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Adults rooting/dating school kids – is it right when they are just a kid?

 By SockPuppet ~ your thinking mans social commentrator


I know the age of consent is 16.

 And I know that we do not and should not discriminate against gay & lesbians.

 But sumthing about this story …. oh you read it and I will say what I think underneath.

Underneath the quote.

 At the foot. At the arse end:

A SAME-sex couple are overjoyed after James Fallon High School overturned a ban on their attendance at the school’s debutante ball.

Year 11 student Sami Burgess, 17, had hoped to take her partner Karlina Macartney, 21, to the September 19 event.

Ms Burgess said she had sought permission from the principal, but was denied.

“She called me and said others will find it socially unacceptable,” she said.

“I told my mates and they were very unhappy with it and started the petition.”

More than 250 people have signed the petition and parents have contacted the school, resulting in the ban being overturned.

Ms Burgess said the story was not about her, but all gay people.

She said one other person had wanted to take a same-sex partner to the ball, but did not ask because they knew they would be refused.

“I want this to be for everyone in every school,” Ms Burgess said.

Everyone should have the right in society to be able to go as a same-sex couple.”

She said James Fallon was a good school with staff helping her with problems in the past.

A NSW Department of Education and Communities spokesman said the decision was not made on gender.

“It was based on the practice of encouraging students to select partners from within year 11, or to avoid someone with a significant age difference or a current boyfriend or girlfriend.

“The principal finalised the decision after reconsidering the strength of the student’s commitment to the issue and discussion with the student’s parents.”

What I think:

Look at her. Sami I mean.

Shes just a little girl.

Then look at 21 year old Karlina.

Shes an adult.

Clearly an adult.

So why is an adult cradle snatching a year 11 very young looking SCHOOL girl into a leso relationship?

They might be only 4 years age different but on looks at least you reckon this looks like non-predatory stuff?

Where and how did they meet?

How did this kid get hooked up with this adult?

How old was she when they firtst became “partners” 15?

And why does an adult wanna go to a year 11 school deb?

So many questions.

I dunno and I dont like to judge a book by its cover but the question – the big question – needs to arsked:

Should full grown adults – male or female – be having sex with school girls in year 11. That look like Sami?

This is a bit like those two AFL footballers a few years ago who rooted a 16 year old schoolgirl innit?

Go figure. Maybe there needs to be a review of age of consent with school kids and adults.

It just seems wrong.

I just raise the questions here dont shoot me.

This is worth questions I think.

That is all.

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