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Horses for courses

If an social institution is corrupt should a government not make every effort to expunge the vile puss that pervades its very core? If you are an ordinary person concerned about, for instance, clerical child abuse, you punch your fist in the air and say “Damn straight its about time!”  and in doing so you earn the admiration of every catholic hating minion of the left, however if the corruption being targeted is within the union movement….

ACTU boss Ged Kearney today rallied union members for a pre-emptive strike against the federal opposition to be launched next week.

In a candid address to a NSW Teacher’s Federation conference in Sydney, Ms Kearney indicated the ACTU was bracing for a coalition win on September 14 and a royal commission into union corruption.

“They are going to come for us,” she told the room of union members.

She said any coalition anti-union push would be “smarter than having dogs and men in balaclavas on the docks”, a reference to the 1998 waterfront dispute.

“The royal commission is coming – because of the HSU, because of the whole slush fund stuff, they will come at us with lawyers and barristers and queen’s counsels and they will try to send us broke,” she said.

The former nurse told the crowd the ACTU would launch a major campaign next week to warn Australians of a move towards Thatcher-style rhetoric and conservative UK “big society” policy under a Tony Abbott-led government.


What I find so sadly amusing is the difference between the Church  response to its problems , namely it seeks to fix the corrupt practices of some of its clergy whereas the Union movement both denies that there is a problem and calls its members to the barricades…

I understand that some people will not like the parallel that I draw here but as I see it both entail a gross betrayal of trust of their respective congregations and a rather pernicious dedication to protecting their respective miscreants for the sake of the reputation of their organisation.Which leaves me to wonder if Unionists invoke the blessed Karl when they confess their sins and seek absolution or if they just thank Mammon for their ill gotten gains.

Cheers Comrades

The Blank Check

Wasting police time

False accusations of rape are something that the Feministas  will insist are so rare as to be of no consequence  but as I have explored at this blog previously it is a serious matter and something that can not be ignored for ideological reasons.  Now it turns out that a supposedly nasty rape reported in Sydney  was in fact entirely fictitious and that only after an exhaustive and expensive investigation by the police  has the claim been exposed as a total fabrication:

click for source

click for source

The only upside here is that no poor sod has been dragged in to be interrogated and accused of a crime that he did not commit, however the amount of time and resources that have been expended by the police would have been quite considerable, not to mention the fear an loathing felt by women in western Sydney at the thought of a gang of men out there targeting  lone  women at night should not be under estimated…

So what sort of consequences should this stupid, stupid girl face for her fabricated claims?

A bill for the cost of the wasted  police time perhaps?

A community corrections order?

A stint in one of Her Majesty’s fine hotels?

Being named and shamed?

Sadly I tend to think that she will get off Scott free and still considered a “victim” rather than as a perp

Tis the way of the world Comrades


“Earth Hour” and the virtues of eating cake


Ah that environmental equivalent to the hate week that Orwell spoke of in 1984 is almost upon us and like hate week  its all about manipulating the feelings of the proles so that the dominate religious  ideology can be both strengthened and reinforced.  Thus when we are exhorted to turn off our lights for earth hour those of us who do not plunge our homes and business into darkness can paint targets on our foreheads for the faithful to aim at with their condescending scorn.However like a lot of religious mumbo jumbo the underlying assumption about the effectiveness of this act of environmental contrition will be grossly overstated as will the culpability of humanity for the claimed changes in the climate. With that all in mind  I found Bjorn  Lomborg‘s argument in today’s Oz most compelling:

click or source

click or source

You don’t have to succumb to the group think about the “virtue” of turning off your lights or worse yet joining in to the immoral stupidity of getting your snout into the Photovoltaic subsidy trough that drives energy costs up for everyone else. There are better ways than these empty gestures to tread lightly on the planet, holiday in this country rather than taking that jet fueled jaunt around the planet, use your appliances and cars until they are worn out instead of replacing them when the warranty runs out. Forgo the pleasures of the fashion industry by only buying new clothes when your old ones are worn out, heck you could even seek a better balance between the need to be clean and the frequency and duration of your showering. All of theses things are going to make more difference to the planet than turning your lights off for one hour, especially if you have, like yours truly, already  been using the most efficient LED lights (that use 85% less energy than an incandescent bulb )for quite some time …

Never been a big fan of cake Comrades


A Story of Hope

This is a wonderful story from the SMH. A welcome change from reports of drive-by shootings and radical Muslim protests in Sydney. Instead, a school, in my neck of the woods, is commended for its academic and social success at not only integrating students from refugee families, but also helping them excel above the national average. Credit it seems is due to the foresight of principal Dorothy Hoddinott.


Quoting from the article:

For the past 17 years she has been the principal at Holroyd High, a school that has become a veritable ark for children who reach Australia on flimsy boats.

