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Half a million page views at the Sandpit

I know that statistical miles stones are really meaningless but that does not stop you feeling pretty good when you reach them. Well if you keep an eye on the hit counter at the bottom of the page some time today I expect that you will see the counter tick over t0 the magical “500,000” mark . That is pretty good for a modest blog written as a bit of fun .

Thanks very much to all of those who take the time to read what I and my friends put up  here and a special thanks to all of those who take the time to comment and argue with what is on this web-page. Commentary and argument is the life blood of blogging and long may it keep pumping at the Sandpit.

Cheers Comrades

Pure Poison in grovel mode

Has anyone checking out the Darkside noticed this post?

Those of you who have been following the roiling disaster that is Pure Poison will know that the Post that got them into so much hot water was written by a chap who went by the the name of “Ant Rogenous” now this author has proven himself to be a total clown and I can only wonder just how much his unfounded accusations against Tim Blair has actually cost Crikey in damages and lost prestige.
Oh the humanity!
Cheers Comrades


Without paddles while wearing different hats

Now I was as surprised as anyone else when I read the  latest post at that blog about my good friend who comments here and whom I allow to write the odd guest post here under the Nome de Blog of “SockPuppet” This friend wishes to remain anonymous and as much as I believe that the nets easy  anonymity is not a virtue I am quite comfortable with what he writes under that name because  he knows where to draw the line between legitimate  mockery and pure venom. His identity may be entirely unknown to the wankers at that blog but it is known to me and he can be held accountable for anything that he says here.


Lefty loses it…

While I sometimes find Tim Blair’s commenters overly aggressive the ongoing feud between him and my “old pal” Jeremy Sear is often hilarious. The latest episode is no exception after inviting all and sundry to be unrestrained in his comments it now seems that Jeremy has reverted to his usual censorious self, deleting comments that he dislikes. Fun for young and old.

Followers of the leftist religion should click on these thumbnailsme.jpg to me.jpghear Jeremy’s side of the story and more sensible conservatives can want to hear Tim righteously mock a leftist should click on his thumbnail. next_blair2_may310.jpg Now all of this argy bargy relates to the supposed death of an Uber-leftard David Heidelberg and Jeremy’s decision to post this photo of a parking attendant to name and shame the man for the temerity of giving Sear a parking infringement during his not so eco-friendly holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

Recommended reading for a good laugh Comrades


Loonie Leftie Laughs

In a previous post about the nature of SBS (re its advertising policy among other things) I made the point that I don’t mind watching “Insight” . Well last night’s effort was quite interesting and amusing. Interesting because the topic was the nature and efficacy of protests and amusing because of the comedy gold that is Paddy Gibson, who chose to engage rant mode in answer to every question. I quote here from the transcript.

JENNY BROCKIE: Paddy Gibson, you’re one of the people protesting at APEC. You’ve been arrested eight times during different protests. You’re on an exclusion list, I think we’ve got a photograph that was in one of the papers which bans you from restricted a declared zones in Sydney. Are you planning to break the law in this coming week?

PADDY GIBSON, STOP THE WAR COALITION: What I’m planning to do is participate in a mass demonstration that’s been organised against particularly, the intensification of Australia, US cooperation in occupying, illegally occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, it will start at Town Hall, march past the US consulate, through an exclusion zone that has been created and march to Hyde Park.

JENNY BROCKIE: So you will be breaking the law?

PADDY GIBSON: That potentially could mean that I will be breaking the law because I’ve been placed on an exclusion list. I haven’t been convicted of any crime. There’s no process of judicial or administrative review. The police haven not informed me to why I am on this list, I have just been placed on this list arbitrarily I think because of my role in actually organising opposition to these illegal occupations.

JENNY BROCKIE: The Deputy Prime Minister, mentioned the G20 protest in Melbourne last year. I’d like to just look at what happened at that protest. We’ve got some footage of that and you attended that, Paddy, can we have a look at that?

FOOTAGE: (of the G20 Riot)

Do you support that sort of action by protesters?


PADDY GIBSON: The G20 protest in Melbourne I think lacked the political coherence and also there were tactical decisions that were made on the day that I don’t think took the movement forward.

JENNY BROCKIE: Can we just be specific. The kind of things we saw there, damage to property, people throwing things at people and so on, police, do you think that’s acceptable in a protest?

