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Wiggly party

The pair were convicted in the South Australian District Court in Mount Gambier last month of two counts each of incest relating to the conception of their daughter, Celeste, born last year, and another baby who died in 2001, a few days after birth, from a congenital heart defect.

Under Australian law, convicted criminals cannot profit directly from their crimes.

Hamish Thomson, the executive producer of 60 Minutes, was quoted in News Ltd publications yesterday confirming that money was offered to the couple.

“We bought them some clothes and they might have to move town and we have offered to give them some money to cover the costs of their move, if that happens,” he was quoted as saying.

A South Australia Police spokesman said officers from the south-east district, which encompasses Mount Gambier, were looking into the case.

The Brisbane Times

Cheque Book Journalism, where would tabloid television be with out it?  What is really sad about  this story is that  the producers of programs  like Sixty Minutes know that paying criminals for their story ins both morally reprehensible and illegal and yet they still seek a way to get around the rules when doing so ensures that they get some juicy ratings fodder like the story of this deluded couple.

“moving expenses” ? Bah!

I wonder what wiggle room are they trying to find to pay for Davo’s story now that the gag order has expired?

Cheers Comrades


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