‘The kindest principal in the world,’ volunteers a young girl in a hijab as we tour the grounds in the suburb of Greystanes.

‘If you look around,” says Hoddinott, six out of every 10 students here are refugees. A third have been in Australia for less than three years. Most arrive with no English at all; many are illiterate. And yet 40 per cent are going on to university. Compare that with a national average of 30 per cent. Something is happening here that is quite extraordinary.

We have children who have seen their parents murdered; we have children who have been raped; we have children who have been forced to live in poverty and fear in refugee camps. So our first task is to normalise lives – coming to school on time, having books, wearing uniforms. The semiotics of that are very powerful.

It makes a change from this type of Islamic behaviour in Sydney.

behead child

“A world of perpetual memory”

The issue of cyber bullying is something that I am rather concerned about, so this announcement from Tony Abbott and the coalition is most timely and welcome. Having experienced some of the worst of online bullying myself anything that makes life harder for online scum-bags gets my tick of approval.

Cheers Comrades



Muslim Rioters In Sydney: Deport Them

Very well put Yale, Sadly even if these rioters have foreign citizenship it would be hard to deport them however we can live in hope that a way could be found to invite them to leave.

This Couldn’t Happen Here. Well It Is.

I’ve posted twice on this blog about the danger of Islamic incursion into our society, and both times been shouted down. I’ve commented many times about this on other posts on this blog and received replies like,

‘this couldn’t happen here’,

‘our climate is so much better’,

‘this is alarmist clap-trap’

and other such ‘head in the sand’ reasoning.

Today’s angry protest in Sydney proves otherwise. These over-entitled
violent immigrants are now bringing their ugly agenda of hate and
extremism to the forefront, along with their complete lack of respect
for the country that has welcomed them and is most likely paying them
welfare dollars.

In less than a week we’ve had reports of a conviction for female genital
, a conviction for terrorist activity and now multiple arrests following a violent demonstration in Sydney.

Even the leftie in the red bandana, he’s the one who ‘fed the chooks’ with fellow leftie Richard Glover on ‘our’ ABC for a puerile 24 hour interview, has written an ‘open letter’ to the hotheads, although it’s akin to a slap with a wet tissue.

Still, I suppose that’s a start. Let’s see what ‘our’ ABC says about the incident. And let’s see what the hopeless and hapless Gillard government does about the continuing influx of these violent and aggrieved so called ‘refugees’.

Update: Waleed Ali, a Muslim lecturer in politics at Monash University and regular panelist on lefty ABC shows provides a refreshing viewpoint on the stupidity of the riotous protest.

Yet this still doesn’t answer the question of why are the protesters so unhappy in a country that treats them so well, ie welfare. If these people are truly grateful immigrants or refugees why are they biting the hand that feeds them?

And if they are 2nd generation Muslims, then we seriously have an issue with future islamic immigration. It obviously doesn’t work.

Back to the desert, Mohammed and build your own nation, because by staying here you are attempting to destroy ours.

Fairfax falls to demographic prejudice, not technology

The post below by  James Adams is copied from Online Opinion under the terms of its creative commons Licence

These journalists avoid telling the truth

They avoid telling the stories they don’t agree with. A father murdering his children is re-hashed in the media for years, but when mothers do the same thing (as is more likely), their stories sink without trace.

These journalists shun and eventually expel those with differing views. They live in Sydney’s expensive inner-suburbs (the ‘white ghetto’, where very few non-Anglos live) and yet support free immigration.

They live in an increasingly small world, where lies circulate and become true. They believe lies like:

  • 10% of men are gay (2%),
  • fathers abuse their children(mothers are much more likely to abuse their kids. Of male abusers, almost none are real fathers. However step-fathers and ‘mummies-new-boyfriends’ are quite probable – that’s why divorce puts kids at risk).
  • Christianity causes most wars (actually demographics or technology does),
  • Men kept women from voting(in most democracies, men and women got it at the same time: (Same time: Australia and NZ and most women in the UK. Only one year after men in Canada. Young adult women had to wait only ten years in the UK).
  • Women have been oppressed by men for centuries(but strangely women were never conscripted into the slaughter of war, killed in dangerous factories etc).

The new religion

They are evangelical zealots who passionately promote their beliefs. No amount of fact will make them question their faith and they all worship the same God. Like any religion, there are many denominations… Nasty Feminism, Failed Socialism, Self-hate Multiculturalism, Irrational Greenie-ism, evangelical Gay-rights.

And like any religion, they hate other religions. They are slowly winning their unremitting campaign against Christianity.

There are few young feminists!

Over the last weeks, the media has been full of journalists telling us how terrible it is that Fairfax is sacking 1,900 staff and their papers shrunk to tabloid size.

