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Tawny Frog-mouth with two chicks

Do you all remember that I posted a picture of the Tawny frog-moth that is nesting in the tree next to my house?   Well my son noticed that there are now two chicks keeping company with the mother bird in the nest this morning and of course we had to share the good News with the Sandpit’s readers the first two pictures were taken by my son and the last two by me.

Ain’t nature Grand Comrades?

Pretty flowers and fine feathers

Bromilads are one of my favorites of the epiphites

we have a tawny frogmouth sitting on eggs in the tree adjacent to our house

I don’t know what this is called but it is stunningly beautiful

Just thought I’d share some of the wonders here at Chez Hall…
Cheers Comrades

Twany frogmouth frolics

I have been a bit of a twitcher for a very long time, the abundance of bird life here is one of the reasons that I just love living on my little bit of the mountain. So for a change of pace from all of the political stuff I am posting a few photos of some Tawny frogmouths that are living just outside my front gate. The first picture is of a chick that has fallen out of the nest in the branches of a large Iron bark tree. It did not take long for one of its parents to take up guard duties at the base of the tree. The day after these pictures were taken I could not find either the chick or the adult. However the adult and another chick that remains on the nest seem to be doing well. As these birds that are nocturnal and largely immobile during the day it is quite nice to be able to watch them sitting in what seems like a rather precarious perch six meters above the ground. The fact that there is still only just one adult in the tree gives me hope that the two birds that I saw on the ground have survived. But I will never know for sure.

Any way each picture here links to a larger version for those who want to see these beautiful birds in more detail

Cheers Comrades


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