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The 3 musketeers week of yawn

It’s been a busy week over at the Crikey blog dedicated to proving the ‘intellectual dishonesty’ of Andrew Bolt. Lets have a look at the last 5 posts:

1. Tubbys post on 13 July “Andrew Bolt and the great gerrymander conspiracy” attracted a total of just 22 comments including 2 from Iain with the rest mainly responding to him. Not a good start. 

2. Daves post on 14 July “A little bit of inaccuracy” at least diverts away from the usual topic of ‘Mr Bolt is wrong’ by focusing on some minor errors of fact in the Sydney tabloid the Daily Telegraph. The DTs editor is no doubt whipping himself to death following the stunning response of 16 comments agreeing with Dave that yes indeed the paper got a couple of things wrong.  

3. In fairness to Dave the commenters were all over at Tubbys little pearler of a post also written on 14 July titled “Pulling apart Andrew Bolt’s anti-Islam crusade”. This cutting piece of writing attracted a whopping 74 comments to take out the Pure Pwned gold star for post of the week. I hear Bolt is still licking his wounds. 

4. Things then went pretty quiet at Pure Pwned for the next 48 hours (ie status quo) until Dave realised if you cant beat em join em and struck back with yet another anti-Bolt post on 16 July “Operation Torture”. Alas this post took out the wooden spoon for the week with only 12 comments proving conclusively that Daves trainer wheels are permanently welded on. 

5. It was then left to Tubby to salvage something from another slow news week to inspiringly come up with yet another “Weekend Talk Thread” on 16 July that as of right now two days later has attracted just 26 comments. Despite yesterdays big news (something about an election) there is a lot more about you-guessed-it (Andrew Bolt) in the comments than about Julia & Tony. 

So there you have it. Five posts for a total of 150 mainly sycophantic comments. And four of the five posts focusing mainly on you-know-who. Crikey must be rapt with the performance of the Three Musketeers. I dont know how they keep up the pace.

(PS: Missing in action this week was Boltwatcher extraordinaire Jeremy whose last missive  on 7 July lecturing The Age on their failure to recognise the importance of his beloved Greens Party really brained them with a whole 42 comments. Come back Jeremy, Pure Pwned needs its Three Musketeers working as one throughout the election campaign.)

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