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Becoming a Rockstar Fan

Its no secret that I have  taken an interest in console gaming since “Santa” delivered a PS3 to Chez Hall last Christmas. But I have been struck by just how disappointing some  of the actual games on offer are, ah well that just means that when I find a good one, it is just so much better by comparison. For instance I think that I mentioned that I had bought Mafia II and to be honest I did enjoy the good aspects of that game, the cars and the period music were great but it was far to mission only , you had to do the missions to drive the narrative forward and while you could take little detours to do some free play that was largely pointless because there was nothing to do and to top that off the world was not realised as   a true sand box which would allow you to really explore and immerse yourself in it. The Music in that game was excellent with tracks that I recognised but there was only three stations and  a play-list that was just not extensive enough to give you enough variety. Anyway when I had played it through I felt very little desire to replay it so I traded it in for “Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare” which I have been playing while I await the arrival of “Red Dead Redemption” proper which I know will get here today from the UK. Now despite the things that I have written about the campaign for a R 18 classification for games I have done precisely what any grown up can do if they really want an adult game and that is to buy it on-line. Back to “Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare” the game was originally a derivative of RDR and I got it not for the zombie killing (which is strangely satisfying BTW) but to become more familiar with the game world and the control layout that it shares with RDR  I just love the graphics and the way that the world has been so beautifully rendered so this makes it the third tick of approval that I am willing to give Rockstar games. The first was for Grand Theft Auto IV, the second was for “Liberty City Stories”  and I am more than happy to give “Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare” a pretty big tick as well even though the narrative is rather limited and just a little silly. As for “Red Dead Redemption” proper I’ll let you know how it goes but I can’t help thinking that one of the friends of this blog who is fond of Clint Eastwood westerns  would love this game.

While we one on the subject of good gaming can I suggest that the upcoming game, also from Rockstar, might just be the future for “grown up” gaming ?

By Grown up I don’t just mean games with more realistic depiction of sex or  death and destruction,  but gaming that stimulates  the intellect and allows you to enter into the narrative in a truly engaging way. I previously wrote about Heavy Rain which was a more adult game but did not quite make it for a number of reasons. L A Noire on the other hand may just be, dare I say it , a game changer .

Cheers Comrades


The Labor dog finally to resist the wagging effort from the Greens tail

But if your political dog is being wagged by its tail, docking may actually be a very good idea...

It was very nicer to read in the OZ this morning that the federal back bench of the Labor party is finally realising that Joolia  letting the Greens set their agenda on the government is not such a good idea. Frankly it is a very good way to both loose uberleft voters to the Greens (why vote for the wagged when you can vote for the wagger?) and a good way to lose their traditional supporters (why vote for the wagged when you can vote the party that will stand up for ordinary Aussies?).

Those Labor  members on the back benches have the most to lose should the bill proposed by Brown  get up. No that is not quite correct, the terminally ill have the most to lose because were this bill to get up it would be an express lane to legalising euthanasia and Gay marriage. The former is of course something that can so easily be the subject of abuse by those who stand to gain by the demise of a terminally ill person* and the latter is simply window dressing for a Gay agenda to remould the wider community in the shape of the gay subculture. (how long will it be before this type of trousers become part of school uniforms ? 😉  )

The ALP members are  realising that they may need the Greens to hold office now but if they want to dock that annoying tail after the next election then they had better make sure that they still have a viable dog in the mean time.

Cheers Comrades

*isn’t it amazing that those who are so “for” euthanasia are so often anti-capital punishment?

Relax, it’s just sex (or missogony or rape, take your pick)

I'm buying one for Laura

The T-shirt that shocked Queensland

Some people want to ban this T-shirt showing a woman bound & and gagged with the slogan: “Relax it’s just sex.”

They say it promotes violence against women.

But there are some pretty mixed views  (and mixed-up ones too) about this garment.

Let’s take a look and see who is right and whether this Tshirt is all bad, neither here nor there or f*cken great!

