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The squawking of twitter

Ah the joys of social media!

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To be entirely frank I am delighted by this development because it means that those people who have believed that twitter is a place where the malicious things that they have blasted out into the ether would never  have repercussions for them  are  now reaping what they have sown.  and the man who has been so cruelly defamed with the most vile accusations that can be imagined is showing the arrogant  that there is no such thing as a free pass on the electronic super highway.

More power to Lord McAlpine’s arm Comrades

Daniel Burt: twits and twats

While we are in a light headed hearted mood this piece from the Age today is amusing:

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I look froward to a response from the good doctor Jason Wilson explaining what these words said in jest are not true, but then I am also still looking forward to that latte…
Cheers Comrades

Our learned friend champions Twatter again

Our learned friend never ceases to amaze me in the way that he is so keen to suggest that what we do on line should be entirely discrete and separate from our real lives and that when individuals act like idiots in twitter or other social media Jezza wants them to be immune to any blow back when their targets take umbrage and seek to find out who they are and who they work for.

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Oh dear our learned friend is stretching credulity with this one. In the Andrew Crook piece that our learned friend links to at the end of his post the main example cited concerns Jim Schembri contacting the employer of another journalist Josh Taylor. Call me naive but wouldn’t some one like Josh Taylor’s employer be very well known?

I have the luxury of being able to play on the net when ever I please but I can’t help thinking that so many of those who tweet incessantly should really just put the smart phone down during work time and concentrate upon the tasks that their wages are paying for. Further to that its incredibly stupid to think that their is any real separation between on and off line in any real sense any more. There in lays the biggest problem with Jeremy’s argument here; in an age when there is such convergence is it realistic to think that what people do online should be immune from any criticism or that an employer has to be protected from the knowledge of what their employees are doing, often during work time, on the net?

Its like I always say about internet anonymity, post as if you are doing so in your own name and always do so in a manner that is polite and affable because that way when you are inevitably connected to the words that you have published you will not suffer any unpleasant consequences for the silliness and indiscretions that you thought were so hip and cool when you sent them out into the ether. 

Cheers Comrades

Tweet in haste and you may have plenty of leisure time to repent

Don’t I just love twitter, besides the fact that I think that its  full of empty inanities and tweets that frankly give too much  information about the functionality of ugly tram driver’s bowels, or his  self pleasuring regime, or the tweets from a learned fellow who later insisted that he definitely pulled off the highway to make his many traffic reports on a journey from Geelong to Melbourne. Now it seems that another barrister has got himself into trouble with twitter this time its by posting an offensive tweet and then claiming that he did not mean it to be entirely public (isn’t that a familiar line?)  none the less I think that its most amusing to see the way that three different news sources Treat the same story.

Firstly lets see our national broadcaster treats the story:-

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To channel that seminal fifties Cop show its a case of “Just the facts Mam”, well almost, even so it does make an effort to suggest that he was just being ham fisted in his use of the medium. Does his excuse make any sense to anyone who has a twitter account?  I have one and I can’t for the life of me see how you can confuse posting a tweet with sending an SMS message, then again I don’t have a mobile device to use the medium but I can’t believe that there is no indication on the “app”  that twitter is active and in use  when you are using on your phone/Ipad.

The Fairfax approach:

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Of course the Luvvies at Fairfax are rather keen to defend a QC whom they consider to be one of the “good guys” so they expand upon the excuse and stress the efforts that Burnside has made to pre-emptively apologise to Tony Abbott for any offence that might have been caused by the Tweet and frankly that is the right thing to do when you are insensitive or offensive when you use the internet and what you have said  is a vile slur upon someone’s character and their good name.

Now lets see how the OZ treats the story:

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Notice how the Oz puts the story into a proper context by pointing out how other prominent individuals have come to grief thanks to twitter? And how they make it very clear that publishing such things on twitter could very well invite a tort of defamation:

Mr Burnside has recently used his Twitter account to discuss the Federal Court judgment that Bolt – columnist for News Limited, publisher of The Australian – had breached the Racial Discrimination Act. Media lawyer Justin Quill, who led Bolt’s legal team, said Mr Burnside’s initial “Paedos in speedos” comment was clearly defamatory. “That something was an accident is not an excuse,” he said. “However, Julian’s very sensible and prompt response would mean that it probably wouldn’t be worth Mr Abbott taking legal action because any damages are unlikely to be significant.”