Naturally I fell terrible for the innocent workers, especially the printing workers who are losing their jobs and are going to struggle to find new jobsin their skilled areas

But many of the journalists had it coming. They are finally getting what has been overdue for a long time. The “Melbourne Middle-Age” and the “Sydney Moaning Feminist” have been stuck in some kind of 1960′s baby-boomer feminist socialist delusion since, well, since the 1960′s. As society has moved on, they haven’t. Australians became increasingly unwilling to read their rants.

Old, bigoted and out-of-touch

I worked for Fairfax for most of this century. Let me tell you a story to illustrate Fairfax culture.

Walking to bistro for lunch I found it full of old people. I wondered if it was a senior citizen’s club tour or something?

But they weren’t quite old enough; they were dressed in expensive hippy clothing (and there is a hypocrisy); there was the occasional younger person… then I realised! It was a journalists union meeting. Wall-to-wall grey-hairs and chrome-domes!

The journalists at Fairfax are like an episode of Grumpy Old Feminists! What are old people like? They complain, at length, about the immoral youth of today! That today’s youth (anybody under 45!) don’t have their values!

While the internet is one factor in the collapse of Fairfax, the other reason is simply that people don’t want to have this dogma shoved down their throats anymore. Fewer and fewer Australians want to read their rants!

So here’s the good news. Many of these issues are like Feminism are baby-boomer issues. And they are old now. There are few young feminists!

There are few young feminists because war has been well-and-truly won and women now tend to feel sorry for men. People just don’t believe their lies anymore.

Men are Australians largest minority group, downtrodden and humbled. If you look at Australian statistics, there is only one area where men are better-off than women.


  • live 7 years longer, get the pension younger,
  • get a better education, two thirds of Uni students are women,
  • under the age of 35 they earn more than men (then many choose to stop working or choose to have a pleasant work-life balance as a mum)
  • Get softer sentences for the same crime as a man
  • Almost never have their children stolen by divorce lawyers, and usually keep the house
  • Are supported by vast armies of government-funded professional feminists supporting ‘women’s issues’


  • Are stuck doing the Dirty, Dangerous, Distant and Disrespected men’s jobs
  • Are far more likely to suffer from preventable illness
  • Smoke more, drink more, use more drugs
  • Suicide maybe nine-times more often than women
  • Are far more likely to be a victim of violence

The exception is that men are less likely to suffer domestic abuse than women. Never-the-less, that statistic is not accurate as there are many incentives that boost the statistics on the size of this problem.

For example, claiming domestic violence is literally a get-out-if-jail-free card for women. If she is unscrupulous enough, her false allegations can get free accommodation, free lawyers, generous pension, possession of the house and kids from divorce and she can hide selfishness behind victimhood). Obviously I am not saying that all women would do this, I’m just pointing out that there are terrible incentives for bad behaviour.

Demographics is destiny

As former treasurer Peter Costello said, demographics is destiny and our society is being run by the large baby-boomer cohort. Because of their shear size, the baby boomers have dominated social change. From railing against issues like the Vietnam War and crooners like Bing Crosby, the baby boomers took over from the old men with their horn-rimmed glasses.

By shear numbers, they have dominated the public mood and left poor Gen x (named ‘x’ because of it’s invisibility) ignored and even Gen ‘Y’ have yet to find a voice, with the green shots of a radical conservative idealism, led by the Tea Party, Christians, the Promise Keepers and the Fatherhood and Families movement. These idealists are competing against a ‘teacher’s pet’ version of left/green attitudes, who have accepted without question the dogma of their baby-boomer schoolteachers and journalists.

They have been helped along in their dominance by their raft of approaches that has decimated marriage rates and birth-rates, effectively shrinking the competition from younger generations. As Economist Harry Deny postulates, if it wasn’t caused, the GFC and Sovereign Debt Crisis are certainly being exacerbated by baby boomer demographics. Too many oldies approaching retirement with their pensions and spiralling healthcare, coupled by a dearth of younger adults to replace them and pay the taxes needed.

Well now it’s the Baby Boomer’s turn to finally lose control and shuffle off into senility and obscurity.

ABC for oldies

So now Fairfax is going down. Bit-by-bit, the journalists will have nobody to pay them. At the next Federal election, the ALP will go down too and so other professional feminists will find it increasingly hard to maintain their billions of dollars in funding. That leaves the ABC, increasingly alone.

Consciousness raising

Once our conservative idealists, the Christian Churches, the Fatherhood and Families Movement get some funding, even a tiny percentage of the funding that the feminists get, they will have to get honest!

But at last, the writing is on the wall! The zealots of the left are baby-boomers. They are increasingly going to loose their stranglehold over public debate. Then we’ll be able to protect children from divorce and abuse, and a whole raft of other issues that will make the world a better place.

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