Queensland’s Minister for Women, Karen Struthers, wants shops to stop selling it: 

“There’s nothing good here. It’s not erotic, it’s not pornography, it’s just absolute violence,”

But Matt Rooke the Oz distributor says it’s just for people who like kinky sex. Max reckons Ms Struthers is just being a prude and “ridiculous” by demanding shops remove his best seller. He says politicians should not tell people what they can wear (obviously he’s never heard of Cory Bernardi the Liberal MP who wants to publically derobe Muslim women):

“We don’t advocate any sort of violence against women, or anybody for that matter,” Max said. “It’s a bondage T-shirt, which is just certain people’s own interpretation of sex.”

Back to Ms Struthers:

“… we’ve got to actually draw a line here about what becomes violence and what portrays women in a way that says violence against women is acceptable. And that’s what this does.”

“The evidence shows that the more women continue to be portrayed in the media and advertising as objects of sexual gratification, as objects for physical violation, the more that produces attitudes in young boys, young men, older men that it’s OK to physically violate and sexually violate women. The evidence is very clear.”

And feminist academic Catharine Lumby of UNSW is “concerned” (but confused!):

“I’m concerned about any sort of T-shirt or banner or poster or any public form of expression that is encouraging people to view women as sexual objects, or as objects to be attacked,” she said.

But Professor Lumby says it is a mistake to think that banning T-shirts can stop sexual assaults.”Do I think that those things cause sexual assault? No.”

“What causes sexual assault are attitudes and they might be reinforced by T-shirts or banners, but they start much younger,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter what the woman’s wearing. It doesn’t matter what the man is wearing or what videos he’s watching. What matters is behaviour and attitudes towards women – they are the things we need to change. What matters is getting very good education into schools about sexual ethics.”

Huh? So does she want them banned or not? This is chicken & egg stuff – I think we just have to make up our own minds. I dunno if you can ban Tshirts but I guess if you ban Burqas like Cory wants to then you have crossed that line into the fashion fascists police and we will be having our cops going round ripping clothes off people in public and exposing their breasts instead of handing out speeding fines and raiding bikie gangs like they should be doing.

I would not wear this Tshirt and I reckon any bloke who does is kindar making a statement about one thing or the other. I mean, if you went to the pub wearing one you are not going to have much luck with most chicks you try to chat up. Its a bit of a giveaway that you are either a rapist a missoginist or a sexual deveant.

Well At least you’d know that any chick who likes your fashion style is your kind of gal. And if one actually chats you up Ii reckon you would know shes ready and willing to popbackhome for a bit of hardcore S&M. It pays to advertise.

But if you wore it down the local supermarket you might as well carry a sign that says ‘out of my way – I am a sicko’.  on the plus side you are gunna be given a pretty wide berth in the isles and not have to fight your way past old ladies and mums with their screaming snottienosed kids.

Then there is the issue of is this another example of the pornification of society that is desensatising the minds of males and teaching young kids and old farts too that its okay to portrait women this way as sex objects?

The antiporn arguments have been attacked and shot down by some bloggers who say its an “anything goes” world of porn. They say censorship of any kind is bad but porn is good and does not hurt nobody. But some of those same bloggers also say we should not demeen women as sex slaves to the lusty desires of men so they would be contradicting themselves if they say this Tshirt is okay and people have a right to sell it and a right to wear it.

And then there is the argument put forward above by the minster and the feminist academic that it is not pornographhy but violence against women that the T shirt is portraiting and encouraging as an acceptable norm. It depends on your perspextive I suppose. We see a lot of violence on TV and on computer iphone games too. Chopping off peoples heads and kicking the shit out of them is everywhere. 

Its a very vexed question and I dunno about this Tshirt and what to make of it. But I might by one for Laura – she likes to being tied up.

Getting gays straight about voting Green

You do not need a wedding certificate to have gay sex

I am sorry to start your day off Iain with a photo of two blokes kissing but this gay marriage campaign is a farce. Its time I stepped in and straightened out a few miscontraceptions that are being deliberately pushed by the internets leading gay marriage advocate like this one:

Here in Australia, we have the two biggest parties determined to discriminate against gay and lesbian people for as long as possible, despite neither of them having an argument any stronger than “that’s the way John Howard defined it”.

I don’t know how anybody with a sense of justice or fairness could give their first preference to either of them.

It’s bullshit!

This is nothing more than a dirty political trick designed to mislead Australian poofters and lesbians into voting Green. No wonder they are getting 12% in the polls.

