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The curse of interesting times

The Chinese curse is “may you live in interesting times” and that certainly seems to be the case at present since the changes in the Senate have brought the Palmer party into play. They certainly have shown themselves to be totally out of their depth and it must be vexatious to be obliged to deal with them to get important legislation through the upper house.  They have done a good job of proving that they are just as loopy as the Greens with the debacle of their attempts to amend the Carbon tax to add punitive measures against any businesses that fails to pass on the savings to their customers shows that they are in their own way greener than the loopy Greens.


Even so its better than having the Labor/Greens holding the senate in their hot little hands, still not a great option but definitely better than what went before  but am I the only one who is wishing that Clive would succumb to the negative consequences of his obesity?   Because I can’t decide if he is more objectionable in the media saturation that he has achieved that the whining sanctimony that we get from Christine  Milne and Sarah Hanson Young?

Dreaming of a little boredom Comrades

fandari frontale

Spuds and Greens

This morning I considered writing about Sarah Hansen-Young* ludicrous opinion piece entitled A lesson for the majors where she says without a hint of irony :

Despite a decisive swing to the conservative side of politics, the Greens still managed to increase their vote in both Houses, even if it is unlikely to result in extra seats. If preferences had flowed similarly to 2006, the Greens would have won the Lower House seats of Melbourne, Richmond and Brunswick.

As a certain character in an Aussie film would have said “she’s dreaming” Perhaps the South Australian Senator is suffering Jet lag from her holiday* excursion to Thailand. the reality is that she is living in the past and trying to deny that the Greens have peaked

But no I thought to my self after Socky’s deep and meaningful post below I thought the need here at the Sandpit is for something in a lighter vein and what could be better than a story about a bloke who has lived on nothing but spuds for two months:

Chris Voigt, the executive director of the Washington Potato Commission wrote on his website that he took up the challenge to “remind the public about the nutritional value of potatoes,” and show it was possible to live healthily off potatoes alone for an extended period of time.

Beginning on October 1 and ending today, Mr Voigt ate nothing but 20 potatoes a day – the only allowance being cooking oil and a light topping of seasonings or herbs.

For Thanksgiving, he ate his holiday meal with a twist – mashed potatoes fashioned into a “turkey”, fake gravy care of a bouillon cube and potato starch and for dessert, fake pumpkin pie.

During his challenge, Mr Voigt said he lost 9.5 kilograms, his cholesterol level went from 214 to 147, and his glucose dropped from 104 to 94.

If ever there was a wonder food it has to be the humble spud.  In this house we have some popular culinary variations on the humble spud, like finely chopped parsley folded through creamy mashed potato or roast potatoes flavoured with fresh rosemary even the elegant simplicity of steamed spuds goes down very well. So dear readers what is your favourite spud variation?

Cheers Comrades

* The Raison D’Etre for this trip is for the senator to “inspect” refugee camps but you would think that a “Green” would be very much aware of how much Co2 this sort of junket would add to the atmosphere… Hmm that is obviously not the sort of clear hypocrisy that Hansen-Young cares about.
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