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Another Day in Labor

poem ditty by GD

Kevvie in his kevlar suit
laughing ‘cos it’s all a hoot
Simon Crean gets the boot,
another day in Labor

Stephen Conroy’s face is red
his underpants are on his head
the censorship is all shot dead,
another Labor failure

the deficit is on the loose
Swan is looking like a goose
spending all with no excuse,
another a drunken sailor

the rusted-ons believe in Rudd
to save them from this bath in mud
but really he’s another dud,
not a Labor saviour

the voters wait with bated breath
to hear about a Labor death
but Joolia is such a pest,
it’s six months more hard Labor!

The next leader of the opposition, or could Brother Number One rise again from the ashes of a Labor defeat?

Well this comrade has awoken in 2013 in good spirits having had a reasonably (for me) good night’s sleep and as no alcohol passed my lips last night I probably feel a bit better than most hangover sodden creatures this morning. As is my usual  practice in the morning I was checking out the mumbling in the Fairfax press when I cam across yet another piece that was off their usual pro Labor  message. I know its the silly season but if they keep this sort of thing up they might even be on the road to the sort of situation that sends shivers down the spine of every latte sipper. They might even achieve some more balanced reporting in their opinion pages .

click for source

click for source

Yes I know that normal transmission will resume shortly but allow me the indulgence of enjoying what is being presented now and the the further indulgence of wondering just who will lead a dispirited, dishevelled and much diminished Labor opposition. I won’t be Gillard or Swan because if either retain their seats they will try to hide from the world on the back bench until they can quietly resign their seats and leave politics. Frankly I think that Combet has all of the charm of a depressive undertaker and Bill Shorten is just a bit too smarmy to be viable. That just leaves that long time favourite of this blog Brother Number One (Rudd). You see I think that he has a big enough ego that he would want to be remembered as the man who twice saved Labor from the electoral wilderness and I also think that he would be up for the challenge because unlike the other contenders he is already on the reserve benches and therefore being leader of the opposition will be a step up rather than down for him.

My Good friend Ray, being a confirmed Ruddite  will be delighted, OK maybe not delighted that Labor will have been defeated, but at least hopeful that under the risen Brother Number One Labor will be at least  able to see the edge of the wilderness and  the path to resurrection. It won’t be much comfort  but a small comfort is far better than total despair that will be the lot of so many Labor supporters after the next election.

Cheers Comrades

Could the emissiins trading scheme be Brothor Number One 's "Workchoices"?

Can he rise again?

Sugar hits, Gillard, Swan and a sense of humour.

As I suggested the other day when I reblogged Tanimo’s  post there is a very distinctive lack in the sense of humour when it comes to our friends from the left. A very obvious lack of any ability to see the humour in their own tendency to take themselves too seriously. Personally I am listening to my own internal laugh track when it comes to our current federal government and trying to convince myself that what we are seeing coming out of Canberra is in fact an elaborate satire from the same author who gave us “Yes minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”. To think that the farce that is the Labor government is not a work of satire is almost too awful to contemplate, yet contemplate it we must:

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What saddens me about this sort of thing is that its a bribe that won’t deliver and its totally at odds with the “tough budget” claims from Swan. Ah well at least the parents of children who get this sugar hit will get better flat screens for less as the prices are much lower now than they were when Rudd financed so many Plasmas in  his first panicked response to the GFC.

All the world is a stage, and Gillard and Swan are the comedy act that is playing like a tragedy train wreck, sadly for their fans the chances of their style of act  getting top billing again any time soon is ever diminishing.

Cheers Comrades

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