The Marriage Act does not discriminate (except against someone’s age*). It does not say “if you are homosexual you cannot get married” or “if you are a lesbian you cannot get married”.

Lots of gays get married. All the time. Think about it.

Does the priest say to a bride & groom, “Do you, Harold, take it up the rear?” Or, “Do you, Doris, go muff diving on a regular basis?” No. He doesn’t. He doesn’t even care. He might even be gay himself. If hes a Catholic he definitely is. 

And when you sign a marriage certificate does it say, “Tick here if you are gay.” No. The law does not care either.

Poofs & Lesbos already have the same rights as any other man or woman to be married and can marry a man if they are a woman and vice versa.

This is not discrimination. Marriage is not about sex or who you have sex with. Since when did you have to be married to have gay sex? Or real sex? With anyone?

I am not married to Laura but she has sex with me (and lots of other blokes) all the time. She has it with women too. Big deal. And Norm who owns BlueGums where I live is married but he has sex with the permanents in exchange for site fees. Man or woman. See?

Gay people of Australia – do not be fooled by the likes of the blogger I quoted who is beating this gay drum. He is not in tune. He is not even gay!

This is a Greens Party conspiracy to take control of our government.

The Greens dont even care about gay marriage. They dont believe in any kind of marriage. They are communists and hedonists who only believe in free love, free money, free drugs and no ties whatsoever. Get it?

The Greens will ruin the country and send gays to detention camps and, instead, let all the boat people take over. They will close down our power plants and make the boat people work on low wages to grow vegetables and marijuana to feed all the other Greens.

And finally, they will stop the internet filter and let all the pedo stuff in and … *lower the age of consent* so they can have sex with whoever they like.

They are sickos. 

I am not kidding.

Poofs & lesbians you have been warned.

(Authorised jointly by The Australian Sex Party & Steve Fielding of Family First)

The Herald Sun asks the big question:

And I answer it:

Who the bloody hell cares?

No sex please, we’re NSW police

“Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?” 

Would you say no?

This poor girl just wanted a root, so she joined the police force where she thought she might find some real men who would give her one or two (hundred).

What is wrong with that? What is wrong with NSW coppers, are they all gay?

This story speaks for itself  and I am almost speechless that this girl was knocked back again & again. Then they sacked her!

She should try Melbourne where there are lots of desperate men who would not say no to a head job in a dunny. 

A POLICE officer who was sacked after begging colleagues for sex has lost her unfair dismissal claim.

Within days of being posted Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor to have an affair because “everyone knows you’re supposed to fall in love with your buddy”.

A month later, after he turned her down, she told him: “Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?”

The Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney heard that Ms Parfrey also offered an officer oral sex in a pub toilet and carpark and later propositioned another, saying: “I know you want me.”

Both men refused.

She tried to call another colleague 12 times, left six text messages and then offered to help him study for his police exams by stripping off an item of clothing for every question he got correct. He refused.

Ms Parfrey was sacked from the police in September 2007, five months into her probation.

Nothing more to say.

The Premier and the barmaid: Did he do her or didn’t he? And if not why not? And if so who gives a sh*t?

This American barmaid made lots of money for having sex. I guess that means she's a self admitted prostitute?

I am most surprised to read the steamy allegations  made by the peroxide blonde American barmaid Michelle that she “fell under the spell” of South Australian Premier Mike Rann and had really sick sex with him: on his desk .. on his office floor … on a golf course … and in a dunny!

But what surprises me most is not that he would do her if given the chance. I mean, why the hell not? No, what surprise me is that SHE would actually do HIM in first place. He’s not exactly Errol Flynn or Tom Cruise or Engelbert Humperdinck or Julio Iglasis now is he? There’s no sexual attraction pouring out of Mike’s pours. – he looks more like a poofter choir boy. Well, he IS from Adelaide.

Good luck to Mikey if he did actually get it in and get it off with her but I reckon this thing might have been cooked up by Michelle and her “estranged” husband who just happens to be going to court next week for … wait for it … assaulting Mike Rann with a rolled up magazine!

I reckon the $200,000 she got for telling the porkies about porking might just cover Mr Michelle’s legal costs, who can now go to the Judge and say:

“Your honour, I had good reason to belt him – he f*cked my wife.”

That is all. It’s only South Australia, which doesn’t really count. Who gives a sh*t?

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