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Count me out on compulsory sport

As the Olympic Games draw to a close I am thankful to have managed to have been able to resits watching any of it on the TV. Of course watching any news report has been problematic but I have been able to let most of it go right past me which has preserved my sanity and saved me from the angst that  the sports obsessed must be feeling at the so called lacklustre results produced by the current crop of Olympic athletes.

The recriminations have already started and I find the attitude  John Coates truly disturbing:

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During my own time at school I loathed sport and I would skive of school every sports afternoon even though it meant a very long walk home. Now more than forty years later I am at best ambivalent about any sort of sport either as participant or as a spectator and I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that our young people should be forced to provide employment for the fascist slave masters who seek to vicariously find the “success” that they can no longer achieve on their own. Its just plain evil in my book and insulting to the spirit of our democracy.

Cheers Comrades

Say no to Sports Porn

The Olympic games are already beginning to annoy me and they have not even started yet, to be honest I find this modern global pissing contest incredibly dull. What with idiots screaming “racism” when they don’t make the cut and continual “gee ain’t we great ads” on the TV I am really wanting the whole thing to be over. All that I can say is thank God for DVD Box sets  and the PS3! and praise the local Library service for having so many DVDs in their catalogue.

All right I know that there are some real sports tragics out there so I am interested in how much of the Games hype has got you salivating and clearing your schedule so that you can make the most of the eight dedicated pay TV channels devoted to these games. Sorry guys but this song won’t leave my head:

Cheers Comrades


I am very far from being any sort of sports nut, usually the idea of sitting down and watching any kind of game on the TV is just too painful to contemplate and yet my daughter has had me watching the State of Origin series this year and boy did I enjoy the match last night!

Clearly the best team won, but what would you expect? After all they are all QUEENSLANDERS!!!!

One thing that did blow me away last night was just how well my daughter understands the rules of the game which was something I was not really expecting given how uninterested in sport we are here at Chez Hall.
I look forward to this time next year when the mighty Maroons stand a better than even chance of making it eight in a row.

Very loud Cheers indeed Comrades

How our flag /should/ be.

What do you do when your 12 year old comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

What do you do , as a long time supporter  of the Anti football league, when your 12  year old daughter comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

Well I did the only thing that a good father can do and I immediately suggested that we watch the game together and you know what comrades I enjoyed the experience, It helped a great deal that QUEENSLAND thrashed the Blues but I have to admit that I am warming  (slightly )  to the idea that watching sport can be pleasurable:

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TRY!!!! Comrades

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