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What do you do when your 12 year old comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

What do you do , as a long time supporter  of the Anti football league, when your 12  year old daughter comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

Well I did the only thing that a good father can do and I immediately suggested that we watch the game together and you know what comrades I enjoyed the experience, It helped a great deal that QUEENSLAND thrashed the Blues but I have to admit that I am warming  (slightly )  to the idea that watching sport can be pleasurable:

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TRY!!!! Comrades

Is AFL sucking the life out of our international sporting prospects????





OI !!!!

Personally I think that any activity that involves running and jumping in pursuit of a misshapen ball is rather pointless but if it entertains the people then isn’t that point enough? I know that those of my readers who are passionate about AFL footy are not going to like this piece but the article in today’s Oz suggesting that this countries sporting decline of late might just all be the fault of the AFL may be onto something.

Which brings me back to Australian rules. Our most dominant winter code boasts about 600,000 players and, at the elite level, 17 teams in a national competition. There are two key observations to make about AFL in the context of Australia’s declining sporting fortunes. First, it is a provincial sport without a global presence; a black hole. Second, it attracts many of Australia’s finest athletes; rare talents who would be well suited to sports in which Australia competes internationally. As things stand, perhaps our finest athletic talent is lost to the international stage.

To make this point in a more graphic way one need only take a low-ranking AFL side such as my own team, Richmond, and dismember it.

About five of Richmond’s tallest and most athletic players would, if appropriately re-skilled, dominate the Wallaby lineout or – to use a case more pertinent to current national anxieties – bolster Australia’s fast bowling stocks. They are all of Chris Tremlett-like proportions. There lies our next Glenn McGrath.

It has not always been so – remember Dermot Brereton? – but today’s AFL player is conditioned in the style of a middle-distance runner. He carries less bulk than earlier generations, but has more stamina. Re-condition him for strength and speed and he could walk into any NRL side. But a much broader perspective is needed, for these athletes are talent lost to the Socceroos, which failed to advance beyond the group stage in South Africa, to the Olympic team (track, field and swimming) and to tennis.

Luke Slattery seems to be suggesting that the solution to our sporting woes (don’t mention The Ashes if you are true blue Aussie 😦  ) is to ban “the footy ” so that our best and brightest at running jumping and chasing balls can be redirected into other more internationally popular sports and Australia can once again acquire greatness on the fields of foreign lands. Gee and here was me  thinking that sport was supposed to be for fun and fitness rather than a proxy battle for international dominance…

Its still just different variations of the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable  and does it really matter what sort of rituals any group of individuals perform as they chase it???….

Cheers Comrades

The bestiality pic

We have all heard – and vomited over – the news  that a photo of Canberra Raiders NRL player Joel Monaghan getting what appears to be a head job from a dog has circulated the Internet. Its real sick stuff and even if it was “simulation” as he claims (yeah, right) it is just as bad.

Having sex with innocent animals is a serious offence (except under Canberra laws it seems ~ believe it or not he will not be charged). I reckon it parallels pedophilia.

Even for collecting photos of naked children you will go to jail especially if it involves sex acts. And if you republish those photos on the Internet it is worse and is called “distributing child porn”.

Now I have had the unfortunate experience of actually clicking on a link and seeing the unedited photo of a dog giving the meat head head. The dog is a labrador and if that is simulation someone forgot to tell “Fido”. 

So where did I see this photo? What sort of sick f*ck would think it is funny or worse still kinky to distribute this shit? Well I will not actually link to it electronically but this is the website address:


Just put a www. or http:// in front and go and have a look if you like. WARNING – not recommended if you are at work.

As you will see the unedited photo of man/dog sex appears to have been posted to the Twitter account of @chaslicc (http://twitter.com/chaslicc) with the o-so-not-witty comment “Yo Joel Monaghan that’s messed Up bro!”. Ha ha.

Chaslicc is the Twitter account of none other than The Chasers unfunny funny man Chas Licciardello. Lets hope he did not retweet it.

Maybe there needs to be a law about posting photos of people having sex with dogs and other animals that is called “distributing bestiality”.

So the sickos who post this crap are put away.

Rugby own goal, or Storm proves Melbourne full of corruption

Well what can a decidedly non sporty  bloke who does not follow any sort of football say about this scandal?

I could rave on about how this proves that Melbourne being the home of cheats or I could suggest that the market should rule and that salary caps are bound to be rorted in some way or another. Heck I could even mount an argument about the way that any sort of professional sport is inevitably going to be corrupted by money but instead I’m just going to put this post up for those of you who are passionate about watching boofy blokes in shiny shorts chasing a bit of pig skin around a stadium to talk about how money has spoilt the game they love.

Its a TRY!!!!

but not as we know it Comrades

Rugby and raunch

My interest in football, of any code is on a par with my interest sport in general, frankly I don’t follow it or pay any more attention to it than is useful for some very casual conversations but it is very hard to miss this little scandal and to think that it is a rather nasty example of character assassination and trial by media.

Johns’s media career was in tatters last night, with his employer, Nine, standing him down. Sources told The Australian he would not return to the popular rugby league program The Footy Show, in which he stars as a panellist and the comic character Reg Reagan. Johns and his wife, Trish, appeared on Nine’s A Current Affair, giving a 20-minute interview to Tracy Grimshaw, who a day earlier had challenged him to answer “some hard questions” about the 2002 incident.

An emotional Johns told Grimshaw the woman had “encouraged” players to have sex with her.

“I would say that on the night when she came back to the room, she was a willing participant to everything that occurred,” he said. “At no point did she object to what was going on.”

Trish Johns said she was “extremely shocked and disgusted” when her husband told her about the incident.

Fighting back tears, Johns explained the incident. “Morally it is wrong. I’m aware of that, but at the time the woman was a willing participant.”

Johns said he had been unaware that other Cronulla players had come into the room.

The nub of the issue is consent and the unwillingness of the New Zealand police to press charges should have been the end of the matter, however the whole basis of the shock value of this scandal seems to me to be predicated upon the woman’s claims that she felt suicidal the morning after. Now lets be real here every one is capable of doing something stupid when it their cups , rugby players are well known for it when in company with their fellows, but should such things be a hanging offence? In a climate where casual sex is not a crime (even casual group sex) the woman is not claiming that she was raped, she was over the age of consent, and not claiming to have been roughly treated either. So where exactly is the wrongdoing here? John’s infidelity to his wife? Well really that is a matter between John’s and his spouse and hardly a sacking offence.

The apparent regret that the woman is claiming is surely her problem (assuming that the sex was consensual) and perhaps she needs help to move on.

But it seems to me that when someone is tried in the media that there is no due process and definitely no possibility of being given the opportunity to a reasonable defence for what was  a case of consenting adults committing no crime in private.

Cheers Comrades

Mexican wave

Oh my, is this becoming an addiction?

I used to be able to turn of the footy faster than you could say “Rugby league” but I actually watched most of the game last night and horror of horrors I even enjoyed it!!!
The try pictured was the highlight of the game for me, apart from the fact that Queensland won, Strewth I’ll be wanting to drink beer soon if I don’t get this”appreciation” of the game under control. Time for a cup of tea and a serious self talk session I think.

Cheers Comrades


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