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Iain almost gloating about Craig Thomson in a new post, or Cheers Comrade Ray

The Craig Thomson saga still has a few chapters to play out but it has reached an interesting turning point with his very public arrest and him being charged with one count of fraud with 149 other charges to be laid in the very near future. Now without wishing to preempt the court process I am enjoying more than a small tingle  of Schadenfreude at this very welcome news. This is not inspired by any thought of Thomson himself but rather the  minions of the left who have just about turned themselves inside out trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and constructing the most elaborate conspiracy theories in the process.

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Of course this does not really help Gillard but by the same token it won’t deal her any sort deathblow either. Frankly the death of this Labor Government is more like to come from a myriad of small wounds that will slowly exsanguinate   the body of our oldest political party until it becomes just a pale shadow of its former self.

Cheers Comrades


Dedicated to the brokenhearted “True Believers”

Who polished Craig Thomson’s Knob?

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The deliberate ineptitude of the Labor government over the Craig Thomson affair is as amazing as it is unsurprising and I am rather darkly amused that it is only now that someone has decided to try to find evidence that it was actually Thomson’s knob that got polished in those brothel transactions that were made on his union credit card. Talking about an obvious path to the truth that has been deliberately avoided for political reasons would not be unfair  in this case.

The roller-coaster ride is far from over for Labor on this issue and aren’t we conservatives enjoying seeing them scream as the  car dives over yet another  precipice?

Cheers Comrades


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