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Brother Number One, the Gillard experiment, and the then the second coming of the former Dear Leader

brother number one1

MALCOLM FARR makes an interesting observation about the plethora of books being written by Labor  has beans

That will bring to nine — by one calculation — the number of books from her and former colleagues on roughly the same subject.

Plus, there are books by former cross bench MPs Tony Windsor (House of Windsor) and Rob Oakeshott (The Independent Member for Lyne).

None will have the weight or influence of journalist Paul Kelly’s epic-sized Triumph and Demise which no doubt will become the definitive account of the period.

And there is one player missing from the potential complete set of Labor records, the big K-for-Kevin kahuna.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given no indication he wants to write a book but so many people are commenting on him — and often critically — he might understandably feel he should write his own side of the story.

But that might be some time off. Like former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans who this week — 15 years after he left Parliament – will launch his diary from the Hawke/Keating days, Mr Rudd might wait a while longer.

Others, however, seem to have started dictating their first chapters on Sunday September 8, 2013 … hours after the election.

The nine books by Labor figures, from 2012 to the present are:

• My Story, by Julia Gillard;

• The Good Fight, Wayne Swan;

• Power with Purpose, Lindsay Tanner (2012);

• Hearts and Minds, Chris Bowen;

• Diary of a Foreign Minister, Bob Carr;

• The Fights of My Life, Greg Combet;

• A Letter to Generation Next, Kim Carr;

• Tales from the Political Trenches, Maxine McKew (updated 2013);

• Glory Daze, Jim Chalmers (former Swan adviser now an MP)


I can’t help but think that at this rate there will be as many books about this ill-fated period of Labor government as the number of bills that Gillard apologists claimed were passed during her time in the big chair. I can tell you one thing though and it is that even when they are to be found on the bookshop remainder table there will be none of them coming home with me to Chez Hall after all as someone who followed the sad and sorry tale Brother Number One, the Gillard experiment, and the then the second coming of the former Dear Leader in real time as it unfolded I don’t fell at all inclined to waste my limited reading time pouring over the entrails of a government that promised so much but ended up delivering so little of value and consequence.
Cheers Comrades


Thee true market for all of these books on the Labor years

The Joyce of pre-selection

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Just a quickie to celebrate the fact that Barnaby Joyce has secured the pre-election for New England. Now many minions of the left will insist on selling Barnaby short and make all sorts of derisory comments about the man and his abilities but I like his straight shooting honesty and see the lack of Latte approved polish as an advantage rather than a shortcoming.

Of course Tony Windsor is on the nose in New England and his margin is not going to save his seat but it will be one to watch on election night the only thing is that I will have to work hard to control the Schadenfreude between now and September…

Cheers Comrades


And the condemned man drank lots of water.

Like a lot of politics junkies I watched Craig Thompson’s address to the parliament and I must say that I found his rambling speech anything but convincing and his consumption of water was to say the least extraordinary and clearly a significant tell of just how fearful and nervous he clearly was about delivering his explanation to the house.

  Anyway what did everyone else think of this piece of tragic political theatre ?

Cheers Comrades


Pokies – a sensible solution

(This post is reproduced from my home blog Alpine Opinion)

Pretty, ain't they? How can anyone be so stupid as to tip their money (and life) into these things? Beats me.

Just limit the size of bets!

I’ve never liked Andrew Wilkie’s gun-to-the-head approach over gambling reforms. Not that I’m a fan of gambling (I think those who can’t resist the temptation are fools and we all know about ‘a fool and his money’), it’s just that I don’t think this dweeb from Hobart – who only received 20% of the 90,000 first preference votes in his own electorate – had any kind of mandate to insist on such wide national reforms in the first place. But he did and, as we all know, he made his support for Julia Gillard’s minority government totally dependent on her passing these reforms by 2012. I reckon Gillard should have played it tougher, refused to be blackmailed and dared him to go with Abbott. He wouldn’t have. She should have handled the Greens that way over the Carbon Tax too.

Anyway, it’s good to see that at least one independent MP ain’t buying Wilkie’s draconian mandatory ‘pre-commitment’ scheme and wants him to water it down to simply having a maximum bet of $1 per spin. Common sense at last:

Independent MP Tony Windsor says he is currently opposed to the mandatory pre-commitment, but is interested in the idea of a one dollar bet cap.

“I’ll wait and see what I’m not voting for or what I am voting for or what some compromise may or may not be,” he said.

“I think we should have a serious look at what the one dollar bet means in terms of being able to achieve an outcome without the capital cost of mandatory pre-commitment.”

What do you think? I reckon the pre-commitment idea was going to destroy the clubs because, let’s face it, why the hell should you have to be registered to gamble? That’s like saying we also need a license to: drink, smoke and even eat. Think about it – those things are just as potentially harmful and addictive as gambling. Alcohol, tobacco and fatty foods are killing people and destroying lives too – probably more so (much more so) than gambling.

