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Deal On Boats With Sri Lanka: Greens Should Be Ashamed

This is very good news indeed Comrade Yale, now if only we could do a similar deal with Indonesia we would have the problem nearly solved.

Live and let die in the Pacific

Even the bleeding hearts from the ranks of our Latte sipping friends must realise that on this issue the public are entirely unsympathetic to the hunger strike by detainees on Nauru.  Especially when the majority of those detained there are from Sri Lanka which ended its civil war  years ago.

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Of course there is “No hope” on Nauru that is the point of detaining people there and the essence of its deterrent value. It saddens me to see people there suffering, however they all have the option of returning to their country of origin at any time, instead they try the futile emotional blackmail of the hunger strike.

Cheers Comrades

Frankly when they commit the sort of crimes against the English language evident in their sign maybe we don’t want then here anyway

Labor lacks testicular fortitude

To my mind what has made the Labor party  a laughing stock on the issue of illegal boat arrivals has not just  been their wilful blindness to the realities of the situation, but their political cowardice which has held them captive to the far left open-doorists  who would believe every manufactured sob story told by the water borne mendicants who have been arriving in ever increasing numbers during Labor’s tenure in the lodge. It is only now that they seem to be finding the courage to to do what they should have been doing form the start, namely insist that those mendicants should make a convincing case to demonstrate that they meet the criteria of an “asylum seeker”.

Labor are to be applauded for finally finding the courage to quickly deport some of the latest chancers from Sri Lanka:

Asylum seekers …. new ‘turn-back’ provision / Pic: Daniel Wilkins Source: The Sunday Telegraph

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has now approved the use of stricter assessment of whether asylum seekers claims actually trigger Australia’s international obligations, following a spike in arrivals from Sri Lanka.

“As with the particular case of those people returned to Sri Lanka last week, there are powers available to the government to return people where they do not engage Australia’s international obligations and, when appropriate, we certainly intend to use them,” Mr Bowen said.

The virtual turn-back policy gives effect to the demands by the Coalition but does not risk lives at sea by simply turning boats back. Instead, people would be returned by plane in cases where their claims were not deemed credible.

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal the government has been successful in slowing the number of asylum seekers from Iran and Afghanistan, however, the number of Sri Lankan arrivals has spiked recently – jumping since the end of May when under 400 arrived, to more than 1200 in October.

Mr Bowen confirmed last night that 26 new arrivals from Sri Lanka had been refused entry and were aboard a special flight back.

“The single adult males, who arrived by boat at Christmas Island and Cocos Islands earlier this week, were advised of their status and that they were subject to removal from Australia,” Mr Bowen said.

“They raised no issues that engaged Australia’s international obligations.

“Without a valid visa, they had no legal right to remain in Australia and were removed at the earliest opportunity.”

Four Iraqis and two Iranian men were voluntarily flown home from Nauru yesterday. p


Of course the fact that it has taken so long for their collective balls to drop on the issue is a very good reason that they should be condemned, especially for the huge cost of their ineptitude. It is also good to see that some of the mendicants sent to Nauru have gone  home. Now if only Labor were to make sure that ALL asylum seekers who arrive without invitation were denied permanent residency  then we might solve the problem. because its permanent residency that draws the boats here not the need for “asylum”.

Cheers Comrades

Sadly this is an example of Labor’s Balls

Scams done in the name of Allah

Ah isn’t this story a beauty? To may mind it shows the utter contempt that so many followers of the “religion of peace” have for our secular institutions and the generosity of our governments towards private eduction providers:

A move to have the school wound up and placed into liquidation has been made in the NSW Supreme Court, after it allegedly failed to pay a school uniform supplier $286,000 owed on contracts.
The Australian revealed last year that Malek Fahd paid AFIC $5.2 million in “management fees” in 2010, an amount equal to one-third of the school’s educational funding from the federal and state governments. The school has also been charged $2.59m in back rent after AFIC retrospectively altered a lease agreement in 2009.
The school’s chairman of directors, Ikebal Patel, was president of AFIC at the time, and other AFIC board members were also on the school board.
Mr Patel is secretary of AFIC (now called Muslims Australia), with Hafez Kassem installed as president earlier this year after the end of Mr Patel’s term. The Australian understands Mr Patel is still the functioning president of the organisation and is still the school’s chairman.
Mr Patel did not return a request for comment but has explained the payments “as simply the formalisation of some pre-existing arrangements and the recovery of some assistance given to Malek Fahd and other schools as they were starting out”.
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Now if this was a school being run by Christians there would be a huge outrage from the the latte sippers demanding that all government funds be withdrawn from all  private schools but my guess is that the usual suspects will begin to claim that this school has been targeted because of “Islamophobia” and or bigotry. Rorting is still rorting and that brings me to my second citation this morning which is the Paul Sheehan‘s piece in the Fairfax press about the amount of monetary  assistance that is offered to the so those who arrive on the boats, many of whom are followers of the same faith as Mr Patel

Under intense political pressure, the federal government is emptying the detention centres by issuing bridging visas which allow detainees to enter the community, work, and receive welfare benefits before their final status has been determined. This has slashed the average time spent in detention from nine months to three months but the quicker turnover has compressed the scrutiny process.

Some of the high take-up of welfare payments among asylum seekers and refugees is being recycled into bringing relatives to Australia, including via people smugglers.

The Royal Australian Navy is being used as a pick-up service by people smugglers who call navy vessels to advise them of their need for assistance.

Little wonder that numbers are exploding. In the three years before the election of the Rudd government, 71 people arrived on 10 illegal boats. It took a year for the impact of Labor’s dismantling of the previous border security regime to kick in. Over the past three years 341 illegal boats have brought 20,248 asylum-seekers. Another 363 have drowned. Uncounted others have perished or turned back.

