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Brand new boats for their return journey.


As  one who has steadfastly refused to believe the rhetoric from the usual suspects that it would be impossible to successfully turn back boats I take more than a little pleasure in the reports that boats are being very successfully turned back and I envision those lily-livered lefties choking on their cornflakes with every new story of  a successful turn back.

Those disposable orange life boats are looking like a very good investment indeed …

Indonesian media reported that a large orange lifeboat washed up on Pangandaran Beach on Wednesday night.

Ciamis police inspector Firmaansyah was quoted as saying that the 34 asylum-seekers appeared to be from Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

“The boat was like an orange-coloured capsule made of fibreglass,” Mr Firmaansyah told Kompas.com.

The boat was closed, with ventilation windows on the top. Inside police found the remains of food and drink.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed the purchase of several large lifeboats, which are known to be used in turn-back operations.

Wednesday’s arrival was the second known instance of the boats having been deployed.

Authorities have begun using the boats in order to stop asylum-seekers from preventing their return to Indonesia by scuttling their own boat.

Yesterday’s news means at least six boatloads of asylum-seekers have now been turned back to Indonesia, either in their own vessels or on the Australian-supplied lifeboats.

The high number of turn-backs coupled with the absence of new boat arrivals suggest turn-backs have become routine procedure, rather than aberrations.


I can’t help but recall a certain gentleman, now in a provincial legal practice*, who was so passionately arguing that we should return people smugglers’ boats so they could be of a better quality and less likely to sink with a resultant loss of life. I can’t help but enjoy a few moments of schardenfraude at the latest as the Australian government goes one better and gives  each new cohort of “asylum seekers” brand new boats for their return journey. Oh how the breakfast conversation in that house in NSW must be a total joy as that legal professional tries to find new reasons why the success of turning back the boats is in fact a failure…

Pardon my cavort with  nostalgia and  imagination but I think that its a very good thing for our nation that those on the left were so wrong about turning back the boats, clearly it can be done and Indonesia has not and will not go to war over us over the return of “asylum seekers” as anyone without the disability  of a jellied  spinal column has been saying for years.

Cheers Comrades


*name withheld to protect the slow witted and wilfully blind.
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