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“Virtopsies allow detection of injuries often undetectable in traditional methods”

Regular readers may recall that I was arguing that modern medical imaging technologies may well make the more traditional dicective autopsy obsolete well it seems that I was right and that in Switzerland that is already happening.

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Isn’t that just an amazing use of science and technology?
Cheers Comrades
Scalpel in Emesis Basin

Sarah Traynor

Losing a child to a tragic accident is undoubtedly a terrible thing and  but unless it is entirely necessary I tend to think that then adding to the misery of the family by performing unnecessary dissection of the deceased should be a last resort rather than a matter of routine.


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So I am rather pleased that the courts have stopped the autopsy after all with modern imaging techniques like CAT scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging  enable forensic examination without mutilation. I may seem like a small thing to some people but if the grief of a family can be eased, even a little by such a small thing then why should it will be denied?

With respect comrades


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