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Mt Mee and singing in the rain

The day has arrived, yep its the day upon which I usually get my annual dose of god bothering. You see each year I usually go to the local Carols on the mountain up at the Mount Mee show-grounds. But its raining here at present and they predict that this weather may well continue all day and that it may even intensify into a heavy rain this evening.

It will be a shame if it is washed out because its one of those events that brings the local community up here on the mountain together, we say our ‘hail fellow well met(s)” and share  mutual acknowledgement and the sort of trivialities that are the communal glue of any society. I will also be a shame for our children who enjoy the theatre of the event and even for unbelievers like me there will be the disappointment of not having an opportunity to explain to my son that there are some admirable aspects to the Christian template for a good society once you strip away the supernatural nonsense and undeliverable promises of an afterlife of eternal adoration and  servitude  to the deity. What is not to like about kindness to our fellows, forgiveness to those who wrong us, honesty and respect to others? Mostly though I just like Christmas with its feasting and gift giving to those who we love. I also love the conceits and theatre of the festival. For instance I just adore the patter with my son when I talk about what Santa may be bringing him this year.

“There is no Santa dad” my boy tells me every time and I always pretend to be shocked at his statement.

“Of course there is” I repeatedly insist even though I know he is not buying it.

“We all know that its you who buys the presents” he shoots back with one of those grins that melts my heart

Which of course leads into some far from subtle hints about just what those presents should be.

Mean while my lovely daughter points out that my Ebay search list has a new category that is consistent with her own hearts desire and I just smile…

Cheers Comrades


Well this is Christmas and Julia is more naughty than nice

Over the last couple of months the usual suspects have been rather heartened by Labor’s improved position in the esteem of the voting public  which has seen them standing stronger because they have obviously thought that Labor had the smallest hope of being returned at the next election, A perfect example of travelling in hope I suppose the latest news poll however will give them a reason to be depressed again though.

click for source

click for source

I just makes me think that maybe this should be Labor’s theme song:

I know what Julia wants for Christmas but her problem is that the voting Santas have mostly  put Julia on the Naughty list and that means a lump of coal rather than the present of their vote….

Cheers Comrades


Sleigh tech

For those who need to know just hoe he does it

For those who need to know just how he does it

A friend forwarded this to me so I thought it would be good to share …

Cheers Comrades


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