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Well we needed the bacon…

one of the many uses of bacon

Now perhaps I should just give  a fond farewell to Socky.

As Ray has pointed out the character was never more than a bit of a lark and only a certain cadre of malicious idiots ever cared about who is creator was, like all attempts at humour he did not always hit his marks but he was a lot of fun while he lasted and through his writing here at the Sandpit I was sometimes shocked, often very amused, but always happy to hear a voice from a different political perspective.

I have not a single regret about Socky’s sojourn here at the Sandpit, not one. To see my most strident critics having conniptions about the very existence of a fictional character and their herculean efforts to “expose” or out him made me literally roll about the place in fits of laughter, fortunately most people got the joke and just went with it and looking back upon the archive of Socky’s posts you will see  good humoured mockery and satire more  than anything else. To be brutally frank there were times when I did not like the spin that Ray gave Socky but I always gave him complete freedom to play the character as he pleased and the result was more hits than misses by my calculation.

It comes down to this I think that the best discussions and debates about politics happen when you get people form all viewpoints discussing the issues. when you just have people from just a narrow part of the political spectrum chanting the same songs together  it is fundamentally rather dull. Now I write this blog for my own personal entertainment and as a place where I can vent when I see what I think is public stupidity from our politicians, a place to share those amusing snippets that I come across as I trawl the net and generally just as a place where I can hang out in cyberspace.      My vision for the Sandpit has become one where we can have pieces from a variety of perspectives that inspire  spirited discussion with a sense of good humoured fun. I will continue to welcome comments from all comers as long as they meet the criteria of my comments policy but by the same token I would still write if any regulars decide to play elsewhere.

I write this blog for me and the fact that it gets pretty good traffic these days is arsenic in the lattes of those strident critics who seem to be eternally hoping that I will just fade away. The Sandpit is here to stay and each new day will find me posting something that I hope will amuse our readers and get them thinking about the world that we all share and how we can all try to make it a better place for the future.

Cheers Comrades


I am happy to announce that Ray Dixon has decided to accept my offer  to post here at the Sandpit in his own name. This is something that we have been considering for sometime, well at least for as long as the bacon has been curing.

Cheers indeed Comrades

The modern gleaners

In our consumer society the endless cycle of product replacement in our homes is not so likely to be driven by the need to replace an item as it is by the desire to replace. The net result is that perfectly usable items are thrown away.

STREET SAVVY: Students Ronnie Lawton and Craig Spletter with their haul. Nathan Richter Source: The Courier-Mail

FOR many Brisbane students, scavenging is the new eBay. Cash-strapped uni students unable to afford new furniture are turning to kerbside collection piles to furnish their homes.

Residents around Brisbane’s northside have been putting out piles of unwanted furniture, whitegoods and general rubbish for the council to collect as part of its biennial kerbside large items collection service.

But council workers may find little left to collect, with roadsides acting as a kind of underground bazaar.

Exercise science student Alex Eviston, 20, recently found a working microwave and a couch and said he doubted their former owners would mind.

As a commentator to the article points out it is not just students who manage to glean some treasures from this practice and I was amused to note that the Council up here is actually unperturbed by people gleaning treasures from this trash:

A Brisbane City Council spokesman said the council had not received any complaints about this particular form of clandestine furniture shopping.

“People can basically take what’s left,” he said.

“Households are leaving things out the front and whether students take it or others take it isn’t our concern. Council’s job is really just to collect what’s left on collection day.”

This is a somewhat more enlightened attitude than I noted when I last mentioned the road side collections in a previous post at this blog , Oh hang on that was about the deep south where they are rather less enlightend than we are up here

Cheers Comrades


PS Maybe Socky could get some of the things he needs this way  to refurnish his home after his recent disaster , anyway  to help him along I am going to double what I pay him for his pieces here, that way he might just be able to afford to  get the old steam powered computer ( a commodore 64) working rather than use the public library computer  to post his extraordinary insights into life the universe and every thing.

WTF is this? A blog about having a Groupshit in a toilet?

logo small

Guest post by SockPuppet

I have to bring to youse attention the ermergerance this week of a new entrance into the ozblogofsfere that has some very shady and seemy characters and that what stinks a lot on account it’s about going to the toilet as the masthead and twitter logo here confurms.

twittercon_biggerThem logos belong on toilet doors and so does, well, most of what’s written on this new vershin of Grods reheated as a souffle but what is really toliet humour that ain’t even clever and not even funny.

Toilet1Theys talking aboout drugs, poofs, vampires, Willie Nelson and some tool in a bottle. WTF? I am next to beside myself with bemoosement and bewildermint cos ain’t nuthing funny here so far and no larfs to be had and that stoned out drug adder bloke writes stuff what makes me wanna spew. Even my little mate who looks like Dermie is off the boil and seems to have lost his mojo. (a MojO is what you got when you can write like me)

I think Scooter Boy Ridge & Can’t Rogerher (ha, ha, that’s my clever cover for Scott & Ant) have really f*cked up with this one. Flush it boyos before it groupstinks out the whole Intermints. As Rex Hunt says if it smells like a fish and tastes like a vaginer … It’s shitenhauser!!!



(Footnotes & pS: This is just my opinionion and not neccessary the onion of the owner of Casa de Hall so if the Scooter Boy and the Can’t wantsa sue some indervidewal for libralling youse send all your lawyer’s rits to SockPuppet c/- the post office in South Cranbourne Vic and if I am ever out that way – I never beren there before – I will pick them up)

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