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The cycling lycra we’ve all been waiting for

(by SockPuppet ~ a Libraryatarian blogger)


Click to enlarge if you must – warning it looks more like real muff in the small image


I cannot believe what all the fuss is over these brave Colombian girls wearing lycra that looks like a bare midriff gone way south  – all the way past Brazil if ya get me drift:

A flesh-coloured kit that makes a Colombian women’s cycling team look naked below the waist has been described as unacceptable by the sport’s governing body.

Photographs of the Bogota Humana team were taken at the Tour of Tuscany, showing the six women wearing red and yellow kit with flesh-coloured material immediately above and below the waist.

After the pictures went viral on social media, International Cycling Union (UCI) president Brian Cookson wrote on Twitter: “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case.

“It is unacceptable by any standards of decency.”

Among leading riders criticising the outfits was the Welsh former Commonwealth, Olympic and world road race champion Nicole Cooke.

“This has turned the sport into a joke,” she said.

“Girls stand up for yourselves – say no.”

What a bunch of spoilt sports.

Let the girls show their fake lycra muff if they want to.

They obviously did.

Yeah I think maybe they should “stand up” too by saying “up yours Nicole” and show their real muff – don’t you?

Go the whole hog girls and cut out the middle bit for real.

Just do it. Please.

It would do wonders for the sport.


  1. richard ryan says:

    IS that GD fifth from the left?

  2. GD says:

    IS that GD fifth from the left?

    No, I’m the happy manager on the end.

    How do you think these girls will go on my falafel busking circuit in Western Sydney? I reckon we’ll be a big hit in Lakemba, especially as one of the babes sings ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar’ perched astride her bicycle.

    I’m teaching another one to sing ‘Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves’.

  3. GD says:

    Excellent post, btw, Sock Dog, or should I say Sick Dog 🙂

  4. richard ryan says:

    If playing in Western Sydney, make sure the girls are wearing head scarfs, don’t want to offend our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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