All these problems are personified by ”Captain Emad”, who fled Australia in June even though he had been under investigation by police. The man, Abu Khalid, was a people smuggler who came to Australia by passing himself off as an asylum seeker. He brought his wife, three children and a grandchild. All received refugee status, settled in Canberra and were provided with public housing despite using different identities to those they used to enter Indonesia from Iraq. Yet even after Khalid’s activities were exposed by the ABC’s Four Corners program, he was allowed to leave.

Systemic deceit has been rewarded by systemic support. Even some asylum seekers who have avoided immigration control, destroyed their identity documents and not yet had their claims decided are eligible for support under the Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme.

Among the benefits that can be made available to those granted protection visas, and those granted refugee status, is a one-off household formation package of up to $9850. Families can be eligible for education assistance of up to $9220. People granted refugee status become eligible for welfare payments immediately without having to wait the two-year period set for immigrants. Single applicants are eligible for a Newstart Allowance. Parents are eligible for Centrelink’s parenting payment. Refugees, and some on bridging visas, also receive Medicare assistance for medical, hospital, dental, medicine and optical costs. Mobile phones are provided to those who arrive as unaccompanied minors.

This is the honeypot that has combined with civil strife to cause entire villages to empty in Sri Lanka and thousands of young men to travel from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan to get on illegal boats to Australia.

The viral email about Australia’s generosity to refugees may be wrong in its details, but the truth is a story of government gullibility without end.

Sadly no reason to Cheer about this one Comrades

My bold in the quotes

The juicy fruit conundrum

This picture is only here because I much prefer this to pictures of "Red Ted"

While Ray is full of praise for a Lib who makes a call for ordinary Aussies to be more accepting of refugees today I want us to consider a related issue, namely what to do with those who are deemed to be both a “legitimate” refugee and a security threat to this country. Under the current rules such individuals may be detained indefinitely as long as they choose to stay in this country.

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Now isn’t that a juicy conundrum?
Its all well and good to suggest that releasing these individuals into the community is the most humane thing for them but what of the bigger picture of the ongoing management of them under control orders as suggested by Daryl Melham? Add to that the way that these suspect individuals will incite suspicion of their fellows who have been given the all clear by ASIO and I tend to think that keeping things as they are is the only viable option other than this country repudiating the UN convention and then forcibly deporting all of those who are deemed a security risk*. That is not going to happen. Anyhow let me just close with a most timely reminder that none of these rejected individuals is obliged to stay in detention if they are willing to leave the country voluntarily.

Cheers Comrades

* never going to happen

One “Push factor” no longer valid

Twenty six years is a long time and the world is a better place now that the civil war in Sri Lanka is finally over with the Tamil Tigers decisively crushed. As I suggested in an earlier post here when a conflict is decisively won by one side there is actually a better chance  for an enduring peace than if there is an uneasy stalemate.

Outbreak of peace ... Sri Lankan supporters celebrate as the Tamil Tigers announce they have stopped fighting / AFP

Outbreak of peace ... Sri Lankan supporters celebrate as the Tamil Tigers announce they have stopped fighting / AFP

AUSTRALIA faces a diplomatic rift with Sri Lanka after its high commissioner yesterday warned the Rudd Government not to accept Tamil refugees from its civil war.

The forthright comments by Sri Lanka’s high commissioner in Canberra, Senaka Walgampaya, came amid growing fears that Australia could be swamped by Tamil asylum seekers following the end of the country’s bloody civil war this week.

As many as 300,000 people, mostly Tamils, have been displaced by the conflict, forcing Canberra to send officials to Colombo to work with the Sri Lankan Government on ways to prevent a new wave of asylum seekers.

Mr Walgampaya told The Australian yesterday that he saw no justification for Australia accepting any Tamil asylum seekers on either political or humanitarian grounds.

“My view is that Australia should not accept political or humanitarian (Tamil) refugees because Sri Lanka is perfectly safe for Tamils and Singalese equally,” Mr Walgampaya said.

“The Government is adequately providing for (displaced Tamils). I do not accept (Tamil) claims that they are not being treated well. There is no reason for these people to be political or humanitarian refugees.”

The high commissioner’s comments place him on a collision course with Canberra, which is expected to increase the number of Tamils it currently accepts under its humanitarian program.

Sri Lankan armed forces this week crushed the last military resistance of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam after a 26-year civil war in which the LTTE failed to establish a separate state within Sri Lanka.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of healing and a lot of rebuilding to do in the war ravaged parts of Sri Lanka, and the country will need all of its bright and talented people to do their best for their fellows. So it stands to reason that those who have the drive and determination to  try to make a new life elsewhere in the world (like here 🙄  ) should be encouraged to put that drive and determination into rebuilding their own country. Our government should make a contribution to this worthy end by rejecting the now outdated claims for asylum in the light of the changed circumstances in their homeland. The question is will the hard left pro illegal immigration factions let them?

Cheers Comrades


And another one

New refugee boat intercepted

Phillip Coorey Chief Political Correspondent

April 23, 2009

THE Federal Government is again having to defend its border protection measures after a boat carrying 32 Sri Lankan men was intercepted off West Australia yesterday.

The boat, the second to arrive in Australian waters in less than a week and the fifth in just over a fortnight, was intercepted off Barrow Island by HMAS Wollongong about 12.30pm.

The Home Affairs Minister, Bob Debus, said the boat people would be put on board the Wollongong and taken 2000 kilometres to Christmas Island for processing.

Really this is becoming more than tiresome this lot are apparently from Sri Lanka so once the government there finishes of the rebels (any day now) they will have absolutely no excuse for not returning won’t they?

What is the bet that they will still want to stay here even after the Tamil Tigers are wiped out?

Cheers Comrades


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