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The problem with the Muslim mindset and why it is antithetical to a modern secular society

Its this attitude from the Muslim  men in Western Sydney that clearly worries GD and to be frank it worries me as well because when we have these men having first loyalty to Islam rather than Australia it is but a very tiny step from there to overt acts of  violence from the disdain that these men clearly feel towards the secular democracy that is the essence of our society.

Very big sigh Comrades


Hat tip to Bolta 😉

Planes and Trains

This post is nothing special, Labor’s budget certainly has nothing to inspire me, their smoke was rather thin and their mirrors were far from shiny but I expected nothing less than that to be honest. Like a lot of voters I have long ago learned that Nothing said by Swan is to be believed. In any event I think its reasonable to expect that an incoming Abbott government will be having a “mini budget” at the earliest possible opportunity after September 14 so the hogwash presented last night will be pretty well flushed away in the blink of an eye.

In this budget they are planning to spend 25 billion on roads and rail infrastructure but that item in the budget is rather illusory because it is all predicated upon the states kicking in an equal amount of funding and we all know that they are all rather strapped for cash at present. This is undoubtedly intended to give Gillard some projects to claim are on their way but also allow them not to happen because the states won’t come to the party. Its just like that railway line announced for western Sydney during the 2010 campaign they will come to nothing.

Its all incredibly yawn inducing if you ask me the soporific began with the deliberate premature release of the majority of the the new measures over the last few weeks and it has been followed by the farcical delivery of  the budget by the treasurer. Now we will have to endure further farce as Swan and Gillard beg for applause for their performance when all we want to see is that long hook coming out from the wings  to drag them off the national stage …

Its a train wreck and sadly precisely as we expect from Labor..

Cheers Comrades


Oh and the vid is for my bro on his way to a holiday across the ditch this morning…

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