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“I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that Eric Abetz is still living in them”

(by SockPuppet ~ a real 70s guy when chicks and booze were cheap)

“I am a double dickhead from Tasmania”

 I dunno about you but I bet that Senator Eric A Bet was having a bet eachway when he tryed hard to get out of what he said on Channel Gen Ys cutting edge The Project show last night:

‘I was cut off’: Eric Abetz blames Mia Freedman for reports he linked abortion to breast cancer on The Project

 “I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.”

Now yous on the far right wing side where Eddie ‘I bet’ Abetz sits too will no doubt sprung to his defences position no doubt you will.

And yous on the left side of the far right wing will just say:

“Hes a dickhead from Tasmania”

which would then actuallymakes him a double dickhead because Tasmanians have Two heads.

(studies from the 1950s say so).

I on the other hand I am above politics and like the Buddha Zen deity I say this:

I think my post heading sort of says itall.

Comment away (God f*cken knows we need it)


Plants vs Zombie Rudd

When I having something of a “senior”  moment I have been known to  say that “I’m on drugs”  in reference to my pain meds. Well watch this and I invite you dear reader to consider just what kind of drugs  the New Again Dear Leader  is on in this video:

Besides the unbelievable LITURGY  suggesting that  victory is possible for the ALP  what I found so irksome was the New  Again Dear Leader telling this bunch of children that the “ALP build things and the Coalition Knock them down “ which is bollocks  because the truth is that the ALP plan to build things and then fail more often than they succeed in making anything worth while. .


Any way the reason I’m posting this is because the   New Again Dear Leader  distinctly says that he is “is not gong to draw breath” for the next three weeks until the  election. Now the last time I checked a human being can survive for a couple of minutes with out breathing and after about five minutes you have irrevocable brain damage so imagine the state of the New Again Dear Leader ‘s brain by the time that the polls open on September 7… this must mean that we already have a Zombie PM in the lodge

Cheers Comrades



Le boxer noir

I just love this little piece from Gerard Henderson in today’s SMH :

Ah its the old politics of identity and our friends from the left seem really intent upon having a monopoly upon who can call themselves this or that. Frankly the sooner we remove any and all  largess that relies upon any sort of racial qualification the better this nation will be in terms of social harmony. Then it will be of no consequence if anyone wants to call themselves “aboriginal”, Immigrant or gasp even a Londoner. Because it simply won’t matter where anyone comes from what will matter is who you are now and if you are in need. Then it should be your need and not your ethnicity that matters to qualify you for any largess and assistance of  from the government.

Cheers Comrades

Bob Brown’s real reasons for quitting politics

This was posted as a comment  by GD But I reckon that its a light that should not be hidden under a bushel so here for your enjoyment is the translation of Bob Brown’s resignation missive  from Greenspeak to its true meaning:


Dear Green Fiends –
This morning I was forced to resign as Leader of the Australian Greens. I will leave the Senate in June when the Tasmanian Greens nominate a replacement Senator. This should have happened a lot sooner, like twenty years ago.

I wanted to immediately thank you for your support, enthusiasm and direct involvement in Green politics on my watch. I can never forget or adequately repay the millions of dollars I have been paid to present my destructive policies to the senate. Of course the Greens didn’t pay this, it was the poor, misguided taxpayer. I guess there are some good things about a democracy.

Our Greens Party Room now has a dearth of talent which stands out even in Canberra. There are 10 of us, but every one is true to the Greens Charter and policies, and working hard to take Australia back to the Stone Age. We are Australia’s party with blinkers.

I have been contemplating my navel, and the occasional comet, for some time. I started 10 turbulent years in the Tasmanian parliament beginning with the Franklin River blockade in 1983, and ending with the disastrous Labor-Green accord of 1989-92: witness Tasmania’s gradual decline economically as the Greens blocked the timber industry at every turn. Today the state is an economic basket-case dependent entirely on the other states for survival. Of course our ideal plan for Tasmania is to turn the whole island over to World Heritage as a national park.

Since then, there have been 12 exciting years in the Senate. We have managed to stop all dam building across the nation, thus exacerbating water shortages in times of drought and hindering water management in times of flood. Our destructive political action for the Murray-Darling Basin has forced many farmers off the land and into bankruptcy. We have solved the problems of funding a dental scheme and a disability insurance scheme: we will tax the rich more and more, even after they die. We’re pushing for the legalisation of euthanasia, as this will help a few of them die sooner.

It is now time for me to hand on leadership to the motley rabble I call my colleagues. I am, after all, 666. I want to leave the ship before it sinks, content that the Greens have managed to destroy Australia’s economy for years to come. I’m particularly proud of the carbon tax in this respect.

This morning Party Room unanimously elected Christine Milne as Leader. Christine has been my great colleague and friend for the past 25 years and she will be a frighteningly bad leader of the Australian Greens.

I am ready to enjoy the other green pursuits, such as flying around the Milky Way with my new alien friends. Yes Earthians, they did call!

The Greens are an illogical response to the post industrial age human community’s need to secure the biosphere, biodiversity, equal opportunity and long-term economic, employment and lifestyle security. Greens political philosophy will spread like a cancer, bulldozing away the rights of any individual.

The future is Red.


Will ‘Wonky Wilkie’ Wimp It?

All the focus has been on The Three Amigos from the bush as they anguish over whether to make Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott our next PM. But spare a thought for that other poor, neglected independent Andrew Wilkie too – if you must.

The ex-spy turned whistleblower – who accidentally won the seat of Denison in Tasmania with only 20% of the primary vote! -seems to have a severe case of out-of-depthness. His indecision makes Bob Katter look positively Presidential.

Well what else would you expect from someone who went from one extreme to the other by quitting the Liberals to join the Greens before finally deciding he didn’t fit in anywhere so he’ll just become an ‘independent’? How flaky can you get? 

Wilkie says he “does not feel obliged to back either major party” but, nonetheless, takes a wish list of favours to Gillard & Abbott so he can bring home the bacon and be the home town hero of Hobart. Go figure:

His list of 20 concerns includes a $20 million assistance package for Tasmanian forest contractors, the fate of the Royal Hobart Hospital and a betting limit on poker machines.

But Mr Wilkie has been open with the fact that he does not feel obliged to back either major party.

“If neither can persuade me that they can deliver that, then I will take my third option – I’ll support neither, I’ll sit off to the side and I’ll vote on everything on its merits,” he said.

I reckon Wilkie needs to wise up and pretty fast. If he doesn’t make his mind up soon the 3 amigos might just go ahead without him and he won’t get a zac from Julia or Tony. And there’d be no ticker-tape parade for Andrew in downtown Hobart.

Katter, Windsor & Oake-shott-his-mouth-off don’t need Wilkie to form a government. Labor already has 72 seats and with nice little Adam Bandt from the Gay Greens onside, they’ve effectively got 73. The same as the coalition. 

And 73 plus 3 = 76, a majority. Geddit, Andrew?

Wonky Wilkie should get his arse into gear and make it known which side he supports before the 3 bushwhackers do. If he fence-sits for too long and is too afraid to back his own judgement he’ll just lose out. 

And for wimping it like that, he’d deserve to.

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