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The dog is innocent, Labor homework just wrong, rather than eaten

I was going to write about the failure of the Labor government to come anywhere near its expectations for the MRRT  but instead I post a  Joe Hockey news conference where he   is right on the money .

Cheers Comrades


No pavlovas for Wayne and Julia, or the abject failure of the MRRT


The old aphorism about the number of chickens from their precursor eggs that should have served as a source of wisdom for Wayne Swan and his peons in treasury. The fact that he had already planned a virtual feast of omelettes, sweet custards and ostentatious pavlovas from the proceeds of his mining tax demonstrates that both he and his mistress in the lodge really haven’t got a clue about the difference between their wild imaginings and the reality of the economic environment.

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click top search result for source document

Only The ALP under the leadership of Julia Gillard can create a tax with such fanfare and then have it collect no revenue at all. Frankly there is one simple upside to this and that is the abolition of this badly designed tax will actually improve the government balance sheet because the commonwealth will save on the administrative costs that it has created and there will be no revenue losses to be made up elsewhere because this tax collects no revenue.

At every possible level its a very big Labor fail

Cheers Comrades


Labor in the toilet still

I hope that my dear readers will forgive my laxity of late when it comes to federal politics and the Labor scandals and woes de jour.

For example we have the Craig Tompson  police raids:

The NBN hits a big speed bump:

The Greens are still pissing into the wind on the boat people…

The mining Tax is not bringing in any cash

THE failure of the Gillard government’s mining tax to raise any money in its first three months is emblematic of its “sheer incompetence”, the opposition says.

The government today defended the controversial tax, saying it wasn’t supposed to raise revenue when mining profits were being ploughed back into the industry.

But opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said the tax was the “signature illustration of the failure of the Gillard government”.

“The tax has failed. I have never heard of a tax that doesn’t raise a dollar,” Mr Hockey said.

“Even the most incompetent government anywhere in the world would not introduce a tax that raises no money. But, this is a new benchmark in public policy.”

None of Australia’s biggest miners – BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto or Xstrata – has any liability under the minerals resource rent tax so far in 2012-13, The Australian revealed today, and the government did not receive any revenue by Monday’s payment deadline.


Its not looking good for team Labor, but is anyone really surprised given thier track record over the last five years?

Cheers Comrades

Gillard’s “Climatechoices” begins today

Well July 1 has dawned and of course the sky has not fallen in with beginning of Gillard’s Carbon tax regime but rather than marking the beginning of something good for Labor  what it really means is that Labor have jumped into the political waters with a huge weight around their necks and while they may furiously paddle their arms, legs and mouths defending this new tax regime I am absolutely certain that that weight is going to drag them down sooner rather than later.

  I am reminded of the way that Liberal supporters tried to defend the greatly unloved “Workchoices” they put up a valiant defence and even though some of the ideas of that scheme had merit it had enough downsides for it to never get the unequivocal endorsement of the public. In the end despite being an otherwise competent government it was Workchoices that did for John Howard’s government.  With The Carbon tax Labor have created their own  electoral suicide pill.

  Of course there are some aspects of the mish-mash of changes that Labor have disingenuously  rolled into the Carbon tax bills, like raising the tax free threshold which is something long overdue  but I don’t think that they will be sweetening the political cyanide enough to save this country’s oldest political party from oblivion at the next election.  As I see it after their resounding defeat at the next election it won’t be homosexuality that will be “the love that dare not speak its name” it will be any mention of the Carbon tax. The few Labor members that remain will all insist that they always had reservations or that they only ever supported it because they had to in the name of party solidarity. Some will blame the Greens and the new leader of the opposition may even insist that it is “dead buried and cremated“.

Like the Howard government did with Workchoices Labor have over reached here with this tax especially in the light of the “there will be no Carbon Tax under a government that I lead”  lie form Gillard prior to the last election. The sad thing is it was an entirely unnecessary back-flip because had she insisted when seeking the support of the Greens and independents that a Carbon tax needed the mandate of the people at the next election then she would have started off in a far better place.

Ah well, she is now reaping what was sown and we will see a flurry of hype from both sides of politics either denouncing  or defending the Carbon tax. The true believers on both sides have already made up their minds and they will switch off to some extent but the swinging voters who hold the nation’s future in their hands are going to be convinced that the Carbon tax is evil every time they see prices rise, even if those rises are due to something else. which is precisely why Labor will be the losers in the long run

  Cheers Comrades

Carbon Cops: Educate or Else

Back in the vainglorious days of Bjelke-Petersen’s reign in Queensland there was a joke going around about how they tried to circumcise Sir Joh, but they couldn’t.

‘There was no end to the prick’.

Perhaps it’s time to rewrite that joke for Joolia’s Labor Party. With eighteen months or less to an election, at which they are on notice to a hiding, it is surely an act of bastardry to continue with programs that will be dismantled upon their losing office.

These programs include the establishment of the useless Flannery Centre, a $7.5 million
investment in regional Australia with a ‘distinctly green agenda’.

Designed to do what?

According to the website,

The centre’s main function will be to educate and empower individuals, workers and business people with the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with the challenges of the twenty-first century, challenges such as climate change, peak oil, population growth, biodiversity decline, water scarcity and pollution.

Yep, I know plenty of ‘individuals, workers and business people’ crying out for government guidance on how to deal with ‘climate change, peak oil, population growth, biodiversity decline, water scarcity and pollution.’

Down at my local, that’s all they talk about.

‘Why won’t the government help me deal with peak oil?’

