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Rule 303 works

The usual suspects have been suggesting that changes to our laws intended to address concerns about the ISIS jihadis are “unnecessary” Yet we wake this morning two police officers are recovering from knife wounds and a young man was shot dead.

One shot dead, two stabbed in Melbourne


A TEEN terror suspect under investigation for making threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott was shot dead by police last night after stabbing a Victorian police officer and a federal police agent.

The injured officers, both from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team, are in hospital in a stable condition.

A bomb squad expert suits up to explore Endeavour Hills police station. Picture ; Mike Keating

The 18-year-old man, who was under surveillance over his threats against Mr Abbott, met police outside Endeavour Hills police station, in Melbourne’s southeast, about 7.45pm.

Senior intelligence sources confirmed that the terrorism suspect had been among a number of people whose passports were recently cancelled.It is believed that the man was well known to police, and had displayed Islamic State flags in the local Dandenong shopping centre.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner southern region Luke Cornelius said police had arranged to meet with the Narre Warren man because of concerns about his behaviour.

But an altercation started after he arrived at the police station, which led the teenager to produce a knife. He allegedly stabbed the federal agent multiple times, while the Victoria Police officer was stabbed twice in the forearm.

The Victorian Police officer discharged a single fatal shot.

“Obviously both members are in shock but we are doing everything when can to provide them with support and assistance in what is for any police officer an incredibly difficult and challenging time,’’ Mr Cornelius said.


There is no doubt for me that the police officer who shot this man did precisely the right thing the young would be Jihadist has got his wish to be “martyred” and we can be thankful that he did not succeed in taking anyone with him and if nothing else it proves that “rule 303″works. I expect that there will now be a flurry of the usual suspects insisting that the police did not have to kill this young man, or that he was a “child”.

The police did the right thing the threat was quickly neutralized and anyone who thinks the Jihadists are no threat should hang their heads in shame.

Cheers Comrades

 Police investigate the shooting. Picture: Mike Keating Source: News Limited

Police investigate the shooting. Picture: Mike Keating Source: News Limited

Shoot the prick???? or has Julian been reading too much John le Carre?

Am I the only one who is utterly sick and tired of hearing about this sad little prick Julian Assange? While I don’t advocate that his actions deserve a capital sanction it seems that many in the USA would be happy to apply rule “303” to the ex-pat Aussie.
What has surprised me is that only now has a whole mess of keyboard warriors swung into action to make Wikileaks a pariah of the internet. Frankly I don’t know why this has not happened sooner. The question is can this site be driven to the same sort of locations as that other most undesirable stuff of the ether? In other words how long will it be before this site has to share servers with the purveyors of child pornography? Which is just a little more welcome than the trivial trash that this site has been recently infesting the web with. My Latte-sipping™ friends are of course falling over themselves to offer fawning excuses for this idiot thinking that he is doing something good and noble.

There has been chatter in technology circles that the attacks are the work of governments displeased with WikiLeaks, though that is impossible to prove, given the anonymity of the web.

Someone portraying himself as an American patriot took credit for the first spate of disruptions to the site, a claim that security experts said was credible.

On Friday, the French government moved to ban WikiLeaks from servers there, saying it was ”unacceptable” that companies in France were hosting a ”criminal” website.

And the US-based online financial transactions service PayPal has said it will stop taking donations for WikiLeaks, a move that WikiLeaks blamed on ”US government pressure”.

As the cyber attacks increased last week, WikiLeaks sought refuge on the servers of the bookseller Amazon, only to be booted at the request of the US Democratic senator Joe Lieberman.

As WikiLeaks moved around the web, Mr Assange hit back at moves by the Australian government to aid in his prosecution.

”[The federal Attorney-General] Robert McClelland is a US suckhole, worse than [John] Howard on [David] Hicks, and needs to go,” he wrote on his Twitter account, which is followed by about 360,000 people.

On Saturday, Mr Assange said it was ”impossible” to return to Australia because of comments by Mr McClelland and the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who labelled his actions ”illegal”.

But yesterday Mr McClelland seemed to offer some concession to the Townsville-born former hacker, saying: ”Mr Assange is entitled to the same rights as any other Australian citizen.

”This includes the right to return to Australia and also to receive consular assistance while he is overseas if that is requested.”

Mr Assange also revealed that more than 100,000 people had downloaded an ”insurance” file containing an encrypted version of the cables, and the key to that code would be released if ”something happens to us”.

To the  Latte-sipping™ set he has become something of a hero but looking at the the bigger picture has he actually made any part of the world a better place? Has any thing so far revealed been a catalyst for some greater good? The last thing that made a big splash was that gun sight recording from Iraq and I think that the only thing that it ended up showing was that mistakes are made in the heat of battle. Well Doh! Like we did not already know that 🙄


The part that I have emboldened in the above should once and for all prove that this man is nothing but a self serving blackmailer who has been reading too many John Le Carre novels. Frankly there is only one thing to say to such blackmail and that is “fuck you!”. If he has a case to answer in Sweden then lets see him before a court there and if he has broken any US law lets see him swiftly extradited because I am sure that they have a vacancy in one of their  comfy federal prisons….



Cheers Comrades    


Justifible homicide?

Assuming that the killer was not acting from a personal motive…

radar enforcement

Police officers were called to the radar enforcement vehicle after reports of gunfire late on Sunday, and they found the employee shot several times, the said.

The victim, 51, was taken to a local hospital, where he died from his gunshot wounds, the department said.

He worked for RedFlex Traffic Systems, which has a contract with DPS to operate speed camera vehicles on the state’s highways.

Police said they were treating the shooting as a homicide and were searching for a man driving a white Chevrolet Suburban, a popular SUV.

Arizona is the first US state to implement a state-wide speed camera system.

There is no one among us who has not thought, maybe only for the briefest time, that rule 303 should be used against that that instrument of taxation, the speed camera, or one of its operators, who must rate lower than parking inspectors. Come on admit it, you have thought of it and maybe even the notion that such a killing could possibly be justified…
Until next time Comrades


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