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Its the “Selfie” election

Well it will surprise no one at all that the election has finally been called for September 7 as Kevin himself announced to me in my in box:


Ah now we can get down to some real scrutiny and blow by blow game commentary, because no matter how dour and serious players (or supporters)on either team are now that the election is out of the faux campaign and unto the Pukka election process we can have a bit of fun with it and still have respect for the process.

Although Rudd has been leading us on a merry dance for the last month I don’t expect anything truly new or innovative during the campaign except for many silly “selfies” posted on twitter and an attempt to use the social media as a campaigning tool.

Finally lets not forget that all Rudd has to do to “win” at a personal level is to not loose in a landslide anything more than that will make him a saviour of the party and we all know that is the prize he is really fighting for, and even an Abbott government won’t deny him that.

Cheers Comrades

The Fate of Traitors

I suspect that after a substantial part of his bid has been served that Bradley Manning may just wish that he had been convicted of the most serious charge so that he could have had the “green dream” or an appointment with a firing squad rather than spending the rest of his life within the walls of a military prison .

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As the US military justice system is not so inclined to make sentences for multiple crimes run concurrently, choosing instead to make them cumulative its very likely that Manning will spend the rest of his life behind bars this is of course going to be a most timely reminder of the fate that awaits all traitors and oath breakers…
Now if only they could send in a Seal teem to liberate Julian  Assange from tat embassy room in London they could have a nice show trial and then…
Cheers Comrades

sadly too true

if you aid the enemy, then you are the enemy

Cue:- Richard Ryan

“It wern’t me Guv”.

are these the sort of immigrants that we want?

Are these the sort of immigrants that we want?

There is no doubt in my mind, or the mind of other fair minded people who want justice to prevail over the rioters from Nauru that they do not need a legal process with all the bells and whistles for a just outcome to the process. Its not like a street riot where the participants could both arrive and disappear out of the general population the perps in this case were all from a confined population and they were definitively there and I have no doubt that there is video footage of the riots which will show who among the detainees was involved and once their involvement with the riot, in any measure, is established then they are all culpable for the damage that was done.

Our friends from the left are usually very keen to support collectivist ideals when it suits them but when the collective breaks the law they seem rather determined that every miscreant should be tried as an individual and able to tie up huge amounts of the court’s resources in a futile effort to argue “It wern’t me Guv“. Maybe* what we need is a few very public floggings of the ringleaders on Nauru to remind this cohort of mendicants that we don’t want import scum bags into our country, after all we have enough of our own here already chief among them the crew led by our New again Dear Leader…

Cheers Comrades


* dark sarcasm

Thursday quadrille

Hard to decide which of these items to write about so I am writing about all of them.  first example I think that we can only draw a gasping breath of surprise as we find that the Fairfax press has actually published a piece full of fulsome praise for Tony Abbott, something that I would not have expected at all a few years a go:

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I may be wrong but to my mind this piece is staking out that much coveted “middle ground” in Australian political reporting and it probably represents the best chance that Fairfax has to remain a viable media player in the game of Politics reporting. The departure of a number of open;y Leftist writers and reporters must bea factor here and it can only improve the standards of the Fairfax Media to follow the clear change of mood in the Australian Polity rather than continuing the braying chorus of the Uber-left that has become so dull and annoying, especially in the light of the Labor’s terminal death spiral under Rudd and Gillard.

With its consistent disdain for the extreme left its no surprise that the Oz should be taking some deligt at the embarrassment of the NSW Greens over their on again of again flirtation with our own infamous Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben.

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Clearly they are less than keen to have this infamous Anti-Semite sharing the public stage with them because it would be proof (as if something so self evident needs proving) that the loopy Greens support for the Palestinians is based upon the clear anti-Semitism of the far left. I can only dream of the shivers of schadenfreude had Toben managed to stand on the deck of that cruise boat. As Maxwell Smart would have said “missed it by that much” You can’t stop a feller dreaming now can you?
I absolutely enjoyed the Guardian’s top story for today about Asylum seekers which gives us just the smallest hint that an Abbott government might actually repudiate or attempt to reform the UN refugee convention.

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The best thing would of course be to repudiate the outdated and no longer appropriate convention with a domestic law that no longer relies upon the entirely subjective “fear of persecution” and replace it with a requirement that mendicants show that they have actually been persecuted and make the way that we deal with the illegal immigrants that come here under the Asylum seeker flag of convenience entirely subject to the decisions of our parliament rather than the cohort of idiotic far left lawyers who populate the  refugee advocacy groups. Thus it would be far easier to deport  failed claimants and far quicker to decide the legitimacy of the thousands of mendicants who have taken advantage of Rudd and Gillard’s  naive idiocy in “fixing” a border regime that was not at all broken.

Finally the news today that Microsoft will heed the wishes of gamers that we should be able to but sell and trade the games we buy for their new Xbox one is most welcome.

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Of course if I was going to buy a next gen console I tend to think that I would stick to Sony and go for the PS4 (the power of brand loyalty at work 🙄    ) however I see this as a very good example of consumers making their voices heard and ensuring that we are not just herded into a system that makes us into corporate milch cows for the hard ware producers. It also suggests to me that those who see Microsoft as an unstoppable juggernaut are, well, exaggerating.

