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Tawny Frog-mouth with two chicks

Do you all remember that I posted a picture of the Tawny frog-moth that is nesting in the tree next to my house?   Well my son noticed that there are now two chicks keeping company with the mother bird in the nest this morning and of course we had to share the good News with the Sandpit’s readers the first two pictures were taken by my son and the last two by me.

Ain’t nature Grand Comrades?

James Delingpole promotes Killing the Earth to Save It in Perth

A nice account of James Dellingpole’s book launch in Perth from my good friend Matt Hayden:

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Matt offers some interesting observations about the changing demographics of Climate change sceptics but I can’t help wondering what our favourite decaf soy latte drinker would have thought of the whole thing.

Cheers Comrades

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