There is no indication that Mr Abbott, who sued author Bob Ellis for defamation, will take action against Mr Burnside. Mr Burnside said last night: “I am not going to give legal advice . . . I would hope no one would take seriously or infer a comment like that would be true of him (Mr Abbott).”

To my mind there is no doubt that The Oz wins the fair and balanced  reporting prize on this incident. firstly they put the offending tweet in the right context with their illustration, they point out that the imputation of the message is clearly a defamation and that it could be actionable, further they point out that “accident” is no excuse. Is there any base that is not covered here? Hmm maybe the implausibility of the excuse offered by Burnside  could have been more fulsomely explored, the fact that it wasn’t puts paid to the oft made claim that the paper is “hate media” that seeks to destroy all of those infected with Leftist thought.

Finally what is the reaction to this “Latte Apocalypse” from the self appointed crusaders against “intellectual dishonesty” :

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Firstly we have something that has become a habit for our learned friend, namely he fails to link to the piece that he is specifically criticising, something that is rather intellectually dishonest in itself and secondly his treatment of the matter becomes little more than an excuse to partake in his favourite hobby of Bolt bashing, and the prosecution of his rather tired argument that there is/should be a  separation between what happens on the Net and the “real world”. News Flash Jezza they are one and the same now that we are all so connected.

Personally i tend to think that Burnside did just make a silly mistake but none the less the lesson that we should all take form this episode is that we should all take care when we hit the send,or publish , button on our computers and mobile devices, and further in thsi day and age is it ever wise to make paedophile, or other bad taste  jokes about anyone, in any electronic communication whatsoever because surely the examples cited in the Australian article show that to tweet in haste can mean that you may have plenty of leisure time to repent those 140 characters…

Cheers Comrades


Blogging Vs Twitter on politics

I make no secret of may general disdain for Twitter (yeah I am aware of the irony of me having a twitter account) and I have been very aware of the way that the rise of  twitter has been matched by a decline in output from some bloggers. Frankly that has not been an entirely bad thing as many of the idiots who were a blight upon blogging have moved to twitter.

Anyway here is a piece from Bolta praising a blog post that is worthy of a citation here:

click for link to the original blog post cited by Andrew Bolt

Twitter certainly has value as a promotional tool but frankly it is very poor indeed when it comes to real political discourse.
Cheers Comrades

Andy Blume succeeds in career suicide via twitter

The new uniform for Yarra Trams that Andy Blume will never wear 😆

I have coped a bit of flak (yeah like that is a new thing 🙄  ) recently because I have taken a certain amount of delight about the self inflicted woes of one Andy Blume . Heck I have even been cited as the author of the complaint that has now seen him dismissed:

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At the risk of repeating myself I think that it could not have happened to a more deserving guy, now while a few of Andy’s electric friends have been trying to champion his cause it has very obviously failed to convince his former employer who is probably quite happy to be rid of this troublesome spot on its reputation with the travelling public. It is an  irony is that the news of Blume’s dismissal should appear as a rather strange footnote to a piece about the new uniforms for Yarra Trams  that Andy Blume will never get a chance to wear or  complain about on twitter.

But in the more extensive piece at the Herald Sun I just love this quote from one of the people that Blume has so viciously mocked on the Net:

Mr Blume had posted offensive rants via his blog on subjects ranging from blind school boy Tyler Fishlock to former child star Sarah Monahan.

Monahan, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her on-screen dad during her years on ’80s sitcom Hey Dad, blogged last week that she “just had to laugh” at Mr Blume’s plight.

“Oh Andy, I guess now you’ll know what it’s like to be on the internet and have people judging you,” she wrote.