So there you have a diverse range of issues to consider on this (nearly) mid winter’s day. Me? well after breakfast I have to interrogate the daily driver’s ECU, finish hooking up the heater on my sports car, sand and paint a wall repair here at Chez Hall and then there are a million other things on my list…
Cheers Comrades



Be good or be gone from open society, there should be no other options for all non-citizens

The fundamental expectation that we all have of any visitor to our homes is that they be well mannered and respectful of our house rules, and at a national level I reckon its no different so when we have people that we as a community have welcomed and offered our support and succour its entirely reasonable that if  they break our laws and cause grief and suffering to our society that we show them to a seat on the next plane outta here. Frankly we don’t need the sort of bullshit that my fellow Poms have had trying to deport some of the most depraved jihadists and even foreign nationals who are common criminals . All because of England being a signatory to fine sounding international law instruments.  The opposition have been quite vocal of late about a proposed change to our law to quickly deport any non-citizen who commits any offense that may  incur a sentence of a year or more of imprisonment upon conviction.

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This sounds about right to me and if we have to denounce aspects of the UN charter to expel undesirable scum-bags then so be it but if the “compassionate”  desire of our friends from the left prevents the deportation of criminal immigrants because they fear “persecution” in their home country then indefinite imprisonment seems fair enough to me. I wonder how many of these foreign criminals will lose all of that “fear” once their choice is leave this country  or spend a very long time at Her Majesty’s pleasure?   Most by my reckoning.

The most interesting thing  for me in the Age piece that I cite here is the Poll at the bottom where  roughly two thirds of the respondents agree with the coalition policy. Given the general lean to the left of the Fairfax demographic this is a significant result indeed.

Cheers Comrades.


“Carry on Gillard”or one Hundred days to go!

One hundred  days to go until we get to throw out a very bad Labor government and throw them out we will if the polls are to believed, which given their consistency seems entirely reasonable. The only question for Labor  at this time is all about that most important political virtue of dignity.

If the experience up here in Queensland is anything to go by we will see a long litany of increasingly desperate attempts to smear the coalition. They will fail to get traction and instead you can expect to see these smears blowing up in the faces of those who hope to benefit form the muck. Already the blogs of the left are finding it hard to even publish with the same regularity and enthusiasm that they were showing just a few months  ago.

Already Tony Abbott and the Coalition team  look and sound like government ministers rather than members of the opposition  while Gillard and her crew look and sound like they are acting out a bad  “Carry On” film as they lurch form one policy failure to the next and the party implodes under the weight of its existential despair.

Its not going to be pretty and its bound to get messier but I have been expecting this for the last three years and it does  saddens me  to be right on this occasion. I’m sad for the true believers like Ray who is doing a valiant if futile fight for the Labor light on the hill even though Gillard has all but drowned it under a deluge of slime.

Cheers Comrades


Its not evidence of conservative capture of the ABC

Let me begin by saying that I like the ABC , I would rate its news reporting above all others in the country, some of my favourite entrainment is broadcast by Auntie and better yet they do not carry advertising within the body of their programming, endless promotion for their own programs and products between shows is another issue which niggles rather than making me seethe but I accept it with the knowledge that its  still better than the commercial alternatives. Which brings us to the topic of today’s post namely political bias in its News and current affairs:

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While I agree that the sample size of the entire survey is too small to draw definitive conclusions about the ABC the vibe that long time conservative viewers like yours truly gets in listening to their radio and watching their TV news reporting suggests that the survey is what I would have expected. One thing that I am sure of though is that those minions of the far  left who have been running the argument that the ABC is now a creature of the coalition are seeing the criticism of the Gillard government entirely the wrong way.  Its not evidence of conservative capture of the ABC its evidence of just how bad the government is when   even the left leaning ABC feel compelled to be openly hostile and overtly critical of our inept, dishonest and morally bankrupt Labor government.

Cheers Comrades


Giving a Gonski

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click top result in google search to evade the paywall

Well we have had months of blather form both the federal Labor  party and the Education union extorting us to “give a Gonski” and now I realise that all of this so called “extra money” from Canberra for education has a very big string attached to it, nay its not a string its a bloody big mooring rope and one that makes it almost impossible for the Liberal State governments to agree. Gillard wants the state governments to chip in a dollar for every two that that she is offering under “Gonski”. Now knowing how all state governments are struggling under the burdens of debt that  previous and current Labor administrations have created how on earth does Gillard expect that any state government could agree to sign up for this scheme?

Of course its obvious to me that she never really wanted them to anyway she needs there to be a stoush over this at the next CHOGM  so that she can make a big fuss about how she cares about the future of the nation’s children whereas the evil state premiers  “don’t give a Gonski” its just more of Labor’s usual trickery  and spin doctor shuffle. The simple fact is that if Labor really  cared about the education of our children then the so called reforms would not have such a string attached to it at all.

Not that it matters because the polling is saying so very loudly that Labor is going to be defeated with such soundness that they musty be hoping that they only suffer a Queensland style thrashing rather than being blown completely off the political landscape. Even in Victoria where labor’s vote has held up the best under Gillard’s poisoned patronage their vote has collapsed and dare I suggest that the one safe seat that is likely to be retained is Gillard’s own and guess what, when Labor Looses  its newly re-elected member will be rushing to resign her seat to save herself the humiliation of sitting in the house after leading Labor to its most crushing defeat in the history of federation. Hopefully  the true believers of her electorate will do the right thing for the future of the party and either vote against Labor or if they can’t  bring themselves to do that then they will vote informally in droves to ensure that they won’t have to have the further humiliation of a by-election so soon after the September 14 thrashing.

Cheer Comrades


Labor’s fate under Gillard

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