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Slippery Pete finally slips off the shovel and the brown stuff sticks to Gillard, of course.

Well at last after having to support this loathsome man Gillard has a chance to put the Slipper speakership behind her but its odium and the shame of having tried to pull this swifty will remain with her just as the odium of all of her other bad decisions will be reiterated ad infinitum by both the opposition and the voters. Slippery Pete may no longer be speaker but as long as Gillard remains in the lodge there is work to be done, moving vans to be booked and change to be joyfully anticipated.

Cheers Comrades

Go directly to jail, or No virgins for a very long time

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At the risk of being accused of indulging in “Muslim Bashing” I am today rather pleased to see that a group of Jihadists are packing their bags for a little trip across the pond to enjoy the comforts of a US jail, in all likely hood their sojourn there will be long and boring and their dreams of a virgin filled afterlife will be on hold for a very long time  frankly their fate is far better than they deserve and it should provide an example to those who dream of sharia that British and American systems of Justice are not playthings  to be abused  in the name of Allah.

Cheers indeed Comrades

Bums on seats

Ah the United Nations is such a noble idea, you know the concept is that all of the nations of the planet should have an overarching origination where they can  voice their concerns and address their concerns in ways other than war and violence. While my friends on the left let their pious hopes for world peace see the UN as a very worthwhile entity. I personally can’t see it as anything other than a toothless and empty piece of window dressing that talks the talk and doesn’t even shuffle the walk. Yet here we are with Julia Gillard doing a big sales pitch for this humble country to have a temporary seat on the security council.

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Why on earth should the opposition support and endorse this exercise in self aggrandisement by the Labor party?  I personally can’t fault the opposition for being realistically negative about the place of the UN  in global  politics But I’m interested to hear from readers about what they think about this bid and what the value to both Australia and the world would be if we were to win that seat.

Cheers Comrades

Masters and their slaves

I have looked at the turgid prose of one Ricky Pannowitz before and found it wanting well it turns out that Ricky is a big fan of the NBN and he has written a rather long rant about its virtues on his blog and to day I’m going to look at just what he is arguing for and see if what he says stacks up.for the sake of this post I’m going to concentrate on his last three paragraphs, Mainly because his opening paragraphs are all rather confused and do nothing to put forward any sort of cogent thesis.
Anyway lets look at the guts of his argument.

Third world countries like South Korea warp past us and our future economy at the “LIGHT SPEED” of the real information Superhighway,” fibre to the house”. That not the light speed that those expert commentators say gen Y gamers travel at that we don’t need because it’s a monumental waste of money, glue and staples. That’s the speed at which real time medical imaging, teleconferencing, energy control systems, regionalisation and other future technological benefits, too visionary a higher concept for their poor toaster oven mentality to comprehend.

Hmm he starts with a bit of racism if you ask me, south Korea may be an Asian nation but it is very far from being in any meaningful sense of the “third world” its a modern industrial country and yes they do seem to have put a lot of effort into this technology but they have more than twice our population in a country about the size of Tasmania. Am I the only one here who can see that the economics for creating a complex network in such a small area make such fancy toys much more cost-effective than trying to create a similar network over an entire continent that has a much smaller population.

We seem to be content to be lost on a misinformation back road with an out-dated street directory from nineteen fifty rather than tackle this elephant in the room at the expense of the future.

Talk about mixed metaphors! Ricky has the pachyderm on a highway to hell without a decent map! Oh the humanity of it all!

When I explained the practicalities of what we have now ten years ago, you laughed at me as your eyes glaze(d) over.

Did we really? I don’t recall that at all so who precisely were you talking to about this stuff and do you have any proof for this claim?

Now it’s here everyone sees the benefits. See we were rite(sic) and have not failed you all.

The benefits are still very debatable Ricky because like a lot of technophiles you don’t seem to understand that just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done I just love some of the things that we can do on the net but I’m a discerning user who is less than impressed by the “gee Whiz” effect of new technology. and I always want to know if it will make life better or just inspire further devotion to the corporate empires of the technology makers

Don’t worry accountants build and the money will come, the business case will come, the economic rationalisation will come.

I think that Ricky is channelling Kevin Costner here:

When your bucket of ideological opposition is empty, the bipartisan visionary bucket is full of positive aspirational hope. Not everything has a quantifiable, economically rational cost.

Which means what precisely? I think that Paul Simon has some wisdom to share on the nature of technology and progress:

Just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done.

I sat around for years trying to figure out how to make money from the internet and looky now.

Yes look at all of the scams and schemers from Nigeria et al, Making money form the internet eh?

Furthermore, this nation was not was not three word slogans.

Do you want a “do over” on this sentence Ricky? You need it!

I find someone who has no credibility whatsoever on this issue using lies in three word slogans like “big white elephant” and “will not work’ an insult to Australians intelligence.

Clunk-o-rama!!!  I really hope that Ricky is better on computer networks  than he is on the English language because his prose is the real insult to any Australian’s intelligence.

This same language is being echoed by members of the Nationals in coalition who say they have the best interests of regional Australia at heart. Sorry I don’t buy that hypocrisy any more than the shadow minister for communications does.

The Nationals understand the real needs of those of us who live outside the big smoke far better than this pampered city boy who is in love with the idea of  super-fast internet.

This divisive Noism demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of the issue and its benefits capped by an unhealthy lack of vision.

It’s not a lack of vision Ricky is a long memory of visions espoused that have proven to be far less than the promise when they have actually been built

Do we want narrow focussed Luddite’s using divisive doomsday language running our fine nation; dictating its future? It’s this offensive and divisive political point scoring that threatens Australia’s future prosperity, not establishing critical infrastructure.

