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I dips me lid Comrade O. Puhleez

There are times when I am out and about in the electric streets of the internet when I come across a comment that is just a cut above the average. find below one such comment  extracted from this thread at New Matilda


O. Puhleez
Posted Saturday, February 15, 2014 – 23:42


While I’m not naive enough to think, as some people are dim enough to try to counter-argue, that everyone who applies for asylum here should be granted it, to suggest we, by sheer dumb luck, deserve life freedom and security above those unfortunate enough to be fleeing persecution is the kind of staggering prejudice and arrogance that leads nations down very dark paths indeed. Prejudice, whether in the form of racism or economic elitism or religious zealotry is the trait Australians should be looking to avoid, but unfortunately we’ve allowed it to become the enemy from within. You can’t send it offshore in a lifeboat when it’s embedded in your soul like a thorn.

Well said; very well said indeed. But…

SOME of the people who come here in boats are fleeing genuine persecution. But as Marga and others have pointed out, what at least some of these unfortunate people are fleeing from is political and economic stagnation in their countries of origin. And so I ask this simple question: why should the present population of Australia have to pay for that?

Because pay we will. If the borders are thrown wide open (and that is the inescapable political corollary of all the ‘refugee advocacy’ we see here) then we will pay: in overpopulation, in environmental degradation and the rest of it.

As far as bettering the lot of refugees from the Islamic world, Australian dollars would be far better spent on projects that help break the grip of the theocrats in their countries of origin: like aid with family planning. (Do I hear Tony Abbott and his mate Pell having seizures, convulsions and paroxysms stage right? Or should that be stage far right?)

I think of the refugee situation as analogous to the drama that occurred in mid-Atlantic when the Titanic went down near midnight on April 14, 1912.

The analogy of the Titanic is all the refugees and others’ (mainly Islamic) countries of origin. The analogy of the lifeboats is the sought-after destinations like Australia, NZ, the US, Canada and the countries of Western Europe. (No comparative number to that of  the people claiming refugee status here,  note, are seeking anything but temporary ‘asylum’ in Eastern Europe, the Far East, South America or Africa.)

On the Titanic: the inquiries in the aftermath of the sinking ” …reached broadly similar conclusions: the regulations on the number of lifeboats that ships had to carry were out of date and inadequate; Captain Smith had failed to take proper heed of ice warnings; the lifeboats had not been properly filled or crewed; and the collision was the direct result of steaming into a danger area at too high a speed….”

But the fact is that the (mainly Islamic) countries of origin which are the analogy of the Titanic are not sinking. On the contrary, their Titanic has been taken over by religious fundamentalist pirates. The refugees could all save themselves if they would just convert to the variety of Islam that the majority of the pirates belong to, and accept whatever economic subservience follows from that.

But, most understandably, they do not want to.

Trouble is, the more refugees, and pseudo-refugees of one kind or another, that make it into the lifeboats, the more who want to abandon ship and hope for a place in one of those same lifeboats. Those of us in the lifeboats face the genuine moral dilemma of either pulling all comers out of the water, and going down with the overcrowded lifeboat, or leaving them to drown. But there will always be people like you, Sooz, with us in the lifeboat, and claiming the moral high-and-dry ground. You lot will continue to urge us to admit all comers. That is, until it dawns on even you that this is not sustainable. Not even in the short term.

You call us ‘racists’. I do not believe that you have even the vaguest idea of the meaning of the word.

You, on the other hand, in your moral purity, will protest mightily here on NM as Abbott and Morrison to send boats back to Indonesia. You will protest without having for one instant to face the consequences of the political folly implied by what you demand. Because only a pathetic minority of Australians are in favour of open borders; because only such a pathetic minority are incapable of foreseeing the real consequences of what they advocate.

Cover yourself in righteousness as much as you like, Sooz. You know damn well that the historic experience of Australia is against open borders, and for damn good reasons, and likewise the majority of her people. But you will always be OK and never have to face any sad realities. You can have it both ways: the apparent moral superiority of being in favour of open borders, and the comfort of knowing that the policies you advocate will never be adopted, and that the lifeboat you are in will stay afloat.

Except that I do not think that you pontificate to the rest of us from the moral high ground. You have found the easy way out. You preach at the rest of us from the middle of a moral swamp

I hope that the anonymous author sees this post as it is intended, as a salute to an argument well put about an issue that matters.

I dips me lid Comrade O. Puhleez


Kiwi anti-sodomites buggered?

(by Ray Dixon – an equal opprortunity holiday accommodation provider)

The message is clear!

The message is clear!

“We don’t want sodomy in our home. That’s not the same thing as saying we are anti-gay,”

On the surface this sounds like straight-out discrimination against same-sex couples (being lesbians, in this case).

