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Blood on their hands

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Sadly its yet another example of a person killing in the name of Allah and I can’t help wondering how many more of these sorts of atrocities we have to see on our streets before the usual suspects  finally admit that there is a real problem with the ideology that inspires this sort of thing.

Sigh Comrades


The privilege of being an Australian

With Australia day coming up and the usual suspects from the left suggesting that we should take up sackcloth and ashes rather than to celebrate the country and its achievements I was rather struck by this little rave from “John the other”.

Although we are not a perfect society we do come pretty close in my humble opinion and personally I think that we are all privileged to be living here and that those who want to divide and deride by the citation of “privilege” are nothing but miserable fools who are welcome to get on the next plane outta here.
Cheers Comrades



How is this for a good news story?

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I am a total romantic when it comes to the prospect of a new child coming into the world  but sadly I expect the usual suspects will find  reason to be be scornful and derisive instead of realising that even royalty have the right to be happy about this sort of good news.

Cheers indeed Comrades


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