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‘Lady’ Sonia McMahon is dead, but was she a lady or a tramp?

Sonia wore a side-split dress (and no undies) at a White House reception with Tricky Dick Nixon. Maybe she wanted to root him too?

The news that ‘Lady’ Sonia McMahon is dead at 77 has even stirred Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to sing her praises:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today said Lady Sonia was a “distinguished representative of Australia”.

“She was a wife of a prime minister of this country, they lived in the house where we are currently standing this morning,” he told reporters outside The Lodge, in Canberra.

“So I believe appropriate respects should be paid to her family, appropriate respect to the contribution that she and her husband made to Australia, and understand at a purely human level, this is a day of great sadness for any family.”

But you is wrong Kevin Rudd. Sonia was an opportunist who married an old gay guy called Billy McMahon who happend to be the Treasurer of the country at the time, and she used her position to climb the social ladder. Oh and as Billy was already a ‘Sir’, that meant she instently became a ‘Lady’ … in name only. If Sonia had been a bloke she’d have been called a gigilo and a flasher:

Errrr, that’s not exactly ‘Lady’ like is it?

And if youse need more proof that what I am saying is right and that the ‘Lady’ really was a tramp – this is the old fart she married:

I rests my case.



  1. MK says:

    Careful Iain, the leftist vermin that hang around here will be around quickly to caterwaul at you about their hero, especially when their other hero kevvie got it so wrong, again.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well MK let them!
    Socky runs his own race and he will I am sure defend his topical opinions as loudly as any denunciations from the Latte sippers 😉

    I hadn’t realised that Lady Sonia, was doing a Brittany when it came to her fashion sense and her style of getting in and out of a limo though.

  3. SockPuppet says:

    Now that Sonia is dead will we ever get the answer to the really big question: Who is Julian McMahon’s real father? It wasn’t Billy, thats for sure.

  4. SockPuppet says:

    And who is Julian anyway?

  5. Iain Hall says:

    1, I don’t know
    2. a very bad actor

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    1. I’d say Gough Whitlam or Richard Nixon.
    2. Dunno.

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