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Labor in the toilet still

I hope that my dear readers will forgive my laxity of late when it comes to federal politics and the Labor scandals and woes de jour.

For example we have the Craig Tompson  police raids:

The NBN hits a big speed bump:

The Greens are still pissing into the wind on the boat people…

The mining Tax is not bringing in any cash

THE failure of the Gillard government’s mining tax to raise any money in its first three months is emblematic of its “sheer incompetence”, the opposition says.

The government today defended the controversial tax, saying it wasn’t supposed to raise revenue when mining profits were being ploughed back into the industry.

But opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said the tax was the “signature illustration of the failure of the Gillard government”.

“The tax has failed. I have never heard of a tax that doesn’t raise a dollar,” Mr Hockey said.

“Even the most incompetent government anywhere in the world would not introduce a tax that raises no money. But, this is a new benchmark in public policy.”

None of Australia’s biggest miners – BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto or Xstrata – has any liability under the minerals resource rent tax so far in 2012-13, The Australian revealed today, and the government did not receive any revenue by Monday’s payment deadline.


Its not looking good for team Labor, but is anyone really surprised given thier track record over the last five years?

Cheers Comrades

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