‘Another schooner thanks Mac, oh and why won’t the government allow me? I’m so worried about population growth.’

Yes, these are the important questions being asked across the nation.

Apparently, the Flannery Centre will do this through very practical measures – such as regular events and exhibitions.

Yep, that’s practical.

In other words, a complete waste of time.

Although the Flannery Centre isn’t quite ready to deliver ’empowerment and education’, the Gillard government is forging ahead, wasting our money in other ways. With the very unpopular carbon tax about to become law, Labor hasn’t been tardy. They’ve foreseen that businesses may have a problem with their increased costs, and may even pass them on to their customers.

Fortunately, the profligate Gillard regime has come up with a solution.

At extreme cost to the taxpayer, they have established the ‘Carbon Cops’. These carbon cops, who have been trained to sniff out any resistance to the new ‘carbon price’, will turn up at your workplace at a minute’s notice should you mention that the price of your goods has gone up due to the carbon tax.

As this is such arduous work, Joolia has rented these fellows a new building to relax in after their carbon sniffing is over for the day. It’s a bargain really, only twice the price of their previous rental, and with the added advantage of it being a five year lease.

Bugger that Labor will be turfed out in eighteen months, but what the heck, let Tony deal with that, he can pay the lease, what do they care?

I mean, it’s a steal at $15,000 per employee. Yep, a steal from the taxpayer. Thanks, Labor.

Jeremy Sear’s selective disdain of polling

Any of us who are interested in politics take note of various opinion surveys and while we all accept that such things can not be definitive it is generally accepted that a random sample of the people surveyed will tend to give a pretty good idea of how well a new policy has been received. But our learned friend is of course very selective in the surveys that he will endorse. For instance a survey that shows a majority of those surveyed endorse same sex marriage gets a very big tick of approval from our man under the horse hair wig but when it comes to the reception of Gillard‘s Carbon tax and Swan’s budget. He is very quick to denounce the size of the sample:

click for source

Hmm, maybe someone will explain to our learned friend that the “compensation” will not long keep anyone ahead of the price rises and that the extra churn though our economy will only enrich spivs and shysters, that the downsides to our economy will far out weight any environmental benefits from The carbon Tax. More importantly maybe someone should explain to our learned friend that silvertail socialists are rightly chided for their inability to understand poverty or what it is like to live on limited means.

  Perhaps if someone could truly help him to understand then he would not write nonsense such as the post I cite above.

Ah well I really  don’t expect that we are going to need airborne pork detecting radar very soon.

Cheers Comrades

Send this email to every Green you know

Dear fellow Earthian,

As you know, the carbon tax will come into effect later this year, and I will have to pay more for my electricity as a result.

As you also are no doubt aware, the reason we are having a carbon tax is because we ended up with a hung parliament after the last federal election. This resulted in the Greens, who received 11.76% of the vote in the House of Representatives, being able to impose a carbon tax when the vast majority of Australians voted for a party against any such tax.

I am writing to you because I believe that you are one of the 11.76% that voted Green at the last federal election, at least partly because you were in favour of what you would call ‘action on climate change’ ie: a carbon tax.

Unlike other taxes I pay, I will not be receiving any services in return for paying the carbon tax. At the last election, I voted against a carbon tax because I didn’t want one. Opinion polls confirm that the carbon tax has been passed into legislation against the will of the majority of Australians.

It may be that I will receive some compensation for the tax from the federal government. However, many Australians will not be fully ‘compensated’, particularly those who lose their jobs as a result of the carbon tax.

Furthermore, the compensation package is increased government expenditure and will exceed total revenues from the tax, even before you factor in the costs of administering this scheme. I will therefore have to pay back much of that compensation in years to come with compound interest.

In the circumstances, I believe that it is only fair that you pay the portion or percentage of my electricity bill that is due to the carbon tax.

Please confirm that you agree to this perfectly reasonable request. Once you have done so, I will forward to you my next electricity bill, along with my bank account details so that you can reimburse me for the cost of the carbon tax.

Yours in fairness,

The next exciting episode in the Carbon Tax saga, Or Clive Palmer puts a cat among the Green pigeons

If there is one issue that has done for Labor in general and Gillard in particular its the accursed Carbon tax. I am not a lone in thinking that the whole Carbon mitigation push is just the mother of all ponzi schemes that will be a delight to accountants and Green zealots but will leave the rest of us struggling with the  ever increasing price rises to all of the everyday commodities and services that are essential to our modern life.  Worse still the whole edifice  will have absolutely no positive social benefits and its effect upon the climate is likely to be less than zero* once you factor in the obvious tendency that many industries and their jobs will end up being exported to countries that don’t have such a punitive and pernicious Tax or carbon trading system. With this in mind I am delighted to see that Clive Palmer is talking about challenging the legitimacy of the legislation in the High Court.

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Of course the minions of the left are going to see this move as proof of their belief that the “Evil Billionaires” are indeed exerting too much influence upon the society that we all share, Hmm I think that its wrong to think like that when the issue is a foul beast like Gillard’s Carbon Tax, we ordinary folk should be eternally grateful that there are people with both the resources and the determination to oppose this unconscionable tax regime in the courts.

Of course it may not even become law the way things stand at the moment Gillard is faced with the loopy Greens wanting her to drop the promised Company Tax cuts so that there will be more money ion their slush funds for social engineering. Yep its all fun and games in Canberra as this little story arc plays out on the national soap opera. Is it any wonder that I am such a fan of the show?
Cheers Comrades

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