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All we want for Christmas is for the cricket selectors to …


I am not normally a bandwagon jumper-on but there are always exceptions. The Aussie cricket team is shite. Ponting is a shite captain and unless there is a miracle next week in the 3rd Test in Perth, the English cricket team will take a 2-0 lead in the 5-match  Test series meaning we can’t get the Ashes back that they took from us in England last year.

Ponting has lost the Ashes twice (in England) and won them once (in Oz). To lose them on home soil would be a disaster. A national disgrace. And bloody embarrassing. The only reason we beat the Poms 3 years ago in a 5-0 whitewash was … Shane Warne. He retired after that at age 38. Okay hes 41 now but he can still bowl. Better than anyone!

Its too late to include him in next weeks squad but Boxing Day at “The G”was just made for Shane Warne so bring him back for the 4th & 5th Tests in Melbourne & Sydney and at least we might salvage a draw in the series. And some bloody national pride!

I agree with former Test bowler Brett Lee  that bringing back Warne is more than justified given the current state of play and lack of leadership:

“It’s not just what he can do as a bowler, it’s what he’d do to their batsmen’s minds. It is the mental side as well. Can you imagine the English cricket team having to deal with the idea that the great Shane Warne, the bloke who terrorised them for 15 years, was going to return in Melbourne or Sydney? Shane Warne is a unique sort of guy in that he seems to write his own scripts. The Boxing Day Test at the MCG is tailor-made for his return, I reckon.”

Yeah, bring back Warnie only this time … make him the captain.


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