What we want is political players who can consider  the benefits in comparison to the costs of projects like the NBN, fan boys like Ricky are the last people that we should trust when it comes to the virtues of such large expenditures. We need to decide just how critical such infrastructure really is rather than just submitting to the Gee Whizz love of the new that drives the likes of Ricky Pannowitz.

We tried market forces, it did not work, let’s move on. So stand aside agenda benders or become road kill on one of the greatest asset’s a prosperous future economy can have; the road to information.

With out a purpose “the road  to information” is actually a road to nowhere but enslavement to the machines.

Who knows?,It may just lead to knowledge and ultimately wisdom. Don’t just take my word for it

I feel sorry for the slaves to the machines like Ricky Pannowitz because they don’t realise that the machines are meant to serve us rather than being our masters and that humanity has a higher purpose than being bricks in the corporate walls that define our society these days personally I don’t want to be another  brick  in the wall and I don’t want to see my children share that fate either:

So lets choose the future direction for our country that benefits its people rather than the corporate worshippers of Mammon and their sycophantic technophiles like Ricky Pannowitz.

Cheers Comrades

Its about time Indonesia stepped up to its rescue responsibilities

Its about bloody time that the law of the sea that requires rescued seafarers to be taken to the nearest port is at last being respected when it comes to the so called asylum seekers.

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Once these would be immigrants realise that having the Australian navy on speed dial won’t guarantee them passage here they might just reconsider taking the trip in the first place. The sad thing is that the same message should have been sent  earlier when other boats and their compliments insisted that they had to not only be rescued from their self induced peril but also that they should be taken to Australia even when their peril was almost in sight of Indonesia. This belated change in the destination of rescued asylum seekers also puts paid to the oft repeated claims that Indonesia would not have them back  even when they are obliged to do so by the laws of the sea.

It may even help to stem the tide but one has to ask why did Gillard take so long insist that Indonesia had to step up to accept their rescue responsibilities?

Cheers Comrades

What are the Greens trying to hide?

The Greens are a sanctimonious lot, full of the certainty of the zealot on what they think is the only way to see the world and the nature of our future as a society and a species. The fact that they are so secretive about just how they decide upon the shape of their policies is a cause for some merriment here at Chez Hall because I have always been fascinated by the religiously motivated. If there is one thing that can not be denied it is the religiosity of the Greens.

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The only thing that I can think would justify this(aside from paranoia)is a concern that their more extreme members and their loopy ideas will become more well known from their posturing on the conference floor, At present its only the official party line that gets much of an airing in public and I have no doubt that the party’s loonier fringe get a good go at the national conference as they try to drag the party even further to the far left. Not that this will matter too much at the upcoming election because with Labor finally realising that the Greens are their rivals rather than their friends they the Greens won’t do so well in terms of preferences and that will mean less  of them being elected. Really though being open and transparent in how they arrive at their policy positions should have been part of the party design from the get go.

Cheers Comrades

Why “Cheers Comrades”?

Over at Cafe Whispers I was asked this:


Iain, why do you sign of with Cheers Comrades, are you a communist.

Find below the response  I gave him:

I have signed off with “Cheers Comrades” for years  and frankly I can’t remember the first time that I did so. I do recall that it pissed off some Uber-lefties  a great deal, heck one even offered dire threats should I continue to sign off that way. As you will notice I stared him down and if anything he spurred me on to make it part of the way that I write at the Sandpit. Anyway as this practice has developed I have come to think that although calling your fellows ‘comrade” has been a hallmark of communists that they do not have, nor do they deserve, a monopoly on the notions of good fellowship and us all being comrades so when I offer cheers to my fellow human beings at the end of every post at my blog it is not to be ironic or to be a  smart-arse  its because I genuinely mean to wish my fellow travellers on the journey of life well, no matter what their political beliefs or affiliations may be. That wish is one of the reasons that I find hate spitting  political commentators (of both the left and the right) both incredibly sad and incredibly boring. We can certainly disagree with each other over the best direction for society but what all of us who are interested in politics share is a desire to see a better society and a decent future for our children.


Cheers Comrades

A short rant about the unrealistic and horribly sanctimonious Greens

The Greens have always been a bunch of sanctimonious posturers keen to claim the moral high ground but what I find really offensive in their campaign about asylum seekers is their contention that we are responsible for the safety at sea of anyone who hops on a rickety boat from the moment that they board that vessel in Indonesia.

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Its not only the Greens deserve our admonishment here but also the Gillard government who were hoping that notice of the loss of these people would stay off the radar and the blood would not be perceived to be dripping from Gillard’s hands. To be entirely frank on this occasion I don’t think that its fair for the Greens or any other minions  of the left to lay any blame at the feet of any Australian for the apparent loss of life on this unnamed boat. The people who took to this mode of transport took a gamble and they lost big  time. But if the Greens want to blame anyone where is their criticism of Indonesia? Because its more likely that this boat was lost within their rescue zone and on their watch. Can I dare suggest that the Greens are in fact being rather racist to imply that because we are a first world nation that we have a global responsibility to provide search and rescue services to our near neighbour even though they are a maritime nation with thousands of islands and a navy of their own?

Make no mistake the ocean is big and it can be very difficult indeed to find an intact boat when it is in distress the chances of finding survivors form one that has sunk is orders of magnitude more difficult even if you have some idea of where they sunk . For the likes of Sarah Hansen young and  Christine Milne to dare criticise the Australian navy (even just by implication) for not finding a boat that has not even sent out a distress call is just down right insulting and utterly  reprehensible.

Ah well if there is any good that can come out of this incident its the possibility that more people will see the Greens for the sanctimonious wankers that they so obviously are and as a result their support at the next poll will decline.

Rant over  Comrades

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