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£4,000 worth of haircuts

I wrote about this case before and I was disgusted that such an action should be brought on such flimsy grounds although the plaintiff has not won the £34,000 she was seeking she was awarded £4,000 for her “hurt feelings”. 🙄

At the tribunal, Bushra was asked if Sarah had made derogatory remarks about her headscarf.

She replied: ‘She did not. She just asked me if I wore it all the time, or whether I’d take it off.’

Although Bushra is believed to have been acting alone, in the past similar cases have been championed by Muslim traditionalist groups.

In 2006, the Law Lords overturned a court ruling that teenager Shabina Begum’s human rights were violated when she was banned from wearing full Islamic dress at school.

Enlarge Sarah Derosiers

Sarah in her salon – Wedge – located in north London says that the discrimination case against her almost ruined her business

The extremist Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir later admitted that it had ‘advised her’.

Meanwhile, Sarah Desrosiers is wondering how to raise the £4,000 she has been ordered to pay Bushra. She has spent her savings on her legal battle and simply has no money left.

‘I am a one-woman band, and am already in debt due to the set-up costs of opening my own salon,’ says Sarah. ‘I dread to think how many haircuts I’m going to have to do to earn the £4,000 I have to pay Bushra. This has, without doubt, been the worst year of my life.’

Of course this is a wonderful example of how minority groups and individuals can use anti-discrimination laws to bully and extort money form people who are just trying to run their business and this is surely a good reason to set the bar for being being “offended ” rather higher that it appears to be at present.

We used to fear the gun and the bomb as the main weapons of the Islamist but clearly the leftist inspired lawyer is just as effective as Chapati flour and Peroxide when it comes to ruining peoples lives.

Until next time Comrades


Jail time for false accusations of rape

Rape is a very nasty and very serious matter. Which is why I have always believed that to make false accusations of this crime should be treated most seriously, in the UK a Judge thought so too.

Diane Berriman accused innocent landlord Paul Cook of raping her in his pubA woman who falsely claimed to have been raped by two different men – forcing them to spend time behind bars – has been jailed for eight months.

Diane Berriman, 31, accused innocent landlord Paul Cook, 54, of raping her in his pub last February – having previously claimed Cook had raped her in 2004.

She had also cried rape against another man named Trevor Hirst in the same year – so when the new allegations emerged suspicious police officers arrested her, and she confessed she had invented the attacks.

Sentencing Berriman at York Crown Court on September 21, Judge Paul Hoffman said: “The wider implication is that true victims of sexual crime are treated with suspicion and justice is not achieved.

“These offences are so serious only an immediate sentence of custody can be justified.”

Daily Mail

Sadly for many victims of rape the it often boils down to a case of he said she said on the matter of consent, with generally no other evidence. This also means that should someone wish to make a false claim it is relatively easy to do so. Eight months seems like a fairly light sentence though, because to my mind bearing false witness is right up there with Rape itself and should actually carry an equally harsh penalty.

Cheers Comrades

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