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The cycling lycra we’ve all been waiting for

(by SockPuppet ~ a Libraryatarian blogger)


Click to enlarge if you must – warning it looks more like real muff in the small image


I cannot believe what all the fuss is over these brave Colombian girls wearing lycra that looks like a bare midriff gone way south  – all the way past Brazil if ya get me drift:

A flesh-coloured kit that makes a Colombian women’s cycling team look naked below the waist has been described as unacceptable by the sport’s governing body.

Photographs of the Bogota Humana team were taken at the Tour of Tuscany, showing the six women wearing red and yellow kit with flesh-coloured material immediately above and below the waist.

After the pictures went viral on social media, International Cycling Union (UCI) president Brian Cookson wrote on Twitter: “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case.

“It is unacceptable by any standards of decency.”

Among leading riders criticising the outfits was the Welsh former Commonwealth, Olympic and world road race champion Nicole Cooke.

“This has turned the sport into a joke,” she said.

“Girls stand up for yourselves – say no.”

What a bunch of spoilt sports.

Let the girls show their fake lycra muff if they want to.

They obviously did.

Yeah I think maybe they should “stand up” too by saying “up yours Nicole” and show their real muff – don’t you?

Go the whole hog girls and cut out the middle bit for real.

Just do it. Please.

It would do wonders for the sport.

Repeal all laws that make “dooring” an offence and charge cyclists who crash into stationery cars instead!

I have previously made no secret for my general dislike of cyclists. A dislike that has its genesis in many aspects of their holier than thou subculture and their mistaken belief that everyone else on the road should bend over backwards to protect them on the roads even when their own behaviour is a major contributor to their road using misfortunes. You see the way that they use our streets is inherently dangerous to their own  safety, things like filtering between lanes of traffic passing cars on the left  and exceeding the urban  speed limits are common occurrences as are ignoring stop signs and red lights. Frankly there are some very good arguments for banning bicycles altogether from public roads for their own safety. Perhaps cyclists  all need to have heath warnings tattooed on the inside of their eyelids to remind them that they are responsible for their own fate when they take to the roads.

Nothing annoys me more then the bullshit “offence” of “dooring” where unsuspecting motorists are fined for opening their car door into the path of cyclist.

click for source

I say that its a bullshit offence because in every other incident where a moving vehicle (which is precisely what a bicycle is) hits a stationary one the moving vehicle is deemed to be at fault. This is an entirely  sensible principle in law that  has been abandoned in an attempt to pander to the loonies in Lycra. It should be repealed and instead cyclists who crash into parked cars should be charged with driving without due care and attention.

Cheers Comrades

South Africa solves the cyclist problem

So how do we get some of  these beasts over here?


Le Tour de Cadel?

Update: Cadel Evans has done the impossible - he's won Le Tour by over 90 seconds !!

Let’s take a break from all the usual political argy bargy (and personal attacks from anons) and turn our attention to a really uplifting and (potentially) magnificent achievement that is about to culminate around midnight tonight when Australia’s ‘road warrior’, Cadel Evans, attempts to take the coveted Le Tour de France title in what is effectively the last stage of this truly gruelling, gripping and incredible test of strength over 3 weeks and more than 3,000 kms, including scaling The Pyrenees and The Alps to heights of nearly 3,000 metres. Think about that!

No Aussie has won this event before in its more than 100 year history, and apart from USA’s Lance Armstrong’s 7 consecutive wins in recent times (which I regard as suspect) and Floyd Landis’ win in 2006, which was more than suspect (he tested positive and had the title stripped), the race has always been won by European riders. Let’s face it, until Armstrong came along  – after receiving steroid treatment for testicular cancer – it was mainly a European event. But now, in my opinion, the annual Le Tour is the world’s premier sporting event, even exceeding the standing, attention and status of the FIFA World cup, the Olympics and, errr, the AFL Grand Final.

Cadel Evans sits third, just 57 seconds behind Luxembourg rider Andy Schleck and just 4 seconds behind Andy’s brother Frank. Tonight’s stage is an individual time trial over 42 kms where the riders go out one at a time to race the clock, as opposed to a road race, which most legs are. It’s effectively the last leg because the next one is a procession into Paris and traditionally the leader (in the famed Yellow Jersey) is not attacked on that leg and just pedals in to stand on the podium in front of Le Arc de Triumph to claim the crown – and the worldwide honour and adulation as a HERO.

And Cadel Evans is a renowned and world-class time-trialler, whereas the Schlecks are not. He just might do it, in fact he’s favoured to. And if he does, no one will deserve it more after being an unlucky runner-up in 2007 & 2008, then failing in 2009 when he started as the favourite and took the lead but, ultimately, lacked team support. In 2010 Evans fractured his arm early in the race but still rode it out to finish 17th overall. At age 34, his performance in this year’s race has been incredibly consistent, winning stage 4 by beating off 3 times champion, the highly suspect Alberto Contador from Spain. Contador is only in the race subject to appeal against a positive dope test when he won last year’s event. I reckon if it’s proved true, he should also be stripped of the 2007 title and that then be awarded to Evans.

But that’s another story. Evans has burnt off Contador this year and also the heroic French cyclist Voeckler, who held the lead until last night. Now only the Schlecks stand in his way of what would be the greatest sporting achievement of any Australian in history.

Make sure you stay up and watch it. Cheer ‘our boy’ home. That includes you, Iain.

As SockPuppet might say:

“If you don’t get excited by this and stay up all night getting pissed and rooting for Cadel (yes you can have sex in the lounge room while you watch it) then you are just proving your unAussieness and you should be deported or detained in Nauru with all the other non Aussies.”

Go Cadel. Cheers.



A lesson in road safety for all inner-city types

If you ride one of these

While listening to one of these

You will end up like this:

Headphone danger warning after cyclist using iPod hit by tram

Cyclists who wear headphones while riding are increasing their risk of being involved in a serious crash, according to a transport safety expert.

The warning comes after a 45-year-old man cycled into the path of a tram while listening to his iPod in Melbourne’s south today.

The Windsor man was pushed along the tram tracks after he was struck on the corner of Williams and Dandenong roads in St Kilda East just before 1pm.

Paramedics say he was lucky to escape with only bruising to his leg and a sore knee in an accident that has put the spotlight on the divisive issue.

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