What I find really smile inducing is this:

Others had rallied to save him, with 91 of his more than 1100 Twitter followers joining a Save Andy Blume campaign. Many argued Mr Blume’s rants via social networking should not have impacted on his employment.

That is less than one in ten of his followers on twitter who care enough to join a campaign to “save” him that might well be because most people, including his followers, think that he is just an objectionable idiot who deserves his fate. Now of the 91 who want him saved (praise the lord!!!) I know that at least one deserves to share in Andy’s career outcome, but that is a story for another day.

Cheers Comrades

Self-admitted wanker Andy Blume under investgation

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There are some individuals for whom it is impossible to feel anything but contempt one such is Andy Blume who has come to the attention of this blog before where I pointed out how unwise it is to be indiscreet on twitter about one’s self-pleasuring regime or the movement of your bowels. Now the post is not much to look at but please enjoy the comments from the often foul mouthed Mr Blume as he tries to make excuses and tell lies about the circumstances of the same sorts of pictures and commentary about his work practices that has brought him to the attention of the Herald Sun
I could not happen to a a more deserving person than Andy Blume. Is it any wonder that Melbourne’s public transport is in such disarray if the companies running it employ people with Blume’s attitude?
Cheers Comrades

Hat tip to new commentator Carrisbrook Circut


Guess which barrister is defending Andy Blume’s behaviour?

click for source of screenshot

Am I the only one who thinks that our learned friend is being intellectually dishonest by not disclosing in his piece that he is in fact a personal friend of Andy Blume?

Ah well it must have slipped his mind what with his pending nuptials being tomorrow and all

Cheers again Comrades

Bess Price is right, a public apology is essential…

While it is very heartening that LARISSA Behrendt has offered an apology to Bess Price for the foul aspersions she tweeted the other day it is rather disappointing that she has chosen to do so privately via email rather than publicly and/or  in person.

LARISSA Behrendt, having a blond moment?

But in an email to Ms Price yesterday, she wrote: “Dear Ms Price, I very much regret that a recent tweet of mine has caused you deep offence. I unreservedly offer you a heartfelt apology for that and hope you can accept it. Sincerely, Larissa.”

In a statement to The Australian, Professor Behrendt repeated her regret that the tweet had caused offence to Ms Price.

“I take full responsibility for my carelessness in the way I expressed myself and I apologise to Ms Price unreservedly,” she said. “I am in the process of making contact with her to apologise to her personally.”

Ms Price said last night she did not accept the apology as it stood.

“I want her to apologise to me in public, not just via email,” she told The Australian.

“I don’t think it’s good enough. I’ll accept her apology when she says it in public.”

Respected indigenous academic Marcia Langton writes in The Australian today that she has “never witnessed such extreme disrespect shown by a younger Aboriginal woman for an older Aboriginal woman in my life, except where the perpetrator was severely intoxicated on drugs or alcohol”. She says Professor Behrendt’s “foul” tweet “is an exemplar of the wide cultural, moral and increasingly political rift between urban, left-wing, activist Aboriginal women and the bush women, who witness the horrors of life in their communities, much of which is arrogantly denied by the former”.

“The Twitter messages reveal a repulsive hatred of everything that Bess stands for: the rights of Aboriginal women in remote communities to be protected from sexual abuse and violence and to be supported to take up opportunities for themselves and their children,” she writes.

A public pronouncement (yes, even one made via Twitter)  that is sincerely regretted can really only be properly addressed by a very public apology that is at least equally prominent to the utterance that originally caused offence. That LARISSA Behrendt  seems not to realise this does n0t say very much about her social graces or her personal integrity. It is good to see that so many prominent indigenous  voices being raised to admonish Behrendt as the Oz piece I quote from today  demonstrates. We are constantly told  that respect for the elders is a central part of indigenous culture and I can understand why that is such an important cornerstone of any society yet for the minions of the left respect is something of no consequence however this very sorry example of gross disrespect may provide a lesson to all that an ad hominem attack upon ideas that you don’t like not only fails to make your case, it risks the wrath of your peers and may even totally undermine your standing in the community.

Cheers Comrades

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