But I smell a bit of a set-up:

les-be-friendsThe owners of a New Zealand guesthouse who refused to let a lesbian couple share a bed are standing firm despite threats.

Karen and Michael Ruskin, of Pilgrim Planet Lodge, in central Whangarei, say they have received death threats and verbal abuse over their stance on homosexuality.

… Lesbian couple Jane Collison, 30, and Paula Knight, 45, decided not to stay at the lodge on May 7 after being told they could only have a room with single beds.

They had booked online a room with a king-sized bed but Mrs Ruskin said that when the couple arrived they were told the lodge’s policy was for same-sex couples to be put into a room with two king-single beds.

The engaged couple decided not to stay but could not find other accommodation until they got to Waipu.

Mrs Ruskin said she was sorry for the couple’s inconvenience but was standing firm on her morals and the sanctity of her home.

The Ruskins live in the bed and breakfast-style lodge, where guests share lounge, kitchen and living areas.

“It’s our home – it’s not a motel.”

The lesbians have since filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission claiming discrimination due to their sexual orientation but the owners claim they have a legal right (and indeed a precedent) to say who will share their residential accommodation:

She said that in 2010 a gay couple also complained to the commission after being asked to sleep apart, but that complaint was withdrawn when the exception for shared accommodation came to light.

Hmm, I’m starting to wonder if this incident was a case of gay activists deliberately targeting the Pilgrim Planet in a sort-of payback or even a re-test of the exemption, now that gay marriage has been legalised in New Zealand.

I wonder why they chose this place, which already has ‘form’ for rejecting gay couples, and which also states right upfront on its website’s home page that they, err, cater to only certain people:

Pilgrim Planet: B&B guesthouse in central Whangarei, modern accommodation with old fashioned values*

*Our nation’s moral code has been based on generally accepted values which have guided legislation. Essentially parliament’s concern is matters legal and the peoples’ concern is matters moral. When these line up we have peace and harmony but when politicians legislate against morality, a disconnect occurs. Unjust laws need to be questioned for if we fail to do this we will become corrupted by the law instead of edified and protected by it. You are welcome to stay in our home, whatever your beliefs, so long as you respect and understand ours.

And just in case the lesbian couple missed that bit when they booked online, they surely must have seen this on the bookings page:

Pilgrim Planet – modern accommodation with old fashioned values! …….. We reserve the right to change any rooms that have been booked on-line at our discretion.

I’m in the accommodation business too, but I wouldn’t go imposing any ‘moral values’ on our guests. We’ve had gays & lesbians stay here at GG and it doesn’t bother us in the slightest. All we ask is that guests don’t disturb others and don’t leave the place in a mess. Quite frankly (and I don’t mean to stereotype here), our homosexual guests are generally much tidier than most others, especially those guests with little kids. As for what they do in the beds, well our linen is hired in for each stay so we don’t have to wash it anyway!

Then again, our units are completely separate and fully self-contained, whereas the Pilgrim Planet is actually an oversized house that merely lets out bedrooms and allows its guests to share most of the house, it seems. It’s not the sort of accommodation I’d choose to supply – to anyone – because the only people I like sleeping in my house are my own direct family. Yeah, we even put our relatives in the units when they visit (at no charge of course!)

I sort of think the Ruskins, if homosexuality offends them so much, are simply in the wrong business. But I also think the lesbian couple would (or should) have known in advance that they would be discriminated against – I mean, just the name Pilgrim Planet should have been a dead giveaway that mein host was a little bit on the churchie side, don’t you think?

Anyway … they’re just bloody Kiwis, who cares?

I think I might ban all New Zealanders from GG full stop – I wonder if that’s discrimination?


More Fun on Facebook

(by Sockpuppet – your Facebook friend)

Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat

Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat

I blame it on the beautiful Kylie.

Every time I go to Facebook to, um, catch up on the beautiful Kylie I come across these other posts on the ‘community noticeboard’.

You remember Cass the one who didnt know how to dispose of her empty beer bottles dont you?

Well now Cass is trying to help out someone who has lost there cat.

The cats in the photo above.

Its not the dog.

I give you the Donna & Cass show of genius and intellect:

Donna: Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat from (address given). my phone number is 04xxxxxxxx. A ginger cat has been coming important the cat door and fighting with him

Cass: I was down bailey street this afternoon an a seen a cat just like him

Donna: thankyou please keep an eye out in case you see him agsim

Cass: Ill be in (name of town) again walking every street tomorrow ill keep an eye out

Donna: thankyou so much his name is Sir Bastion

They will never find him but at least we now know what Cass does for a living.

Facebook – more fun than Home & Away.

