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Labor Leadership: #QandA Sets Trap For ALP Members

Such a thorough analysis of the choice facing the ALP that I just could not ignore it and hence I reblog the post in the hope that my own readers will likewise appreciate you efforts here .
Cheers Comrade Yale !

Taxi driver and the Golem

r847085_7964883It is said that Cabbies are the political barometers of a society and I’m happy to acknowledge that. driving people around everyday lets you see and hear what is important to them. Occasionally when they drive around  aspirants for high office like Bill Shorten they can also provide insights in to the sort of leader they might  be if and when they attain that which the covet.With that in mind I was rather amused by this anecdote that my brother alerted me to this morning.

Once inside the vehicle, Mr Shorten became “abrasive” while giving directions to the Jones Street entrance of the university, David said.

“Shorten got in the front, I knew he was straight away, he didn’t say hello to me or anything.

“He kept saying ‘we’re going to UTS, it’s in the city’, he was really aggressive, he looked like Golem,” David told The Daily Telegraph. “He was quite loud, looking down his nose at me … He was very intimidating.”

David then told Mr Shorten: “You don’t have to yell at me, I’m just dropping you to where you want to go.”

The cab driver, who also shared his experience with 2GB’s Steve Price last night, also said Mr Shorten appeared to be arranging a planted question with a person on the other end of the mobile phone.

“He got straight on the phone to someone and said ‘Hey big boy, ask me this – Albo will be fine with it … ask us the type of prime minister we would like to be remembered as.”

A very similar question was asked of the two prospective leaders last night, to which Mr Shorten replied: “If I was to be prime minister I’d like to be known as the prime minister for the powerless, the disempowered, the people who don’t have a voice in our society.”

Following the prickly conversation, David said Mr Shorten attempted to apologise.

“He wound the window up. He had fear in his eyes, like he was thinking ‘oh s***, I shouldn’t have done this.”

David said one of the men in the back seat paid the fare of $15.60 when they arrived at the destination.

“The guy paid in cash, $15.60 bang on, no tip, three 20 cent pieces.”

Hmm doesn’t this story suggest a couple of things about our Bill?
Firstly it suggests that despite a career in the union movement Shorten does not treat working people like Dave the Cabbie with much respect, and secondly he and his cronies don’t seem to understand that giving a driver a small gratuity is important when they are only earning a very modest hourly rate. All in all its not a such a good look for Shorten.
I do however love the description of Shorten as Golem  which is an image that I just can’t get out of my head!
Cheers Comrades
The resemblance is uncanny

The resemblance is uncanny

Sould Bill Shorten be on suicide watch?

Hands up anyone who is a fan of “Yes minister“, OK now tell me is Bill Shorten not working from one of the scripts in this interview! My oh my how the Labor party lurches like a drunken sailor from one misstep to another! Heck,  Shorten even looks like he is suicidally depressed in the vision, he certainly has absolutely no enthusiasm for the message he is tasked with selling. Maybe that is how the Gillard government will end. Some poor MP may just decide that the whole sorry Saga that is the current Labor government is too shameful to live with and that suicide is a more honourable end than sticking around to share the ignoble dissolution of this  excuse for a government. From the looks of his demeanour it looks to me as if poor bill Shorten should be on suicide watch, he should clearly be kept away form the drug cabinet, sharp knives, stout rope  and any sort of firearms.

Cheers Comrades

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