I also believe that doing something about the easy access to gaming online and the placing of pokies in hotels would be a better solution. These things are a blight on our society and aren’t there enough of them in the clubs to keep us happy? At least the clubs use them for the benefit of their members and the wider community. If the only pokies were at services clubs at least that would confine the problem to venues that don’t have such wide appeal – like pubs and the Internet.

Oh, and gambling on the footy (especially AFL) really sucks and should be dropped like a hot potato, if not banned outright in my opinion. Gambling on horse racing? Well, that’s been around for ages and how are you going to intervene there? Like I said, a fool and his money ….


Who’s telling the truth – Tony or Tony?

“I would do anything for this job. The only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse — but I’d have to give serious thought to it.”

There are four reasons why I believe independent MP Tony Windsor was telling the truth about what Tony Abbott hinted at offering in return for Windsor supporting him as PM last year:

1.  Abbott’s denial doesn’t sound very convincing: 

“People who know me know that I don’t speak like that.

Sure, after the election I wanted to secure government because I wanted to save our country from what was already a bad government and I think that what we’ve seen since then vindicated my judgment.

I engaged in a negotiation . . . but I think that some of the people that I was negotiating with had already made up their minds.”

Hmm, that’s not actually a denial, Tony. “People who know you” weren’t there.

2. He’s a cyclist:

Tony Abbott offers the whole 'package'.

3. The people he hangs out with:

"I'm next."

4. He’s sold his arse before:

Pyne - "Best fifty bucks I ever spent" .. Abbott - "He's so short I don't even have to bend over."


“Senator Joyce said he would also be keen to target Mr Windsor’s electorate”

I find it rather interesting that Barnaby Joyce is planning a move to the lower house and a possible tilt at his Party leadership at some point in the future.

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I like Barnaby Joyce because he has a totally spin free politician, old school if you like, and despite the occasional faux pas he will be an excellent member for New England and definitely leadership material for the future.

Cheers Comrades

Throwing Julia a lifeline?????

Leon’s excellent analysis of  Gillard’s folly and fall from grace with the voting public  made my morning. He has succinctly described why Labor support  has plummeted in the polls. How ever I heard a little report on the ABC this morning which may well get those of us who see the bigger picture  thinking that Tony Windsor is  about to throw Julia Gillard a lifeline:

Independent MP Tony Windsor says an advertising campaign would be the wrong move (Getty Images: Cole Bennetts, file photo)

Independent MP Tony Windsor has labelled the Federal Government’s carbon tax strategy a mistake and warned that a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign will only make things worse.

In a blunt warning to the Government, Mr Windsor accuses it of making strategic mistakes in the timing of the tax announcement, “putting the cart before the horse” because of “pressure from the Greens”, and says a key reason Australians appear to have baulked at the plan is because it is too vague.

And he warns the Government not to take his support for the tax for granted, saying there is not enough information for him to make an informed decision.

His comments came after Tuesday’s Newspoll showed Labor’s support hitting an all-time low, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s popularity taking a thumping, and a clear majority against putting a price on carbon.

The ABC has been told there is a $30 million pool of funds for advertising that was never spent because of the demise of Kevin Rudd’s carbon pollution reduction scheme, and Ms Gillard has not ruled out an ad campaign to try to sell the carbon tax.

Mr Windsor says an advertising campaign in support of a carbon price which has not even been set yet would be the wrong move.

“I think it would make it worse,” Mr Windsor told ABC’s Lateline.

In essence this move by Windsor means that Julia can  have a means of stepping back from the folly of this carbon tax designed by the loopy Greens that is causing her all of the pain in polls, without having to openly oppose it. All she will have to do is say I can’t possibly get it through the reps without Tony Windsor so I can let it die or at least postpone it until after the next election. She can use the fact that that she is in a minority government to placate the Greens who will be rather cross that a different tail is wagging what they consider to be their dog.

It is a very sweet scenario that may just allow her to walk away from the train wreck that she has made here but the big question remains will she improve the standing of her government or will the long knives still be rubbing on the sharpening stones in the Caucus back-rooms?

Cheers Comrades

Tick-tock, tick-tock, bring on two three o’clock

The nation waits for Rob, Bob & Tone - aka The 3 Amigos - to hand down their decision.

According to The Age  the 3 independents are about to put us out of our misery by giving either Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott the keys to The Lodge. 

Or will they?:

The trio has scheduled a press conference for 2pm, but this morning two of them said they still hadn’t made up their minds. And when they do, Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott may not be told in advance.

This is like waiting for the results of your blood tests knowing full well that they’ll confirm one of two things:

  1. You’ve got Aids, or
  2. You’ve got prostate cancer

Or both.

Get it over with and f*ck off back to your hick towns guys.

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