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The loneliness of the long distance appointment

Off to a long awaited  appointment (at 8am!) with the pain clinic that is an hour and a half drive away which will of course cause me more pain…

One of life’s less than sweet ironies

Cheers Comrades

Breakfast of champions



Flooding peaks at 4.46m not quite as bad as expected but still bad, positive energy offered

The news that the flood peak is lower than many people were fearing is a very positive thing to wake to this morning:

The Grantham bridge where police are searching for bodies.

I am terribly angry that anyone should be taking undue advantage of the flooding for personal gain and I hope that the courts are appropriately hash on the three scum-bags caught looting there really are few crimes more reprehensible than stealing at a time like this. Fortunately we have been seeing far more stories of people being altruistic than venal during this crisis.

My Yoga teacher sent this missive to all on her mailing list and as It struck a chord with Me I quote what Deborah has to say about the flooding:

Brisbane city, on the other hand, is a different story. My daughter Rebecca was evacuated yesterday from her home in Milton. Today the water is close to the roof of her 2 story home. She got precious valuables out but is feeling the impact of having no home to return to, poor angel. I helped Hannah pack her valuables and got her out of Paddington yesterday, but that area seems ok and she is feeling confident.
Isaac drove his ute all over town yesterday moving much of his family’s belongings to higher ground and helping strangers with transport etc.
Mandi and family are fine but probably tired of having so many house guests! I am sleeping on the sofa (2 very happy grandchildren snuggling in with me) Hannah on a spare mattress and Isaac on bunk bed. Very cosy and close family. We are very happy to spend so much time together and feeling so blessed. Between my 3 daughters and 1 son and myself, we have been sharing clothes with each other and it has been very funny.

My heart goes out to everyone who is feeling the impact of this current situation.

With this in mind, quite a few people have contacted me regarding ongoing yoga classes during this current crisis.
My plan is to continue as long as it does not put anyone in any dangerous or difficult position (ie crossing bridges, creeks,etc).
We are somewhat further away from the most challenged areas of Brisbane and it is my feeling that our loving, peaceful and sincere intentions are of great value to others who need that energy.

As much as the people who are suffering need their  physical requirements met they also need spiritual comfort and positive energy and even though I don’t believe in anything supernatural I think that doing as Deborah suggests certainly won’t  hurt. So I will be doing my best to get to my yoga class this morning.

Help if you can, donate what you can afford, and offer comfort and support in your prayers if you believe.

Om Shanti Comrades




Blog of the month nominations/0pen thread

It is nearly June and I want to find a blog that is worthy of being my blog of the month so I thought that I would ask you, my dear readers, for nominations. The blog can have any topic or focus as long as it is interesting and well written. I will even consider blogs with leftist political leanings if they are good enough.

Failing any ideas for blog of the month please feel free to comment on any topic that takes your fancy, except Moi.

I have a very busy day ahead what with Gym classes for daughter number one, a visit to the library, a session on the bench grinder to make some suspension components for my sports car and playing genial host for a musical afternoon; it is going to be all go here today.



Yoga and Breast cancer

This is Just the sort of story that my Yoga teacher would like, and I concur. Anything that promotes Yoga is worthwhile in my book, but one of my few regretsin life  is that I left it so late  to take it up, because I would certainly be easier to do some of the asanas if I was a bit more flexible.


Thirteen women with breast cancer that had spread to other sites in the body attended the yoga classes once weekly for 8 weeks. The women were an average of 59 years old and had been first diagnosed an average of 7 years beforehand.The program proved “helpful in significantly boosting daily invigoration and a sense of acceptance,” the investigators report. “There were also trends for improvement in pain and relaxation.”

They also found that “greater practice on a given day was associated with improvements not only on the same day, but the next day as well.”(Source)

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