AAP

“Australian government appeals are neither heroic nor heartfelt; Canberra is merely trying to save their own ‘subject bodies’ from the firing squad, while slowly disposing of ‘abject bodies’ it does not want through inhumane detention centres or returning them to foreign regimes that will probably finish the job for them,” Mr Marthinus said in an opinion piece in The Jakarta Post.

The impact of the executions on bilateral relations is coming under intense scrutiny in the English-speaking press in Jakarta, with conjecture that the decision to drop plans to waive visa requirements for Australian visitors to Indonesia could also be related.

However, this has been denied by the government and is also considered unlikely by migration agents.

And Bali’s Governor Made Mangku Pastika has said he would not like to see the execution take place on Bali because it could hurt the island’s public image.


I wonder If I am alone in feeling somewhat embarrassed by the excessive gnashing of teeth over the pending execution off these two scumbags?  There is no doubt that they did the crime, being caught red handed  with the heroin strapped to their bodies takes care of that, these two were the ringleaders of the scheme  so they deserve a harsher punishment than the other seven idiots. that make up the “Bali nine”gang. That said  I am sure that the usual suspects will whine and posture about how capital punishment is wrong in principle.  Frankly its not something that I believe. there are crimes that clearly deserve a capital sanction multiple murder, or murder in the name of a vile ideology are obvious to me, as is the repeated sexual abuse 0f children, when it comes to drug dealers its a little less clear. Personally I tend to think that some drugs are worse than others and  that those who deal in opiates, cocaine or crystal Meth are worse than those who sell a bit of Ganga.

So in the not too distant future Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan will have their stroll in the jungle , be tied to a post and shot dead this little black duck won’t shed a single tear nor will most of my fellow Ausies either. The usual suspects on the other hand will have an almost orgasmic out pouring of leftist angst all because these men happen to Australian citizens…

The sooner they are shot the sooner they can be utterly forgotten because they certainly do not deserve to be remembered.

Cheers Comrades


If scumbags are shot in the jungle and no one sheds a tear…


  1. Lee says:

    Neither Sukumaran or Chan were caught with any “drugs strapped to their bodies”

  2. Iain Hall says:

    You may be right on that detail Lee but that does nt mean that they are innocent of thw crime in fact they admit their guilt

  3. Sam says:

    It is good to see someone who thinks these scum are going to get their just deserts. Everyone’s opinion would change if they came home to find their Loved one laying DEAD on the floor with a syringe hanging out of their arm! good riddance SCUM

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    The fact remains that the Bali 9 were not importing heroin INTO Indonesia so where does that sit with their PM’s claim that they have to carry out the executions to crack down on Indonesia’s internal/domestic growing drug scourge? They were boarding a plane bound for Australia where, if they’d been detected on arrival not departure, they’d have copped no more than the 10 years they’ve already served. Worse still is the fact that the tipoff to Indonesia came from our own AFP (following advice from a concerned father of one of the 9) who cynically suggested to Indonesian police that they deal with it under their laws. Bottom line? Australia should heavily sanction Indonesia if they go ahead with what is clearly a payback political execution of Australian citizens.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Ray all of that is a moot point now, they are simply dead mean walking and neither deserve much sympathy because they knew the consequences of their scheme if they were to be caught and as they were caught they now have to pay the price.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    They certainly are DMW – no way Indonesia is going to back down, despite Julie Bishop’s best efforts to offset the offence caused by Abbott. She’s pushing it uphill because Abbott’s several faux pas over Indonesia re the boats, and the way he inferred foreign aid might be cut if they went ahead with the execution, sealed those two’s fate.

    I agree they don’t “deserve sympathy” for what they did but the bottom line is this execution is straight out political and out of whack for their crime. Clemency would otherwise be granted.

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