PADDY GIBSON: There are wildly different circumstances in which people relate to police in protests. In this particular instance, I think that there were definite tactical decisions that isolated our demonstration…

JENNY BROCKIE: Just a simple yes or no answer, is that OK in a protest or not, that sort of behaviour?

PADDY GIBSON: Depend what you’re talking about if. If there’s 100,000 people, if there’s general strikes on the streets as we had in France…

JENNY BROCKIE: We’re not talking about France, we’re talking about what happened at the G20. I’m not trying, all I’m trying to do is get a clear answer out of you, is that OK or not OK to throw things at police, to bash up police, to attack police property, the kind of things we saw there, would you support in a demonstration?

PADDY GIBSON: That helped to isolate us, the tactical decisions that were made on that day isolated us and we’re suffering as a result of that. We’re organising a mass demonstration and have been very clear and very, very organised and have very, very clear political message that what we’re opposing is the intensification of this alliance and Bush’s visit and we are planning a mass demonstration that will just pass by the US consulate. Everyone has been involved and open, very, very open about that intention.

JENNY BROCKIE: But you are going to breach the exclusion zone?

PADDY GIBSON: I who have been convicted of no criminal offence have been placed arbitrarily on the list by the Police Minister. I think I am going to take the step of saying that is going too far, that is a breach of fundamental democratic rights, I need, given the urgency of the situation, the intensification, I am going to walk through that exclusion zone.


JENNY BROCKIE: Paddy Gibson we will have to wrap it up, do you care whether you win people’s hearts and minds at the APEC protest or doesn’t it matter?

PADDY GIBSON: It’s absolutely vital that we have an anti-war movement that grows in this country. There’s $60,000,000 a day being spent on the military, there’s occupations happening in Iraq…

JENNY BROCKIE: Do you care whether you win hearts and minds though?

PADDY GIBSON: I am say it is vital that this movement grows and that it spreads into the Labor movement, that people organise online, that people organise in their communities that we stand up and say stop spending money on the military, stop killing people and let’s organise for social services in this country.


These ideologues from the far left seem totally incapable of answering even simple questions in a clear and cogent manner.  Like so many of his compatriots Gibson has lost the plot; he is ready to dismantle our military and our police but I bet he would be amongst the first to be lined up against the wall should the enemies of our way of life , that our police and military protect us from, ever get a substantial foot hold in this country.

Cheers Comrades


Blog of the month nominations/0pen thread

It is nearly June and I want to find a blog that is worthy of being my blog of the month so I thought that I would ask you, my dear readers, for nominations. The blog can have any topic or focus as long as it is interesting and well written. I will even consider blogs with leftist political leanings if they are good enough.

Failing any ideas for blog of the month please feel free to comment on any topic that takes your fancy, except Moi.

I have a very busy day ahead what with Gym classes for daughter number one, a visit to the library, a session on the bench grinder to make some suspension components for my sports car and playing genial host for a musical afternoon; it is going to be all go here today.



A Storm in a Coffee Cup or Oscar was right.

Oscar Wilde is credited with the aphorism that the only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about. Well it seems that I have no chance of the latter.

When I saw the rather amusing post By Vicky Kasidis and her movie date with Jeremy Sear. I thought Oh this is rather amusing it would be good for a gossipy little post at my blog. After all everyone loves a bit of tabloid reading from time to time. And any one who cares to look here will see my tone was mild and I made no value judgements apart from the suggestion that some discretion would have been a better course of action rather than the confessional style piece that was published.

This whole thing screams set up to me; A little beat up created to raise Jeremy’s flagging blogging profile.

First he comes here and comments at my blog after a long hiatus thus giving me a tacit invitation to interact with him after a rather long time when I have not been paying him any attention.

Secondly Vicky Kasidis writes what can only be described as a gushing “oh isn’t he a wonderful fellow piece” that not only makes it very clear who she is writing about (she links to his blog) she also has Jeremy popping in to say” It was nice lets do it again”

Then when J F Beck and I pick up on this we get a series of sarcastic comments and the suggestion that this will be grist to Tim Blair’s mill.

Tim Blair does make a very small comment because it is a slow news day. his commentators however are not impressed enough to trot out even their usual withering comments , Jeremy’s story is very much in chip paper territory now but thinking that he can still play the victim card here Jeremy writes his whinge about what a poor had done by fellow he is.
But when you get down to it what we have here is the story of a spoilt school boy who has been poking us conservatives with a stick and when we respond then cries “Oh surprise surprise ! Those wicked RWDBs are attacking me again!!!

