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Another nail in the coffin for Julia Gillard’s credibility in the AWU scandal?

For those who want to see Gillard’s involvement in dodgy deals  as entirely innocent, well may I suggest that you don’t watch this interview?

For those of us who are enjoying the PM squirming about her involvement in union skulduggery please watch and enjoy.

Cheers Comrades


Good cop or bad cop?

The political assassination of Victoria’s Chief Police Commissioner Simon Overland  is complete – he’s resigned.

Ostensibly, the reason for Premier Ted Baillieu accepting Overland’s resignation is over a “damning” Ombudsman’s report  that, in a nutshell, says Overland released dodgy crime stats prior to the State election last year that favoured the then ALP government.

Well, I have 2 words to say about that: BIG. DEAL.

I seriously doubt that Overland was playing political lackey or favourites. I judge the man on his record as a cop. A bloody good cop too, who headed up and cleaned up the “war” against the gangland murders. Who took over the top job from the clearly incompetent and disgraced Christine Nixon and who actually went out into the streets himself and did something.

As a Victorian, I felt safer (and prouder) with Simon Overland protecting us. I reckon he was bloody good at his job, a fair man and a decent bloke.

I also reckon Overland was an honest cop. And they’re hard to come by. God knows who or what we’ll get as a replacement. Amen.


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