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Slippery Pete finally slips off the shovel and the brown stuff sticks to Gillard, of course.

Well at last after having to support this loathsome man Gillard has a chance to put the Slipper speakership behind her but its odium and the shame of having tried to pull this swifty will remain with her just as the odium of all of her other bad decisions will be reiterated ad infinitum by both the opposition and the voters. Slippery Pete may no longer be speaker but as long as Gillard remains in the lodge there is work to be done, moving vans to be booked and change to be joyfully anticipated.

Cheers Comrades

Oh, Sophie!

(This post is reproduced from my home blog, Alpine Opinion)

And you thought Thomson was bad?

Mirabella in the spotlight over money matters

This situation certainly needs to be looked into because on appearance it looks like Sophie Mirabella took advantage of a man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to further her own financial position by deliberately alienating (him) from his children.

They are not my words above. They’re from the comments left by a reader of The Age article I refer to here … and they ring major alarm bells for our local member of Federal Parliament, Sophie Mirabella.

All voters in this electorate (Indi) really do need to read today’s Age article Power, love and money. Even rusted-on Liberal supporters would have to agree that it raises serious questions over the integrity, ethics and honesty of Sophie Mirabella and whether or not she is a fit person to represent us.

It’s a long story but to put it in a nutshell: It appears (and I use that term very carefully, because I do not want to make any false allegations) that Ms Mirabella may have, over a period of some years, taken financial advantage of an elderly and mentally impaired man, Melbourne QC Colin Howard, who recently died. Mirabella actually lived with Howard (who is 40 years her senior) for 5 years in the late 1990s but after moving to Wangaratta and entering Federal politics, became involved with another man (and later married) while still maintaining a relationship with the ailing former lover, who just happened to be worth a few bob.

Over the past decade or so it is reported that Mirabella obtained Howard’s power of attorney and control over his financial affairs, while receiving large “gifts” from him to fund her election and to go towards the $695,000 purchase price of the Wangaratta home she and husband Greg Mirabella bought in 2006.

Apparently, she is also now the executor of the deceased man’s will and stands to inherit his $1 million Carlton home.

And there’s more, including allegations (or inferences at least) made by Howard’s independently wealthy son & daughter  that Mirabella may have forged a letter aimed at alienating Howard from his family in his dying years while all this was going on. 

Make of this what you will but it appears to me (i.e. in my opinion, allegedly, possibly, or whatever other term I have to use to avoid being sued) that Mirabella is A  MANIPULATING CROOK.

Will someone please run against her (no, not the Labor Party, I think we need an independent) and get her kicked out of Parliament once and for all? I’ll do it if no one else will.


Sophie Mirabella heralds the arrival of the convoy of no confidence to Canberra

At the risk of upsetting Ray who has a well known “fondness” for his local member I’m going to recommend the piece by Sophie Mirabella about the anti Carbon Tax rally and the convoy of no confidence due to arrive in Canberra today.

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the way that protests such as this have been characterised by the usual suspects as a showcase for the the “far right”has always been rather laden with hyperbole so expect more of the same as the trucks roll into the national capital today
Cheers Comrades

A death knell for the CRPS and Turnbull’s time in the big chair

Time to get out of the big chair?

The only question that matters when it comes down to the leadership of the Liberal party is will Turnbull hold on long enough to deliver the government a yes vote on its disastrous CRPS bill. Personally I think that no matter what he personally thinks about the Warminista faith Turnbull would do irrevocable harm to the Liberal party were his supporters in the senate to give Brother Number One and Penny W(r)ong passage of their bill. My best guess is that Turnbull will play the only viable hand he has and that is to delay the bill until after the Copenhagen conference by sending it to a senate committee. Thus he will avoid rejecting it outright and he will be able to save some face. Probably not enough to retain the big chair but enough to just  keep his dignity.

The Liberal Party is in turmoil tonight following the resignation of six frontbenchers, including Tony Abbott and Senator Nick Minchin, after they refused to back Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull’s position on the controversial emissions trading scheme.

Liberal frontbenchers Sophie Mirabella, Senator Eric Abetz, Tony Smith and Stephen Parry have also quit their positions over the ETS, leaving Malcolm Turnbull’s future as leader in doubt.

In a press conference tonight Mr Turnbull said he respected his colleagues’ decision but the issue was now one of integrity and it would be irresponsible for the party to not take action on climate change.

So who will be the next leader of the Liberal Party? well at present Tony Abbott is shaping up as front runner closely followed by Joe Hockey who is rather less keen to go at present . Frankly I think an election on the issue of climate change is probably winnable now in a way that it would not have been two years ago, quite simply teh whole edifice of the Warminista faith is crumbling and the Australian public will not elect anyone promising to wreck our economy with a new and ludicrous tax impost   no matter how much that impost is sold as a pious virtue on the altar of Gaia.

My prediction: Tony Abbott as leader and Joe Hockey as deputy.

Cheers Comrades


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