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Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition

Well I am pretty sure that our friends form the left are going to be fuming and fulminating about this piece of news:

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Of course what I expect to happen is that once he gets to Sweden the USA may well seek to extradite him to face charges, but really why would anyone expect that The USA would just meekly shrug their shoulders and accept their classified information being published by WikiLeaks? Of course they are going to want to bring the this man to face the consequences of his use of the stolen information.
Does that make the USA right or wrong here?
I don’t know to be honest but the fact that the Uber-left is so in love with this man and his website makes me tend towards suggesting that no hole is deep enough for Assange.

Cheers Comrades

Pissing in the Afghanistan wind

Righto lets start with a definition and then lets then consider the incident in question.

Now the incident:

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In another and entirely innocuous post Richard Ryan our resident Uber-lefty and  USA hater kicked off with this sentiment::

Lovely! A new dawn here at the Sandpit. As for Afghanistan, not much has changed—–pissing on the fallen Taliban, not a good look for those Yankee Goons . Interesting it will be, to watch the back-lash Shalom.

To be honest I don’t get how atheistic lefties like Richard and JM can be getting so upset by this incident. and anyone who reads the thread in question will see they are both going on as if the marines had committed mass murder rather than performing an act of gross disrespect to the dead.  Of course I think that such an act is wrong, and posting vision of it on the net, or even filming it in the first instance was extremely stupid, especially in terms of international politics. Aside form the political stupidity what real harm has been done here?  The dead are by definition immune from further  harm and anyone who thinks that their families and surviving comrades are going to hate the Yanks more for this instance of stupidity  are being stupid themselves. The conflated outrage from the usual suspects is to me rather humorous especially when it comes form those who disavow any religious faith themselves. Simply put why should an unbeliever give too hoots about anyone having their religious sensibilities (as per the definition I opened with) upset by what is a purely symbolic act that does no actual damage to the corpses?

If these marines are too severely punished (and I do think that they deserve some consequences) it will be for political reasons rather than a just reflection of the gravity of their offence. And then you would have to think that political pressure on the Military justice system would result in an injustice to these men but then what defines justice is entirely subjective isn’t it?

Cheers Comrades


A family outing – let’s go shooting

The sign - not meant to be taken literally - is just bloody ridiculous

Call me simple – lots of people do – but I have this strange theory that if guns were banned there would be fewer people killed.

I dunno how I came to this conclusion but I think it was prompted by this ironic looking sign at the site of the shooting range in Colorado USA where the 29 yearold twin sisters on holidays from Victoria went for a little family outing and decided for some reason to  shoot each other (or shoot themselves) in the head.

I dont want to make light of this tragedy and add to anyones pain but the girls seem to have taken the sign to mean ‘This is where you can shoot your family’. I’m only surprised it does not carry the tag: ‘The family that shoots together stays together .. dead or alive’.

Anyway one of them is dead and the other critical but I get the distinct feeling that if it were not for the freely available access to guns neither of them would have come to grief. Oh sure, if it was a suicide pact as has been speculated, they could have decided to do it some other way like jumping off a cliff but I still think guns make it too easy for people to die. 

America will never get rid of them because it is in their constitution that they have a ‘right to bear arms’ and they sure take their constitutional rights pretty seriously over in the good ol’ USA.

But what is our excuse for not outlawing guns here in Australia? There is nothing in our constitution to say we are allowed to have them for ‘protection’. Gun-owning is a legislated right but it can and should be taken away.

Its not like we dont also have a problem with people finding themselves dead as a result of the easy access to guns. Even 16 year olds. Recently in northeast Victoria one 16 yearold kid was killed in a shooting accident when his 16 yearold mate mistook him for a rabbit.

What the f*ck were two 16 yearolds doing with rifles? Alone, without supervision. Dumb parents. Maybe the guns were presents?

There was another incident not long ago in the same area involving a 19 yearold copping a stray bullet and a short life. And a woman brushing her teeth was recently mistaken for a deer and is now 6 feet under. 

Then there are the people who are murdered by guns. It happens often and in most cases (in my opinion) those murders would probably not happen if a gun were not handy. So many murders are spur-of-the-moment and what is just a drunken argument or domestic can end in death if there is a lethal weapon like a gun in the house – or in the ute.

Okay, I hear you say that the miscreants could also use a knife but why add to the arsenal? Plus its a lot easier to pull a trigger from a distance than to plunge a knife into someone from close range. A lot less gruesome too – could you stab someone? I couldnt, the thought revolts me.

And how would pricks like the Morans & Williams of the underworld have wielded so much power (and killed so many people) if they had not had guns? They would have had far less ability to commit their crimes and stand over people.

Drug dealing, robberies and a whole lot of other serious crimes would be severely threatened if there were no guns – what a loss! 

Look I reckon its fairly simple: Make it illegal to own or possess a gun and give stiff sentences for having them. Like 5 years jail for the first offence, 10 for the second and 20 for the third.

Pretty soon the message would get across and if it didnt, well at least we would have most of the serious crims in jail for possessing guns. Its a much easier crime to get a conviction on.

Oh I forgot about the farmers who reckon they need guns to shoot vermin etc. Well stuff the farmers they can find some other way to kill their farm pests. Farmers commit murder and accidentally shoot people too.

Just ban all guns. Its really that simple.

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