(and about as classy)


“I get more pussy than u”

(by SockPuppet – your insitive Melbourne blogger and social commenter)

Another example of progressive Melbourne?

Another example of progressive Melbourne?

I have some questions for the hotlooking chick holding up the “pussy” sign at Yesterdays ‘marriage equality’ rally in Melbourne:

1. If you are getting so much “pussy” why do you want to get married to just one woman? You will get a lot less pussy that way.

2. If you are lesbian why are you standing so close to what looks more like a bloke in the black Tshirt?

3. If the ‘bloke’ in the black T shirt is female is she your lesbian lover?

4. If you answer yes to question 3 Why are you wasting yourself on her?

5. Is that bald bloke behind you picking his nose your Dad or your stalker? He looks like one.

6. Would you be interested in a threesome with Laura and me?

And for Gig Guy – see what I mean about Victoria now? It is all action here buddy, you would not see this in western muslim Sydney would you?


Charles Ramsey – HERO !!

(by Ray Dixon)

“You’ve got some big testicles to pull that off, bro” (Charles Ramsey expressing surprise that his next-door neighbour was secretly keeping 3 women hostage)

I don’t know if there’s a reward for the rescue of the three women who had been held captive for 10 years in a Cleveland Ohio house but, if so, it just has to go to this bloke, next-door-neighbour Charles Ramsey.

And not just because Ramsey’s the one who answered the distressed calls of Amanda Berry and got her out of the house leading to a 911 call that then led to the rescue of the other two (and subsequent arrest of the owner and his two brothers), but also – and mainly – for this incredible and hilarious impromptu interview he gave to a TV journo soon after.

Make sure you watch it – it really picks up half way through. Ramsey’s a natural, almost a comedian. And, in my sincere opinion, he IS a true hero and deserves $1 million or more for what he’s done.

A Woman who says fuck a lot

by Sockpuppet

Here is a post that even the GigGuy might approve of.

I do not as a general rule prowl around facebook looking at womens pages …. much.

I hardly go there .. if at all.

Not a lot anyway.

but I do often go to the page of a beautiful woman I know just to look at her latest posts and photos. She is really beautiful even more than Laura. And hot if nothotter.

Lets call her Kylie. Well lets .. its her real name after all.

Somehow Kylie must of found out I was stalking admiring her from upclose and personal like and now shes removed all her personal info and photos from her fb page.

All thats left is a photo of her two kids (who are pretty ugly like her husband is) … and her “Likes”, you know the other FB pages she “likes”.

Like this one:


So what is this facebook page about you ask?

Well you fools no need to ask me. If you click on the ‘about’ button and you can find out for yourselfs:

This is a fun page for saying the word FUCK, posting pics and videos that are relevant, classy and in good taste.

Well I think I got the message. Its all in good fun and … um, classy.

I dont really get the point though but I guessed it was okay.

and then I read this post from the un-named author who had been having trouble with trolls by the soundofit:

The fucking fuckwits have been thick today. Today’s have been stupid fucking assclowns mixed with a multitude of twatwaffles. My Page is extremely fucking tame, especially compared to some shitty pages I’ve seen out there. We are globally like-minded ADULTS here, sharing a good time with profanity, sarcasm and other random acts of fun. 🙂

To the fucknuggets: If you want to complain about a Page,… then go find one that is exploiting women and children because they are fucking rampant. Whine and complain there! Maybe you just haven’t looked outside of your bubble to see there are many worse things on FB than me and my friends saying fuck a lot with funny pics.

Oh it looks like we have a raving femmo here.

Like a German Grear only on steroids.

And saying “fuck”. A lot.

And a lot more:

I just banned 17 fuckwads from one thread. About 20 from another and random amounts on others.
Banning fucktards is easy and I fucking LOVE IT…!!
In fact, FB just made it even easier with a new update. 🙂

I only allow quality peeps here! I don’t give a fuck about quantity!
So, if you think I’ll let you stay just to increase a number, you’re fucking wrong.

Look lady you are the one who made your page an open one meaning anyone can comment without first being approved “friend”.

Yet She goes on (and on and on):

I’ll try to explain it simply for the fucking morons because they always return to try and find their idiotic posts which have been deleted. This will give them something to read for future reference on “How Not To Be A Fucking Douchenozzle.”

This is a fucking Page where I have fun with my fucking awesome and engaging cool page peeps. This is MY place, MY way.
This is just like my fucking living room.
And just like my fucking living room, I do and say whatever the fuck I want! If you don’t like it, I don’t give a fuck. You can fucking leave, scroll past, hide it, ignore it or get kicked the fuck out of it. Fit in or fuck off. No one is forcing anyone to stay and you’re free to fucking leave anyfuckingtime. I post whatever the fuck I like. I post what I think is fucking funny. I don’t give a fuck if it offends you. Get control of your emotions instead of letting them drain all over FB like your purulent anal abscess draining in your Pokemon undies.

