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IT’s ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I arrived home about an hour ago to the delightful news that both Oakshott and Windsor are not going to contest the next election which all but Guarantees two seats for the National Party  but as I was preparing to write  short post on that fine prospect. But then I hear that Gillard has called a caucus ballot for 7.pm tonight. For Labor true believer’s like Ray this is the final chance.

I just hope that its over before the competition that really  matters kicks off tonight, namely the Rugby League  State of origin.

Anyway over to you Comrades



I am very far from being any sort of sports nut, usually the idea of sitting down and watching any kind of game on the TV is just too painful to contemplate and yet my daughter has had me watching the State of Origin series this year and boy did I enjoy the match last night!

Clearly the best team won, but what would you expect? After all they are all QUEENSLANDERS!!!!

One thing that did blow me away last night was just how well my daughter understands the rules of the game which was something I was not really expecting given how uninterested in sport we are here at Chez Hall.
I look forward to this time next year when the mighty Maroons stand a better than even chance of making it eight in a row.

Very loud Cheers indeed Comrades

How our flag /should/ be.

What do you do when your 12 year old comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

What do you do , as a long time supporter  of the Anti football league, when your 12  year old daughter comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

Well I did the only thing that a good father can do and I immediately suggested that we watch the game together and you know what comrades I enjoyed the experience, It helped a great deal that QUEENSLAND thrashed the Blues but I have to admit that I am warming  (slightly )  to the idea that watching sport can be pleasurable:

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TRY!!!! Comrades

For my fellow Queenslanders , State of Origin victory 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers indeed Comrades

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will certainly be some sore heads up here this morning as die-hard maroons supporters try to digest the terrible result of last night’s State of Origin defeat

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Of course we should be philosophical about loosing this match and hope that it will serve to give Queensland that little bit more of an incentive to crush the cockroaches in the next match… 😡

I think there is a valid reason for this horrible state of affairs and it may have something to do with the fact that as creatures of the night the blues  may have received some heavenly assistance in the form of the lunar eclipse last night…. 😉

Grrr  Comrades

MAL Meninga’s Maroons machine rolls on

TRY TIME: Jharal Yow Yeh is mobbed my Maroons teammates after scoring for Queensland. Picture: Peter Wallis Source: The Courier-Mail

MAL Meninga’s Maroons machine rolls on … just. Queensland’s State of Origin champions conjured another miracle win over NSW to be in touching distance of a sixth consecutive series win.

Retiring skipper Darren Lockyer conjured one of the most important plays of his glittering career to orchestrate the Maroons’ 16-12 defeat of a gutsy Blues side in a pulsating Origin opener.

With Ricky Stuart’s resurgent Blues leading 12-10 and on the brink of a huge boilover, Lockyer saved Queensland’s bacon to put Meninga’s Maroons juggernaut on course for a remarkable sixth consecutive series crown.

Equalling Allan Langer’s Origin record with his 34th appearance, Lockyer produced a sublime inside ball in the 71st minute for a flying Billy Slater, who crashed over to snatch victory and break NSW’s hearts.

“When they hit the lead there was still 10 minutes to go and no one was putting the white flag up,” Lockyer said. “There was still time to score points. We all believed.

My Brother is in transit from the UK and he will have missed the game. So when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday he naturally asked me who I was backing for the State of Origin match. “Queensland” was my reply (without hesitation) even though I had just about no inkling that the game was even on. Thankfully I discover, this morning that the Maroons have not let us down.
So to my fellow Queenslanders, that smile on your faces this morning is well deserved and to the cockroaches from New South Wales, well,Tough!

Cheers Comrades

“We were struggling but in the end we came back.”

Well I over came my prejudices and actually watched the Origin match and it was , dare I say it, quite a thrill!!!

Last night, before more than 60,000 fans at ANZ Stadium, Queensland capped its five-year dominance of Origin with a gripping victory and the first 3-0 win of the Mal Meninga era.

They did it the hard way too. After dominating the opening two games of the series, Queensland came from behind with six minutes remaining when Billy Slater, later named man of the series, found some tiring defence near the NSW line.

That handed the Maroons a one-point lead and centre Willie Tonga put the exclamation point on another memorable night for Queensland when he took a Johnathan Thurston pass and strolled over.

I suppose I can stand a little sport in my viewing diet a few times a year, especially when it is such an exciting game…
Cheers Comrades

For all of those Blues suporters out there in this fine mourning…

Cheers Comrades

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