And that folks is the real story of this little storm in a coffee cup it is not the tale of a poor put upon lefty but the tale of a lefty who thought that he could garner sympathy by manufacturing a crisis; but instead of a bang Jeremy was hoping for all we are left with is the whimper of his scheme’s failure.

Oh and a chorus of Iain is a Jolly bad fellow… which is nothing new from the fellow travellers who lack the courage to attack more prominent conservatives Like Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt or even J F Beck with the same vitriol that they spew in my direction.


Love is in the air???

First Tim Blair and his cohort were being cruel about the demise of Jeremy’s relationship and his online dating profile then I come across this post from “miss P”(aka Vicky Kasidis)
Were she describes the burgeoning friendship with an unnamed blogger…

Vicky Kasidis. aka Miss PIts the first time I have actually met someone on line in real person. What a weird experience. You know you speak to someone almost every day via MSN and discuss a range of issues, some political other personal and after some time you really get to know them without actually ever having met them. Miss P was a little nervous though quite excited at the prospect of finally putting a face and voice to the faceless and voiceless person she has been getting to know. So I made it to the chambers and there he was.

So we enjoyed a great afternoon together doing a little shopping, drinking coffee and watching a movie. It was funny though. We are both partially deaf so spent a good proportion of the afternoon saying ‘pardon’. Gawd it was funny though … Like a psyched out episode of George and Mildred.

My conclusions of the day. He was exactly as I thought he would be though that picture of him doesn’t do him justice lol so I will take a new one when we meet next week. Aside from that and the fact that I am yet to wear that WIG! It was all good. Im really happy to have made a new friend and one that is sincere and sweet.

So there you have it folks. That was my day. Twas all good.(source)

there are at the time of writing two comments to this post this is the second one

Jeremy said…

Likewise – it was good to meet you and I had a great time. Look forward to doing it again soon!

2:02 PM, May 12, 2007

Could this be the promise of things to come?

At the risk of being accused of blogging malice it seems strange to me that some one who has protested long and loud about his privacy would not have asked his new paramour to be more discrete…
Any way I actually wish him well because even Greenies like him think and reason better when they are not feeling bitter and twisted about life.


I thought I was the first conservative blogger to comment on this “lefty lurve” but it seems that J F Beck has written about this blogosphere version of “The young and the Restless”as well with more lurid detail than I would dare. 😉

Update 2

Vicky seems rather surprised that her little post yesterday should ellicit two critiques from conservative bloggers and she thinks that JF Beck has written something that should be a case for the “Privacy Commissioner”

I’m also rather hurt that Hall would write such rot as I don’t think I have done anything to deserve such childish speculation. Though to be fair Halls post was rather low key and didn’t offend so much as amuse me. The Barrister Bewitched version however was rather below any acceptable standards of net manners and this person clearly needs to see a shrink fast. Their obsession with my orgasms, sexual activity, politics and spirituality is rather sad really. Its just a nasty, conceited piece of bullshit that should be taken down. Perhaps its one for the Privacy Commissioner …(source)

Sweetie if something that you are keeping private is revealed then THAT would be something for the Privacy Commissioner but when something that you yourself have made public is discussed it is a legitimate topic for criticism even if it is some thing as trivial as your Orgasms. As I said in the comment I have just posted to the piece I quote above

I have no doubt that you are a good person but If you don’t quickly develop some street smarts and realise that if you want your private life private YOU have to make it so then pieces like mine (or worse) are bound to be written.


Update 3

After much simpering and suggestive comments by Jeremy Sear tim has made passing mention of this little storm in a coffee cup and as Jeremy mentioned this post I thought that it was time for me to break my own self ban and post a comment at AL for some strange reason Jeremy did not want anyone to see this innocuous comment.

Tim’s comment is no more than an aside really and hardly enough to warrant this full on whinge piece.

Jeremy is an absolute hoot on this one because if he wanted to keep his love life private all he had to do was ask Vicky (miss P) for a little discretion. I defy anyone to read her post and not conclude that she has the biggest crush on Jeremy.
As Fang has pointed out Jeremy practically begged Tim Blair to make some comment about this little piece of gossip. As much he loves to play the victim card here the reality is that this is truly a case “me thinks he doth protest to much”

Thanks for the link by the way Jeremy 😉

Such a frightening musing from Moi that Jeremy just could not stand for it to stay in his comment thread
😆 😆 😆

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