Yeah well i think they will be back in ever increasing numbers if you keep carrying on like that lady. i dont get you – you want people to be nice and then you write this anonymously? But theres more:

As for the fucking morality police, fuck you too!
I’m an adult. I can think for myself and I don’t need any fucking suggestions from the likes of you either.

And fucktards, you have a serious problem when a fucking joke causes you to piss blood. That’s not my fucking problem. See a fucking urologist for that OR hammer a very long, thorny rose stem into your urethral meatus because I won’t give a fuck.

The 17 morons I banned had a problem with a certain ecard, like it was directed at them personally, which is so fucking stupid as to make me wonder how they even manage to complete a login when they’re clearly not firing on all cylinders. Irrationally emotional twats.

It looks like her “ecard” must of been pretty offensive.

Look at her reaction to the reactions:

Look fucktards, I don’t give a single fuck which adult you fuck!
I don’t care how you fuck.
I don’t care if you fuck a duck, you sick fuck
I don’t give a flying fuck.
In fact, go fuck yourself.
If you’re so insecure about you’re sexuality and you’re choices in life that a simple ecard hurts your feelings, then talk to a fucking therapist about your fucking problems. Complaining about a totally fucking generic JOKE pic on a fucking ecard means you’re too fucking stupid to have internet access. Cancel your internet service and delete your FB account too.
Grow the fuck up.I’m an equal opportunity offender of hypersensitive fuckwads. If I haven’t offended you yet, just be fucking patient and I’ll get to you soon. An even better option, just fucking pack up your overly sensitive, easily offended nature and fucking leave. You won’t be missed by anyone.

*shoots the double bird at all the fucknuts*

This lady has a real problem. I am surprised that Kylie “likes” her and it makes me think different about her.

Well I still think Kylie is hot but this stuff is like anger and bile directed at the world. This woman that Kylie “likes” is not only a loose canon shes likely to go out and kill someone.

I know the Internet is a place where peoples can get there steam out by being anonymous and saying stuff that they would not say normally but I reckon this woman is not “intelligent, classy and educated” not by a long shot.

She is just angry. And foul mouth.

I might tell Laura about the page but I reckon she would rather it be something like this:


Laura would fit in there.

Autumn in Bright, Victoria

(by Ray Dixon)


Just to ‘Brighten’ up the day (and because I don’t think Iain gets a real Autumn up there in Queensland), here are some photos I took yesterday around our property, Grevillea Gardens holiday accommodation in Bright (Vic) .

It might be due to the milder weather we’ve had but, for some reason, the Autumn colours have come out much later this year – and spectacularly so. It’s been great for business too with plenty of tourists coming up to see why Bright is regarded as Australia’s most beautiful inland town.

Okay, this is a shameless plug (I hope Iain doesn’t mind), so I might as well go the whole hog and mention that the units are also for individual sale. We’ve sold three, so far.

Here are some more pics- click on images to enlarge: (more…)

And in other ‘earth shattering’ news …….

(by Ray Dixon)

No great loss?

No great loss?

The above speaks for itself, although I haven’t yet explained exactly the reason behind my decision to close my blog Alpine Opinion that I started way back in 2005 (and moved to WordPress in 2007).

So here’s a fuller explanation:

The decision to close the blog has more to do with our future plans. We’ve sold a few of our holiday units now and we need to get cracking on our next move or project. I need to focus 100% on that and blogging simply occupies too much of my time when I’m trying to organise a building or renovation project.

An incident on a Facebook group page yesterday (which has continued into today) also helped to cement my decision that the time was right to move on. I found myself the subject of a rather nasty and unnecessary attack over a fairly low-level and short ‘ironic’ post I made. Despite removing the post almost immediately and apologising (to people who weren’t even the subject of the post anyway!), they kept it up. This just reminded me of other sh*t I’ve copped from elsewhere and it was enough for me to say, “Right, I don’t need it – that seals it for me”.

The thing is, I’ve noticed in recent years that social media has dumbed-down so much that blogs are playing second fiddle to the simple-stupid platforms like Twitter & Facebook with their rapid dissemination of idiotic (and vitriolic) rubbish, like what happened yesterday.

It also came on the same day my daughter was going in for her 2nd cancer operation in 4 years. Not that anyone knew that but it shows how those platforms remove all consideration of consequence when they get in that pack-mentality. My daughter’s ongoing and serious health issues are another reason I need to get a move on.

I will of course, continue to drop in to Chez Hall, one of the few remaining political/social blogs worth commenting at, despite what people think and say about its owner, Mr Iain.

I might even write the odd post. Very “odd”.


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