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Hang em High

Personally I think that even had the victim of this brutal and terrible crime lived the men who raped her should have faced the gallows, now that she has succumbed to her injuries her attackers will face a well deserved appointment with the rope.

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As the example of the surviving Jihadist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab from the Mumbai  massacre shows India does execute murdering scum-bags swiftly enough for justice to be served  without having a drearily endless drawn out appeals process. Justice delayed is justice denied in my book and the girls in the picture are right, “Murderers should be hanged” not just in India but here as well.

Cheers Comrades

hangman noose on own

Welcome to the 2010 ‘Dikshit’ Commonwealth Games

There has been a lot of hype about New Delhi not being ready for next week’s Commonwealth games.

It’s all a media beat-up. We should just listen to the person in charge. The one who really knows. 

Delhi’s Mayor (or chief minister): 

Indian officials tried to downplay the incident, with Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit saying:

“Do not make it look like the whole thing has collapsed. They are not insurmountable problems. For the past month there have been incessant rains. Sure it is a problem, but not a major one.”

Sheila is right, this is a piffling problem. Who needs a footbridge anyway? It’s no big deal. Let them walk across the freeway to the stadium; it’s all part of the Delhi experience.

And just because the engineering company behind the collapsed footbridge also built the steel supports for the main stadium and the netball & cyling venues is no reason to worry either.

Okay, the roof in the wrestling arena has caved in too and the athletes’ accommodation is a filthy shambles after being used to house the workers and left in a mess complete with dog turds. So what? Welcome to India – get used to it!

Look, just because they “used the same steel and concrete in-fill methods to build the orange aerial pedestrian walkways that, in 10 days, must support thousands of spectators as they enter the JLN stadium” is no cause for concern. There won’t be any Indian spectators getting killed; they can’t afford the tickets!

And don’t worry about the integrity of the refitted existing stadium that was already riddled with concrete cancer. It’s only got to stand up for 2 weeks. Heck, I’ve known cancer patients to survive for years!

No, these buildings were specifically designed with the limited skills of Indian construction workers in mind. You can rest assured with these soothing words from the Aussie architects that all will be fine:

Australian architectural firm Peddle Thorp is behind at least five Commonwealth Games venues. Architect Chris Godsell said … he was “not at all surprised” to hear of Tuesday’s bridge collapse.”We went there with 21st century ideas and found a workforce still really stuck in the 19th century,” Mr Godsell said. “You’re talking about shapes and forms from the 21st century; you can draw them on a computer but then you put a computer beside the Indian workforce and you couldn’t find two things further apart.

So what’s the problem? Come on over. There’s more chance you’ll be killed by a terrorist than a collapsed building. Welcome to the Dikshit Games!

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