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Helena Carr travels with her husband on his official visits

Hmm Well its nice to have the wife along on trips occasionally but all of the time while on the taxpayer’s dollar? Maybe Bob has gone too far on this one. Maybe we should call or roving foreign minister Bob “two seats” Carr, one very expensive seat on the Security Council and one expensive seat in the plane for his wife…
Cheers Comrades

Thoughtlines with Bob Carr

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UN seats, table games and hills of beans

So we have won a temporary seat on the  UN security council, pardon me if I don’t do leaps  of joy at this news. As a younger man I really believed that the UN was an thing  of virtue but as i have got older I question its value more and more as its efforts to create and  maintain peace seem more and more futile and ineffectual. Thus I find myself thinking that this whole seat at the big table project from Brother Number (once was) One to be little more than a vanity project from Labor.  Does anyone want to make book on how this “achievement” will be spun? My guess is that Labor will be running ads (or at least running talking points) to the effect That only Labor has worked tirelessly to make Australia take its rightful place in  global politics and that evil Tony Abbott would have us forever amongst the unengaged global rabble…

Can you forgive my cynicism that the whole thing is “much ado about nothing”?

Our place in the world is cemented not by the empty  pretensions of the UN but by the way that we govern our nation domestically, the good governance of both our business and public institutions  and the way that we relate to our trading partners and our neighbors with fairness and equity. Playing table games with the great and powerful players at the UN don’t amount to a hill of beans in this old world …

Cheers Comrades

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